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Taliban Responds To Trump’s New Afghan Strategy, Promises To Turn Country Into “Graveyard For The American Empire”


Taliban Responds To Trump's New Afghan Strategy, Promises To Turn Country Into "Graveyard For The American Empire"


The Taliban has claimed that it will turn Afghanistan “into a graveyard for the American Empire” following Washington’s decision to continue the military operation in the central Asian country.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid issued a statement on Tuesday advicing the US has to think of an exit strategy “instead of continuing the war” on Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the Taliban would continue their militancy “so long as a single American soldier” in Afghanistan.

The statement came after President Donald Trump backtracked on his promise to end the longest-running war in US history. In turn, Trump announced a new strategy for Afghanistan, rejecting what he called “arbitrary timetables” for the withdrawal of US troops.

The Taliban’s statement:

Finally the American president Trump announced his strategy and has called for continued presence of occupying forces while labeling Afghanistan as a threat to America.

It seems America is not yet ready to end the longest war in its history. Instead of trying to understand ground realities, they still arrogantly believe in their force and might.

However the Afghans have been tested by the American forces over the past sixteen years. So long as a single American soldier remains in our homeland and American leaders continue treading the path of war, we shall also sustain our Jihad against them with lofty spirits, absolute determination and additional firmness.

Freeing the land of Afghanistan from the American occupation is our religious obligation and national duty. We shall remain true to this duty so long as souls remain in our bodies.

America should have thought about withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan instead of continuing the war.

As Trump stated ‘Americans are weary of the long war in Afghanistan’, we shall cast further worry into them and force American officials to accept realities. The Afghan Mujahid nation is neither tired nor will it ever get tired in pursuit of winning their freedom and establishing an Islamic system. If America does not withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, the day will not be far when Afghanistan shall transform into a graveyard for the American Empire and the American leaders can understand this concept.

Afghanistan is not a threat to anyone and neither has anyone been harmed from our soil. Baseless allegations and falling under the influence of propaganda by intelligence agencies is in itself the source of all misery and war.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

30/12/1438 Hijri Lunar

31/05/1396 Hijrji Solar                   22/08/2017 Gregorian



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  • FlorianGeyer

    I have to agree with the Taliban in this instance. The world is tired of US kleptocracy and that of their puppets.
    I wonder how many NATO vassals will send their soldiers to bleed and die for the failing US Empire of Chaos?

    • Bru

      Once again Trump made the wrong decision, he should have listened to Bannon and stop the occupation of Afghanistan. Instead he fired Bannon and took over the Neocon’s warmongering… Again and again failing his promises and missing opportunities to make great and good decisions, The US are slowly drawn by their evil (Neocon) regime into the dark and failures.

      • Daniel Castro

        Do you think he actually had a choice?

        I think now Trump’s plan is to really bury the american empire in aphganistan, he will give the neocon what they want, a stupid meaningless war so they get occupied getting their asses kicked.

        • Serious

          Of course he has choice but he has no balls.

          • Daniel Castro

            You’re right he can choose between acting with stupidity or acting smart, and he is being smart.

            Yes, he can confront the neocons, but what will happen is they will get him impeached, and then they will have the presidency and complete legitimacy in doing agression wars again, so what would be the advantage in that?

            What he has been doing is resisting just as much as he can when it matters, and letting them have their way where it is meaningless…

            He shifted the focus from Syria to DPRK with a lot of chest-thumping, but anyone whith half a brain understood already that nothin would ever happen there as it would mean the end of south corea too, and the world economy wouldn’t survive that.

            Now he has given the neocon a utterly, completely useless war in aphganistan where there is absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose… Sending your enemies to fight a usuless war is very smart, even if cruel with the people on the aphganistan… and then again, it is rather aphganistan or another countries, the neocons would have their war one way or another, Trump just gave them the worst possible battlefield.

          • Serious

            You are totally wrong.

