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Taliban Says It Conducted Over 10,000 Attacks On Foreign, Pro-Government Forces In 2018

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On December 31, the Taliban released an official statement summing up its claims on results of attacks across the country. According to the Taliban, its members:

  • carried out 10,638 attacks, including 31 suicide attacks;
  • killed 249 US and other foreign troops and injured 153 others;
  • killed 22,594 troops, intelligence operatives, commandos and police officers loyal to the Kabul government and injured 14,063 others;
  • destroyed 3,613 vehicles and shot down 26 aircraft, including 8 UAVs, 17 helicopters of foreign and internal forces and a cargo plane;
  • captured 29 district administration centers.

The movement also claimed that a total of 61 districts along with their administration centers are in its hands. The list is below:

Helmand province– Baghran, Baghni, Musa Qala, Nawzad, Khan-e-Sheen, Sangin and Deshu

Ghazni province– Nawa, Waghaz, Shilgar, Deh Yak, Zana Khan, Khogyani, Jaghatu, Khwaja Umari and Rasheedan

Faryab province– Bilchiragh, Bandar, Khwaja Musa, Khaibar and Chilgazi

Saripul province– Kohistanat, Al Badr, Al Fath and Sheram

Farah province– Khak-e-Safid, Shib Koh, Gulistan, Bakwa and Bala Baluk

Badghis province– Ghormach, Dara-e-Boom and Tagab-e-Alam

Paktika province– Chahrbaran, Omna, Gomal, Naka, Geyan and Dela

Kandahar province– Registan, Shorabak, Miyan-e-Sheen and Ghorak

Uruzgan province– Shahid-e-Hassas

Badakhshan province– Yamgan and Warduj

Balkh province– Al Burz and Chahi

Zabul province– Khak-e-Afghan, Arghandab, Daichopan and Nawbahar

Jowzjan province– Khum Aab

Ghor province– Murghab

Khost province– Qalandar

Paktia province– Arma

Daikundi province– Ajiristan

Logar province– Kharwar

Maidan Wardak province– Jalga (Day Mirdad)

Baghlan province– Dahna Ghori

Nuristan province– Mandol

Numbers of foreign and government forces casualties in 2018 claimed by the Taliban report are overestimated. However, the number of attacks provided as well as the groupr’s control on the ground shows that throughout the year the group expanded its influence in the country. If no comprehensive political solution is found in the conflict and the current tendency remains, it may appear in a few years that the Taliban controls most of Aghanistan.

Taliban Says It Conducted Over 10,000 Attacks On Foreign, Pro-Government Forces In 2018

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Zionism = EVIL

Taliban now control almost 90% of the Afghanistan. Also the Americunts are increasing destabilization attempts in Russia and transporting Wahhabi headchoppers to Afghanistan. In another development, a CIA spy has been caught red handed in Moscow:

Russia’s FSB state security agency says it has arrested a US citizen “caught spying” in Moscow.

It named him as Paul Whelan, saying he was arrested in Moscow on 28 December and charged with “espionage”.

The FSB, Russia’s main counter-espionage service, gave no further details.If found guilty, he faces between 10 and 20 years in jail, Russia’s Tass news agency


and the delusional moronic states are in denial and have still to realize the afghan war is long lost – just one thing to do – return home asap.

Zionism = EVIL

Even an editorial in the NYT sums it up that the Americunts have lost the war and wasted $2 TRILLION for nothing but a hopeless defeat.

Time to Get Out of Afghanistan
The United States is spending beyond its means on a mission that might only be helping its strategic rivals.

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