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Taliban Takes Over Bagram Air Base, Chaos At Kabul Airport (Videos, Photos)

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Taliban Takes Over Bagram Air Base, Chaos At Kabul Airport (Videos, Photos)

Illustrative image.

The Taliban has reportedly taken over Bagram Air Base, which hosted thousands of US and NATO troops for nearly 20 years. 

On August 15, Afghan government forces situated in the base, which is located in the central province of Parwan some 40 km to the north of the capital Kabul, surrendered to the Taliban without a fight. The surrender was confirmed by Bagram district chief Darwaish Raufi.

Bagram Air Base prison, where some 5,000 captives including members of al-Qaeda are held, was also captured by the Taliban. Dozens of captives were freed by the group. Afghan sources claimed that no al-Qaeda members were released. However, this is yet to be verified.

Earlier, Taliban entered Kabul without a fight. President Ashraf Ghani has resigned. An interim government headed by former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will reportedly be formed.

Meanwhile, the situation in Kabul Airport is chaotic to say the least. Hundreds of people, including senior Afghan officials and foreigners, are rushing to leave the country ahead of Taliban take over.

Some 5,000 US troops are also working nonstop to secure the evacuation of US diplomats and citizens from the Afghan capital. US military helicopters are making rounds between the embassy and Kabul Airport.

Turkey, who offered to guard Kabul Airport just a few weeks ago, has relocated its embassy to the airport. Ankara called on its citizens in Afghanistan to contact the embassy in order to arrange their evacuation.

It remains unclear if Turkish forces present in the airport will also withdraw. The Taliban had warned Ankara against maintaining a military presence in Afghanistan.

The Taliban promised earlier to keep Kabul Airport operating as usual. The group will likely take over the airport once the evacuation of US diplomats, citizens and troops is complete.


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G2 Man

It is hilarious watching the sheer ineptitude of US retreat and defeat, the US and its puppets are in sheer panic. This is beyond the humiliation of Saigon circa 1975.


Well, you were accurate in recent comment response, that if any Afghani Air Force pilots wanted to directly flee border they had matter of days, not weeks, before critical refueling points were gone. Best hope now for Air Force personnel is US evacuation, though given the personnel numbers that has its obvious limits.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard

Putin is not a happy man now. Having put the Russian air, ground and facilities to the NATO disposal back in 2001 and pressuring other states to do the same so that “friend” George can occupy Afghanistan, was one more “brilliant” move by the Russians besides handing over Cuba and Kosovo. However expected paybacks are still pending.

Proud Hindu

Russia went along with all US wars and gave bases and logistical support. Putin is a Zionist shill.

Superpower china

A million Shia were killed in Egypt by mamluks

Arch Bungle

A Gazzillion hindutvas were killed by Churchill by mass starvation.


Hindoo pissdrinkers booted outta Afghanistan and their 6 “embassies-spy dens” dismantled LoL lose all their investments LMFAO

Arch Bungle

Russia did the tactically smart thing – they gave the US another Vietnam, knowing that they would get tangled up in Afghanistan and eventually lose.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

— Napoleon Bonaparte’


Well, 2001 Taliban were people hated by Iran as well. The Amerikastani invasion would never have succeeded so quickly without great Iranian intelligence, target identification, and other help. Of course less than a year later Shrub declared Iran to be a part of an “axis of evil” so Iran learnt quickly that gratitude is an alien notion to the American Empire.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
The Black Terror

That line was used in the movie “Waterloo” (1970) by the actor Rod Steiger playing the part of Napoleon Bonaparte. Zwei Daumen hoch!

Fog of War

BS, Russia had no way of knowing the outcome, Especially twenty years into the future. Putin was just a ZioAmerican quisling who enabled the twenty year slaughter of Afghani civilians.

The Objective

Putin is complicit in many deaths of Sunni Muslims, especially civilians. Russia will pay for this at some point.

Arch Bungle

No he isn’t, stop lying.

The US, NATO, Qatar, Israel, the Gulf poodles and Saudi Barbaria are. They will pay for it at some point.


Shut it you wahabi prick.

Arch Bungle

You must be the kind of idiot who sticks his ass in a fire and claims “there was no way of knowing the outcome”…

We all knew the outcome.
We knew it 20 years ago.
Thousands of articles.
Thousands of analyses.
We were screaming it,
from the rooftops.

Even the Russians were
on T.V explaining in detail
what would happen.

We all knew because there were so many precedents.

We all knew because the logistics never made sense.

Only ostriches with their heads in the sand thought it would turn out otherwise.

Of course, if you have no common sense, you would have been one of those who said “there was no way of knowing the outcome”.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

Well, in the proccess of this war, 100 thousand Taliban terrorists were killed and 5 thousand Al-qaedas terrorists were killed. That is good result in my counting. USA has bigger problems to handle now. And the Taliban learned a good lesson. If they ever mess with USA again, they will die by a storm of missiles in their heads.