            He is not smart at all, he is very stupid. He knows he will go in less than 3 years. So, he better do what he wants better leaving. But, he is a yellow belly. He likes to be strong with the weak and weak with the strong.

            The globalists want to stay in Afghanistan for ever. So, he gave them what they want. He also betrayed his friends. Trump is just a big chunk of shit.

          • Daniel Castro

            Remind me of what was happening before Trump? Were Russia and USA on a coliion course? Yes or no. And now?

            “The globalists want to stay in Afghanistan for ever.”

            No, they don’t, they just can’t withdraw as it would be acknowleding defeat. Globalists want war at any cost, and specially war where they can destroy countries to rebuild them, aphganistan is already destroyed, there is no strategic gain whatsoever in remaining there, trump is just pushing them into their defeat.

            And yes, he knows he is going in three years, so for the remaining time he will cause the greatest possible ammount of damage to his enemies, they made sure he would never take fix USA in a positive way, so he will make USA won’t be capable of starting ww3 after he is out of the presidency.

          • Serious

            The globalists did 9/11 to invade Afghanistan because they just wanted to withdraw after 5 years ? XD. They didn’t destroyed Iran yet and remember that Afghanistan is just near Iran.

            You are wrong. Trump is just shit.

          • Daniel Castro

            They didn’t want to invade aphganistan, their goal was to take over the world and they failed, now they want ww3 to cover their tracks, there is no point in holding aphganistan anymore.

            “You are wrong. Trump is just shit.”

            I still take him over Hitlery anytime…

          • Serious

            Of course. Their goal is to take over the world. that’s why they want to destroy Iran. And to destroy Iran you need kurdistan and Afghanistan.

            Trump is just a passenger. Trump will do nothing because he is shit and has no balls.

          • Daniel Castro

            If you can’t subdue some peasants with ww2 weaponry what can you do against Iran? No, they have no effective in aphganistan to pose any threat to Iran, and if the kurds pose any threat whatsoever to any country in the middle east they will be crushed by Turkey, Syria, Irak and Iran.

            I wanted to see you on his position… 1st you wouldn’t get yourself elected because you would just fail to get support from any political player in USA, but IF you were elected you would be impeached on the 1st week because you “have balls” instead of brain…

          • Serious

            They don’t give a shit about Talibans. They even use them to be officially there even if it’s not the real reason. What they want is military bases to control afhgans ressources and operate to Iran. To get intelligence from Iran. And to be able to bomb Iran.

            Yes, kurds will be crushed by Turkey, …. unless USA build military bases there and protect them.

            Trump has been elected to drain the swamp. Obviously, he has cheated everyone and everybody is seeing that he is just a weak and hyporcit man. That’s it.

          • Daniel Castro

            “What they want is military bases to control afhgans ressources and operate to Iran. To get intelligence from Iran. And to be able to bomb Iran.”

            It is not worth it! They are only bleeding in aphganistan, they are wasting a lot of resources and losing moral, credibility. As I said their original plan failed, there is no point in sticking to it anymore. Attacking Iran now would just start ww3 on bad terms for them, there is no point anymore, they needed Syria and Irak for that and they are losing both right now, they practivcally lost Qatar and Turkey already. And turks don’t give a shit about american ilegal bases in kurdish territory.

            “Trump has been elected to drain the swamp. Obviously, he has cheated ”

            Obvioulsy he failed because it was just an impossible job, you can’t drain the washington swamp without storming the city and hanging a few tens of thousands of traitors who took control there.

            As I stated, I wanted to see you on his position.

          • Serious

            If you find iranium ou gold in Afghanistan, it doesn’t worth it to take them ????

            Attacking Iran will not start WW3 because Russia will not move for Iran.

            Yes, Turkey doesn’t give a shit abvout US military bases in kurdistan. Of course not. Turkey is done because stupid Erdogan did the wrong move. He can’t go back now.

            He failed because he just has no balls. That’s why he failed.

