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Taliban Says Its Fighters Will Enter Kabul To ‘Prevent Chaos and Theft’ While Blinkin Claims US Intervention Was ‘Successful’

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Taliban Says Its Fighters Will Enter Kabul To 'Prevent Chaos and Theft' While Blinkin Claims US Intervention Was 'Successful'

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On August 15 afternoon, the Taliban announced that it had ordered its “Mujahedeen” to enter the Afghan capital Kabul in order to “prevent chaos and theft”.

Taliban fighters reached Afghanistan’s largest urban center in the early hours of the morning. At the time, the Taliban said that it is not planning to take Kabul by “force”. The group’s plans have apparently changed.

Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that the group fighters will enter certain parts of Kabul and takeover a number of outposts which were abandoned by government forces.

The spokesman went on to call on the residents of Kabul “not to panic” during the deployment of Taliban fighters in the city.

The Taliban will not likely face any resistance from government forces. However, the group’s fighter may come in contact with more than 5,000 US troops currently evacuating American diplomats and citizens from Kabul.

The group’s decision to enter the capital came a few hours after the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani. A senior Afghan Interior Ministry official confirmed to Reuters that Ghani had left for Tajikistan.

As the Taliban takes over what’s left of Afghanistan, some in the US are still desperately trying to spin the ill-fated intervention in the country as a victory.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement to ABC that the US successfully completed its mission in Afghanistan.

“This is not Saigon,” Mr. Blinken said referring to the infamous withdrawal of US troops from the Vietnamese capital in 1975. “The fact of the matter is this: We went to Afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in mind. That was to deal with the people that attacked us on 9/11. That mission has been successful.”

The fall of the US-backed government in Afghanistan was in fact worse than what was expected, even by the US intelligence. Within a few days, the Taliban overrun most of the country, seizing along the way millions-worth of US-supplied military equipment.


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Blinbin is a delusional tard.


The Taliban terrorists have already started persecuting and killing people of Afghan Shia minority in those cities, which they captured. And they have not yet established their so-called Islamic state.


Sorry but this is suicidal. It is crystal clear by now, that the recent godspeed advance of the Taliban has been possible because of China’s support. China also controls Pakistan ( the historic supporter of the “mujahedeen” ). China has zero interest in a wahabistan/sunnistan on its borders. A good balance between shia and sunni is was China wants. Also they need Iran into the CSTO and the BRI. And they need Turkey too ( the support of the Taliban can be seen as a favor to Erdogan too ).

So no, the Taliban understand very well that the times have changed and they must behave, otherwise Afghanistan could become just another chinese province.

Arch Bungle

You’re delusional.

In 5000 years of Chinese history, they have never even tried to invade Afghanistan.

Likewise, in 20 000 years of Pashtun history, they have never posed a threat to China.

Also, in 20 000 years of Pashtun (Afghan) history, they have never ‘behaved’ for anyone or backed away from protecting their lands and their way of life.

The Pashtun have booted out Alexander, Darius, the British (3 times) and the Russians and Yanquis, and they will boot them all back out again should they show up trying to tell them how to ‘behave’.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

“It is crystal clear by now, that the recent godspeed advance of the Taliban has been possible because of China’s support.”

The Taliban are advancing because they have the support of the AFGHAN people. They aren’t putting up a fight …. they drop their weapons and go home when the Taliban appear. China has nothing to do with it … which is why so many countries like doing business with the Chinese …. they don’t mix business and politics like the west does.

Arch Bungle

No they haven’t. Stop lying.


Please provide evidence. During their time in power until 2001 they discriminated against other religions and they ruled under strict Sharia law but they were never found to have outright murdered followers of other religions as policy.

The Afghan army is giving up without a fight … the Taliban aren’t taking prisoners … they just allow them to drop their weapons and go home. Do you think they would do that if the Taliban were persecuting / murdering them or their families? If you think your going to die anyway you’re going to fight to the bitter end …. that ain’t happening.


This is not Saigon. It is far worse.

my little pony changeling

all those in favor of me replacing jens hom say
do it

Arch Bungle

DO IT!!!

The Black Terror

That diabolical, despicable, evil, ZioNazi, degenerate freak is absolutely correct: the goal of enriching the big military equipment suppliers with billions of fiat money was a complete success. Non-HeimyYidZionist blood is of little value to criminal bastards like Blinken and his ilk.

L du Plessis

Saigon!! Saigon!!😅

Arch Bungle

Teheran 1979 :-)

Peter Wallace

If the US went to deal with whoever attacked them on 9/11 the Taliban were not part of that at all . The Taliban said give us evidence of Bin Laden’s involvement and we will hand him over as they made Bin Laden promise not to be involved with anything as part of their agreement too allow him to live in Afghanistan. The US said FU and invaded because they had no proof. When Bin Laden disappeared at Tora Bora December 2001 that was mission accomplished so by what bullshit can Blinking use to claim they needed to stay for another 20 years. By the same logic the US won the war in Vietnam and it was the media that lost the war. That is why the US took control of the US MSM so that they can report only what they are allowed too even if , and it usually is , total bull droppings.

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