Jim Allen

The West created Taliban you dipshit.


Are you saying that Pakistan isn´t an independent country. All Taliban terrorists came from Pasthun areas in Pakistan. Your facts don´t check with reality.

Arch Bungle

Let’s first get the terms right. The Taliban are not terrorists.

Terrorist blow up weddings using F35s.

Terrorists drop bombs from NATO jets on hospitals, and call it “a mistake”.

You have zero credibility.


100 000 died? LoL you’re fudging the numbers – the Us killed more civilians in every strike than Taliban.The US will never tangle with Talibs again. TOTAL US HUMILIATION. THEY RAN LIKE THIEVES IN THE NIGHT LOL

Arch Bungle

I can make up fantasy numbers too.

100 000 American soldiers lost their lives or were handicapped for life.

50 SEAL teams were wiped out in the process of trying to kill one old, sickly Saudi man.

4 Trillion dollars were pissed down the toilet over 20 years to accomplish nothing.

But you know what? The Taliban are now running the show, the fittest have survived.

The weak are fleeing the rooftops in US helicopters.

Darwin wins again.


Yes we know its all putins fault,isn’t everything LOL!!!


You are living in a parallel universe Shlomo…

S Balu

Proud Hindu
I agree with you that Putin is a zionist in stealth


Nope, that’s a complete logical fallacy. Consider the following. During US ‘War on Terror’ Assad assisted US/ CIA during Iraq War occupation/insurgency with Syrian intelligence-sharing to assist identify leading regional Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist militants. In turn, the US/ CIA would eventually weaponize those very Islamist’s they caught in Irag, against Syria, several years and a lot of training later. This certainly doesn’t make Assad a ZioShill! Rather, Assad was playing best hand he at that moment, and despite US promises, the US royally screwed him back. Point is, Putin was in similar position, way back in 2001, at advent of US ‘War on Terror’ when Russia was in far weaker international position than now, and Putin played the best hand he had. And likewise, after few years the US royally screwed him back too. So yeah, you are full of it.

Last edited 1 month ago by GoldStandard
Jim Allen

Qathafi was friendly with the West, we see how that turned out.


Yet Putin started giving away freebies ( there is footage on Youtube of very recent russian communication equipment in the hands of the Taliban ) to the Taliban starting from 2015.

Also China controls Pakistan and Pakistan controls the Taliban. Do I really need to say more?

It is impossible for a ragtag army to defeat a national army with such easy. It is clear they are ubertrained soldiers, maybe with russian and/or chinese mercenaries embedded.

Jim Allen

It’s not looking like anyone, or any country “control” Taliban.
Is it ? Houthis have been doing that for quite some time. What you are is full of bullshit.

Jimmy from Accounting

In the business world the US defeat would be classified as Chapter 13 insolvency.

Arch Bungle

The Taliban takeover would be called a large scale M&A campaign.

Islam fini

A Muslim girl was virtually raped in Karachi Pakistan

Arch Bungle

Virtually raped?

You mean via Zoom call or Skype?

I can live with that.

S Balu

In his wet dream of Islam fini


yeah sure, a hindu rapist wetdream

Islam fini

100,000 Pakistani Muslims dead in 2005 earthquake

Arch Bungle

It’s ok. Billions more to populate India once the hindutva have been cleaned out.

Arch Bungle

The rats are fleeing the ship …

Islam fini

100 rohingya Muslims drown in Bangladesh yesterday

Arch Bungle

Nobody cares about the rohingya man, we all know they US collaborators sent to destabilise Burma – so fuck ’em.


1000 hindoos die daily after gagging on their own piss

Peppe il Sicario

Wonder where most of these Afghan elite collaborators will be taking up residence?

Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario

Ghani is an Amerikastani citizen.

Saleh, Dostum and Noor are in Uzbekistan. Some are coming to India too I think.

S Balu

Abdullah Abdullah was practicing how to wear dhoti as dhoti opens from the back and Taliban pajamas open from the front he has to pay tax to Taliban to pass their check point in order to go to his Masters Indian RAW

US & EU are Zion slaves

President Ghani leaves Afghanistan as US-backed govt relinquishes power to Taliban – media


This story is not over now it’s taliban’s turn to get beat up by non Afghan and foreign forces. They can’t control the country. Only time will tell if this was a true victory.

In the meantime hundreds of thousands died and injured for no reason while Bush is painting his dogs and has become an artist in retirement.


They cant control the country? They have been controlling the country for twenty years – except that Kabul was controlled by Puppets.Ghani and Karzai were never president over the whole country – only Mayor of Kabul LoL


Oy vey…


I wonder if black ops mercs and CIAtrolls will have enough time to leave Kabul…
Thats worse than Fall of Saigon.


Crumbling americant pedonazi empire is going belly up in slow motion…


ISI were directing the entire Taliban Bllitzkrieg. Americans still waiting for “talks” in Doha – LoL

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