          • Daniel Castro

            You find one million in gold, you have tospend 10 million in defense to mine it… is it worth it?

            Her in m city we have gold mixed with the land, we could destroy the landscape to get it, but then we would lose all the land, is it worth it?

            It’s easy to criticize Trump from your ivory tower.

          • Serious

            I go to Afghanistan and I take gold, iron, uranium, … It worths it. Because I have them and others don’t.

            I criticize Trump because he is shit. I say what I see and what is logical. I can’t understand how Trump will win by doing everything the globalists want and in 3 years to go. What the f… point of this ? No point.

          • Daniel Castro

            Corection, you go to afghanistan, you spend 1 trillion in weapons, gets back some billions in heroin… who wins? Drug dealers win, not you…

            Trump does what he can do, had he tried to impose more anti-globalist actions he would be impeached… He wouldn’t even manage to be president without the aproal form Netanyahu, a neocon VP and ziogeneral Mattis, those were conditions for him to have be a republican candidate, so you should understand how much murican politics are under the control of the globalists.

          • Serious

            You can’t buy a car and keep the money. He is president, he can easily withdraw from Afghanistan. But, he doesn’t. because he the typical american “nationalist” garbage. “Oh I don’t want to loose face. I’m too proud for that.”

            I had never trusted Trump like I never Trump american president or american politics. I just wanted him to be elected toshow people the reality of USA because most of people didn’t want to see. Now, they see that nobody can save USA and that ther problem is deep in USA. No more scapegoats.

          • Bob

            If recall the US military commitments at time – Afghanistan was a sort of the preliminary side show, and by far the main body of US military was sent into Iraq.

          • Mortal

            I think Afghanistan is still the biggest exporter of heroin. And drugs are always a booming business. No way they would leave, it’s billions we are talking about. And it certainly is not their pride they care more. USA knows it deep inside that its power is crumbling, it is just not evident yet. As for Trump, I also think he won’t make another 4 years, but we shall see.

          • FlorianGeyer

            You make an interesting point.

          • heydad

            They had two choices with trump. Either assassinate him physically or assassinate him politically. He is unable to get anything done and is riding it out now. He signed away his veto right when he signed the recent Russian sanctions.

          • Bob

            Whatever your opinion of Trump – have you ever seen such a relentless campaign of vilification from day one – instigated by Neo-Cons, Democrats, RHINO’s, MSM and bureaucratic agencies, all lined up to delegitimize and remove the outsider?

          • Serious

            They didn’t want him because he was saying the exact opposite of what he is doing now. They want a good looking and pretty puppet to show to the world. They don’t want a real president.
            He managed to get the presidency but after that he totally collapsed under the pressure.

        • cortisol

          You’re right. If Trump can’t defeat the ziocons, he will defeat the ziocons by giving what they want on steroids. Catastrophic losses and defeat in Afghanistan, and the loss of the opium trade.

        • Nick


          Maybe THIS answers 100% your question (3-4 minutes to read)
          Even the GOP-base starts easily but sure, to be tired of TRUMP’s flip-flops.

          • Daniel Castro

            I read and I agree, the article states that Trump was actually defeated:

            “With the coup successful, Trump no longer needs to be impeached.”

            “Watch the corporate media start to lay off Trump a bit more going forward. Rather than hysterically demonize him for every little thing, corporate media will increasingly give him more of the benefit of the doubt. ”

            Which means, he had two options, resist the deep state and get impeached, or give up to them and remain in power… However, I disagree that this is him, that he is in favour of that, it’s just he was overpowered, which is basically what I have been saying.

            But still his rethoric is not as near as aggressive as the one from Obama or Bush, and he actually involves much more with internal politics having relegated the external politics to the pentagon, which also doesn’t mean he is allowing more escalation with Russia or China, and we can see this is really not happening, we see a lot of chest-thumping with North Korea and other less important actors like the taliban, but like I said that is a way of giving something for the pentagon to get occupied with… or else they get back to their march to ww3.

