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JUNE 2021

Taliban Repels Government Attack In Western Afghanistan, Advance In Country’s South

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Taliban Repels Government Attack In Western Afghanistan, Advance In Country's South

A photo of the Taliban special forces with western weapons.

On March 8, Taliban fighters clashed for hours with the Afghan Army and Police in the Pusht Rod district in the western province of Farah, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad. The Taliban’s media wing said that twelve army soldiers had been killed and fourteen others had been injured in the clashes. Three armored vehicles belonging to the army were reportedly destroyed by the Taliban.

Pusht Rod is located north of the city of Farah, the capital of Farah province. It is currently surrendered by Taliban fighters who have captured several key position around the city over the last two months. The recent clashes confirm that the Taliban units around Farah are still capable of defending their positions.

Meanwhile in southern Afghanistan, Taliban fighters captured a police checkpoint in in the Trikh Zabar area of the Marjah district in the province of Helmand. Voice of Jihad said that Taliban fighters had killed eight policemen and had captured one other during their attack on the checkpoint.

Since the beginning of March, the Taliban has stepped up its operations against the army, Police and the NATO in the province of Helmand. As usual, the Taliban’s attacks have been met only with limited airstrikes by the NATO and the Afghan Air Force.

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Expo Marker

Despite more US troop presence by Trump, Afghan forces keep losing to extremists.

You can call me Al

.. and how telling …….”As usual, the Taliban’s attacks have been met only with limited airstrikes by the NATO and the Afghan Air Force.”.

Jutta Morris

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javid soltani

Taliban isis nato us are all to gather . that’s why they don’t actualy bomb them


I actually think the Taliban are the real afghan army. ISIS in afghanistan are just a clandestine US expeditionary force. Remember when Mullah Omar banned opium cultivation in 2000? Miraculously, a US and British led army appears in afghanistan in 2001. And since then opium production is through the roof.

John Wallace

The Taliban had virtually eliminated poppy cultivation before America arrived. Since then as you say the cultivation is at record levels. Interestingly at the same time heroin supply and purity has exploded in America causing many deaths from the purity. I am not saying they are connected but sometimes 2+2 =5. Alright I will say it , from all the years America has spent in Afghanistan they seem to be worse off today with no real application to win . There is no oil there and goats are not in short supply in America so I can’t imagine why they would still be there???. I am sure the CIA get allocated more than enough money each year without need too supplement their income for their freedom creating , wars.


Only thing i can think of is heroin…… like you say, goat meat isn’t a western thing

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