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Taliban Says “All Afghans” Should Feel Safe Under Their Islamic Emirate

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Taliban Says "All Afghans" Should Feel Safe Under Their Islamic Emirate

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On August 22nd, Khalil Ur-Rahman Haqqani, a leading Taliban figure currently in charge of security for Kabul said that “all Afghans” should feel safe under their Islamic Emirate, and that a “general amnesty” has been granted across the nation’s 34 provinces.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Haqqani, whose associates are also taking a leading role in establishing security in the capital, said the Taliban is working to restore order and safety to a nation that has seen more than four decades of war.

“If we can defeat superpowers, surely we can provide safety to the Afghan people,” Haqqani said.

Afghans, however, appear skeptical that a leader of the so-called “Haqqani Network” will bring security to Afghanistan after 40 years of war and violence, including the Afghan-Soviet war.

The Haqqani Network is known as the most brutal and violent group associated with the Taliban.

Haqqani is still labelled a “global terrorist” by the United States, with a $5m bounty for him issued by the US Treasury Department in February 2011, and he remains on a United Nations terrorist list.

Haqqani’s statement also comes as thousands of people continue to try to get into Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, where Taliban, intelligence forces and US soldiers are actively trying to keep crowds desperately trying to flee the country from entering the premises.

Yet, Haqqani insisted that people should not be afraid of the Taliban.

“Our hostility was with the occupation. There was a superpower that came from the outside to divide us. They forced a war unto us. We have no hostility with anyone, we are all Afghans,” he said.

Haqqani’s reference to a “forced” war, harkens back to a similar term often employed by the government of former President Ashraf Ghani.

That government repeatedly referred to the Afghan conflict as an “imposed war”.

Both sides blamed different parties for stoking the war, however.

For the Taliban and Haqqani, it was the US and its coalition of 40 nations.

For Ghani and his administration mostly blamed Pakistan for the violence and discord in their nation by facilitating the Taliban and other armed groups – which Islamabad denies.

Now that foreign forces are less than 10 days from a complete withdrawal, Haqqani and the Taliban say they see no enemy on Afghan soil and instead want to work with as many people as possible to bring order to the nation.

Haqqani points to recent meetings with former President Karzai, as well as Abdullah Abdullah, a member of the resistance against the Taliban’s initial rule in the 1990s, and Gul Agha Sherzai, the former minister of borders and tribal affairs as proof that the group is willing to embrace all Afghans.

“Karzai was in conflict with us for 13 years, but in the end, we assured even him of his safety,” Haqqani said in reference to the years Karzai spent as the head of the Western-backed Afghan government, which the Taliban often referred to as a “puppet” or “stooge” administration.

In another sign that the group is signaling a willingness to move on from past enmities, the Taliban authorized Karzai and Abdullah to negotiate with Ahmad Massoud, son of the slain Tajik Mujahideen commander Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Whether this is truly a different route of leadership or just a front remains to be seen.


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Chess Master

Anyone can explain the difference between an Emirate and a Kaliphate?


its concepts sunnis use and a caliphate is a state run by a calipha which is a holy chosen person so to say and that doesnt exist in our days so the step the sunnis do is create basically an emirate which is a thiefdom and kind of a small feudal state

Last edited 28 days ago by farbat
Arch Bungle

I have heard Sheikh Imran Hosein speak about a “Khilafa” state … how is that different from Caliphate, or Emirate?


a calipha state is for sunnis today basically what velayat e faqih is for shia today but these concepts are modernized in a way and the islamic real calipha state will only be established when the hidden imam of islam comes back which is hazrate imam mahdi basically to put it simple shia are similar to catholics in their structure by them having a high priest as leader and sunnis with their modern concept of calipha state which is somewhat questionable in my view tend to have kings or such as religious leaders


the king of saudi arabia is the highest authority both religiously aswell as when it comes to governance in ksa for example while in iran high priests rule the system priests under them and on top one who is basically in a ceremony chosen like the pope to be the top a kind of high hierophant being on top of all the high priests while in sunni calipha is again very feudal its a king and alot of people under that and an emir is basically the same concept its a warrior king amir and today its called emir and their kingdom is called emirates the difference between these two is the warrior king and the holy king

Last edited 28 days ago by farbat

when sunnis say to talebs dont be emirs but be kaliphs than they mean have responsibility for all sunnis basically and dont be greedy or selfish its supposed to be the difference between a calipha and an emirate that the emirate is really like a thiefdom just watching over its own interest while a calipha state behaves like an empire but even more than that it behaves like a global entity without borders

Last edited 28 days ago by farbat

the zionists behave like a calipha state themselves only for jews exclusively they have no real borders and they follow the agenda of their state globally and sunnis lack this entirely they are spread into different infighting factions and afghanistan is in their escatology the place which will fix them which might indeed lead to the liberation of all islamic lands to speed up if a more serious calipha like state gets established because ksa is a joke and the imposter daesh was an insult put here by the west

Last edited 28 days ago by farbat
Michel LeBlanc

This last post is one of your best.

Thanks for explaining so well, we in the west can understand.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Shia/Hazara gtfo.


Yeah right, how can anybody feel safe when all of you rats Taliban are armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s and shooting people on the streets and beating, you Taliban just make an image like a calm storm, before everyone is gone, when everyone is gone, who in the hell will know what will happen in Afghanistan, no media, nothing, banks closed peoples money are in closed banks or stolen. First, stop wearing sandals then we see.

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