            If we see Trump defending something as remotely as hawkish as the arab spring and the ukrainian coup then I will agree that he has betrayed his voters, up to know what I see is he was subdued, and the blame is on his supporters, as they should have taken arms and marched to washington as early as february to stop the ongoing coup against the guy they voted for.

      • Nick
    • It is completely weird to be agreeing with the guys who once cut off girls’ fingers for wearing nail varnish.

      • FlorianGeyer

        It is sadly the better of two evils. That cruelty of the US that razes towns and villages to the ground with many civilian deaths and injuries or the cruelty of the Taliban.

        The US/Nato have lost THEIR war in Afghanistan after 16 years and now seek to prolong this senseless barbarity.

        • Yeah… but with their “just print more” dying off I suppose they gotta bring in the bucks from somewhere. Even the heroin trade.
          Very disgusting really
          I don’ know about sadly the better of two evils…
          It’s their country – let them sort out their varnish affairs.
          And it’s rather moot saying …. but but but the women – America did phückall for the women (except bomb them and their children) over the last 16 years.

          Must say tho’ the level of education display by Taliban spokesmen exceeds that displayed by their American counterparts – rather dramatically.

          • heydad

            Wow spot on. I didn’t expect such an elaborate and rational letter from the religiously radical Taliban. Almost seems like this is written by western editors, maybe from Washington/Moscow? we will never know.

          • But I’m not seeing any denials from the Taliban or crediting any others for translation anywhere….

            Sheesh – I haven’t even seen the Russophobes yelling “Putin wrote it!”

  • Serious

    Give weapons to the Talibans.

    • Flamethrowers – to burn the poppy fields,

  • Mikronos

    Now they’re really gonna get it. Wham, Bam thank-you ma’am. No more Mr. Nice Guys. Gloves off. Fire and Furey. Unleashed. 17 years of kicking nice people around stops now!

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The US is sending 8500 troops , Obama sent 100000 and ended up losing 40% of the country , that number today is about 50% they actually fight Al Qaeda there and the Drug lords supported by the CIA. Think the US will be done in the region and will lose it’s taste for this bloodlust after the public realizes this.

    • Bob

      The Taliban are just drawn from the young male, conservative Muslim, rural population in a tribal clan based society – they are not going away anytime soon – in 1980’s US actively armed and heralded these very same people as the mujahedin ‘heroes’ fighting the Soviets. Nothing will change.

      • Just looking at the reasoning and language in those Taliban communiques – I’d say … a little more than just the “conservative Muslim, rural population in a tribal clan based society” else those “conservative Muslim, rural population in a tribal clan based society” schools are rather a lot more than just religious madrassas that teach only reciting the Quran.

        • SOF

          Well written by clearly well educated individuals. I would take their advice and turn around, but then again we are dealing with the Deep State linked Military Industrial Complex who embody the insane principle of ‘we make more money in one day of war than a year of peace’. That sums up the mad world we live in.

          • Deep State and their cronies are running out of money and Trump has bills to pay – they need their drug money coming from those poppy fields.

        • Bob

          Since early 1980’s the Saudi’s have been funding Wahhabi Madrassas in Afghanistan and Pakistan – with serious US support – these are staffed by fundamentalist Sunni Imans. US and Gulf state intervention in Afghanistan in 1980’s resulted in far greater radicalization of the the entire region.

    • LOL – yah sure!

  • Michael Qiao

    never thought I’d say this but go Taliban, crush these American terrorists

    • Solomon Krupacek

      ypu idiot!

      • Michael Qiao

        they’re might be terrorists but at least they’re fighting a bigger terrorist

        • Solomon Krupacek

          wrong thinking.

          • Thegr8rambino


          • Solomon Krupacek

            the friend of my friend is also my friend. this is better way, that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. this way destroyed ussr. taliban is islamic dark age. really each country should fight them. not only amricans. make international coalition and after win leave afgh. them must also americans. i met very good afghaniys, but also really middle age types. the same from iran. i wish them better governments then taliban or theocratic old pedophiles.

          • Thegr8rambino

            i wish US would leave afghanistan, makes me so mad trump is putting more troops there now

          • Solomon Krupacek

            they will not leave. until in kabul are only 1000 american troops, no other country will enter this land. and only this is the goal of washington. this is the normal geopolitical game. similarly do russia, france and UK.

            better is look at reality and according it make plans and hopes :)

          • Thegr8rambino

            russia should go in, ally with afghan, prevent america from using afghan to go against iran

          • Solomon Krupacek

            look, russians are very hated in afghanistan. similarly like americans. therefore i wrote all earth and then nobody :)

          • Thegr8rambino

            But that was soviet union, not the Russia today

          • Solomon Krupacek

            the people do not make difference. in ussr the most influence had russians. their language was the official, they had the power. continued the rusiian tsr imperial politics.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            1 more thing: in that part of world the real concurrent is china. this country makes big steps to build up large influence.

          • Thegr8rambino

            But chinas not in afghanistan

          • Solomon Krupacek

            not yet. because of americans. but later will try. they try to push out russian influence from central asia.

          • Thegr8rambino

            hope so, and i hope iran will influence it to to keep out us/isis/zionists

  • Moussa Saab

    Imagine U.S wins this war, what will happen. Now imagine Taliban winning this war, which is worse?

    • Solomon Krupacek


    • America is FAR worse.
      The Taliban don’t drop bombs on people thousands of miles away – and people who never harmed them to boot.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The US winning is far worse.

  • Peter Moy

    I have to agree with the Taliban response to President trump’s intention to continue the US military involvement in Afghanistan and send an additional 4,000 troops. Several years ago a Taliban commander was quoted as saying “the Americans have the time but we have the watch.” Does anymore really believe that the current 8,500 US troops already there reinforced by another 4,000 (total of ~ 12,500) will bring victory when under Obama, there were at the peak about 100,000 US troops plus thousands more from the lapdog countries and the situation is basically the same? It seems that the Afghan people are so damn incompetent/corrupt/cowardly that they are not willing to fight for peace in THEIR country. This situation has to rank as the worst US military involvement in it’s history. An estimated ONE TRILLION dollars (USD) for a losing cause. Compare this disaster to the support of the eventual losers (the French and South Vietnamese) in Indo-China during the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. I say leave some military and police trainers (several hundred) and withdraw the rest. Enough is enough you morons at the Pentagon and US State Department!!!!!

    • SOF

      Plus US$6 trillion squandered on Iraqi invasion 2003 for non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Money that would have been better used fixing infrastructure, better fuel sources like nuclear fusion, space exploration for science and improving the social and living conditions in the United States which is why Americans voted Trump… oh wait.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Lol I really hope the fuckers that stole all that.money from US die horribly

  • SOF

    “Instead of trying to understand ground realities, they still arrogantly believe in their force and might.”

    I have to agree with the Taliban. I would also ask them to burn those poppy fields like they did before US invaded in 2001.

    Afghanistan is a place where tribes hate each other (Pashtun, Turkmen, Uzbeks, Baluchi) and war is a daily hobby. Going into Afghanistan is like sticking one’s hand into a fire ant’s nest and telling them to behave.

    Rogue Mornings August 22nd: ‘Afghanistan 2001 – ?’

    • Solomon Krupacek

      taliba = islam terrorism

      go in russian prison, you goatfucker!

      • Russell A Wilson

        US= ISIS = head choppers. What the hell has the Taliban done to you?

      • SOF

        Go read up on the origins of ‘islamic terrorism’, common core retarded twat.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          retard was your mother, who shit you.

          taliban = islam terrorism

          what did you not understand?

      • You’re not very bright but you are a good little Yankee lickspittle stooge – perhaps they’ll give you a plastic medal after a year or two?

        • Solomon Krupacek

          i am not yankee, but you are very stupid.

          • Oh … just a pathetic wannabee.
            Even WORSE.

    • Brad Isherwood

      They probably don’t burn the US poppy fields or KIA every Afghan warlord involved,
      Because**. …it’s an agreed upon Racket*…like mobsters in say Old 1920s Chicago USA
      Everybody gets some piece of Turf and a Piece of the Action*…which in this case is
      $$ Money……Billions.
      Pakistan gets money,….they allow Their crazies to go back and forth into A Stan,
      Move narcotics …be goons in various warlord domains.
      US gets to Drone strike them. …even in Pakistan.
      What does Pakistan and ISI care. …they are getting umpteen millions in kickbacks
      For playing the game.
      Pakistan also has these socio tensions as relief valve for its kook Muslims, …as these
      Would be attacking the central Pakistan government.
      US are stealing Billions in Afghan Lithium and other rare Earth metals.
      Afghan Gov conceedes, …as long as They get their kickback payoffs.
      MIC get to play…
      US military/Pentagon get to play…
      On volume…it’s even Stock market activity allong with money launder thru offshore banks.
      Taliban could burn the entire game down easy. ..if they really wanted to.
      Afghans eventually tumbled the First gamesters from the 1700s. ..the British East India
      Company….which needed the Crowns military to rescue the Enterprise.

      The US wants the same,same in Iraq and Syria….
      Let’s US* play,….look the other way. ….get Paid $$$ : )

      • SOF

        Anyway Taliban has burnt those fields before so maybe they might again regardless of who tries to stop them, as the US bleeds dry in Afghanistan and goes the same way as the Soviet Union.

    • Thegr8rambino

      Yes why aren’t they burning them all yet?

  • Solomon Krupacek

    trumpie is really pussyfan.

    the whitehouse guys showed him photos of afghani women in miniskirts from 70ties in Kabul. immediatel wanted to restore that situation. :)

  • Russell A Wilson

    That statement from the Taliban was not written by madmen; Afghanistan is not a threat to anyone and neither has anyone been harmed from our soil. Baseless allegations and falling under the influence of propaganda by intelligence agencies is in itself the source of all misery and war.

  • “after President Donald Trump backtracked on his promise”
    Look – an American president backtracked on his promise – how unusual?
    …. Hasn’ he kinda backtracked on ALL his promises yet?
    US presidents have such a stalwart record for breaking promises it would be a pity to break it now.

  • “Freeing the land of Afghanistan from the American occupation is our religious obligation and national duty. We shall remain true to this duty so long as souls remain in our bodies.

    “Afghanistan is not a threat to anyone and neither has anyone been harmed from our soil.”
    America’s definition of a terrorist.
    Sad really. Makes Americunts of all of them….

  • Compare the Taliban spokesman to the various US spokespeople…..
    The language, what’s said, how it’s phrased – and he gives the date in 3 formats.
    What western spokesman (nevermind leader) even knows there are other formats – let alone what they are?

    Even Afghanistan’s children are better educated in their madrassas than Americans in their secular schools.

  • Nigel Maund

    The US persists in not learning from history: graveyard for the British, Russians and now the Americans. The UK appear to have learned its lesson and not as yet joined the US in this ill thought through venture. If Obama failed with 100,000 troops what chance has Trump got with 10,000. I feel sorry for those US soldiers who will now die needlessly in Afghanistan and, moreover, make matters far worse. trump is now just a puppet and the Deep State – Globalist are controlling the Agenda and the Narrative. Let’s get ready to watch a debacle. It would be an example of extreme irony if the Russians supplied the Taliban with TOW missiles and Pantsirs and hence roles were reversed and the US was given a terrible drubbing.

  • Lumen

    Good decision. The Taliban think that Afgahnisten belongs to them.
    But they will recieve a lesson by the american military.

    Future wil show if Faghans chose ending up as religious slaves of a primitive cult or are able to secure their own country. No Sympathy for primitive Terrorists.