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Taliban Reached Kabul, Asked For Surrender Of Afghanistan’s Capital

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Taliban Reached Kabul, Asked For Surrender Of Afghanistan's Capital

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On August 15, the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan claimed that the Taliban had started its assault on the country’s capital Kabul.

The city remains the only major city under the control of the government of President Ashraf Ghani.

In it’s turn, the Taliban released an official report, claiming that group had no plans to take Kabul ‘by force’. The order was given to the militants to stop the advance through the city, in which several quarters, in particular, the 13th and 18th, were captured.

At night, the videos were published on social media allegedly showing the Taliban militants on the streets of Kabul.

According to local sources, negotiations between the warring sides are currently taking place.

As the capital is near to fall under the Taliban’s control, Washington is trying to assure the security of its soldiers.

On August 14, US President Joe Biden said that he had authorized a total of 5 thousand US troops to be deployed in Afghanistan “to make sure we can have an orderly and safe drawdown of U.S. personnel and other allied personnel, and an orderly and safe evacuation of Afghans who helped our troops during our mission and those at special risk from the Taliban advance.”

He once again proclaimed his decision to withdraw the US military contingent, pointing out that the resistance to the Taliban should be provided by the Afghans themselves.

“Second, I have ordered our Armed Forces and our Intelligence Community to ensure that we will maintain the capability and the vigilance to address future terrorist threats from Afghanistan.

Third, I have directed the Secretary of State to support President Ghani and other Afghan leaders as they seek to prevent further bloodshed and pursue a political settlement. Secretary Blinken will also engage with key regional stakeholders.

Fourth, we have conveyed to the Taliban representatives in Doha, via our Combatant Commander, that any action on their part on the ground in Afghanistan, that puts U.S. personnel or our mission at risk there, will be met with a swift and strong U.S. military response.

Fifth, I have placed Ambassador Tracey Jacobson in charge of a whole-of-government effort to process, transport, and relocate Afghan Special Immigrant Visa applicants and other Afghan allies. Our hearts go out to the brave Afghan men and women who are now at risk. We are working to evacuate thousands of those who helped our cause and their families.” – Biden claimed.

Early on August 15, the Taliban claimed another important victory. It took control of Jalalabad, the fifth largest city in Afghanistan and the capital of Nangarhar province that opened a direct root to Kabul for its soldiers.

There was no fighting for the city and the governor surrendered to the Taliban. Such a decision was made in order to protect civilians and avoid casualties. According to the reports, the Taliban provided a safe corridor for government officials and security forces to leave Jalalabad.

The city of Jalalabad is located in the east of Afghanistan, near the border with Pakistan. It was the last of the major cities other than Kabul, which was under the control of the official government.

Among other victories claimed by the Taliban on August 15 morning, there are:

  • Bagram district center of Parwan province;
  • the city of Khost, the capital of Khost province;
  • Maidan Shahr, the capital of Maidan Wardak province;
  • Spin Ghar district of Nangarhar province;
  • the town of Torkham in Lalpora district of Nangarhar, which borders Pakistan;
  • the city of Nili, the capital of Daikundi province;
  • Noorgram district center of Nuristan province;
  • a large Shikar Qala base in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province.

On August 14, 84 Afghan servicemen crossed the state border of Uzbekistan and were detained by border guards. The Afghan soldiers asked the Uzbek side for help. Three of them needed medical assistance.

The Afghan soldiers also accumulated on the Afghan part of the Termez-Khayroton bridge. Tashkent is now negotiating with Afghanistan on their return home and the on the situation at the Termez-Khayroton bridge.


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Well, we have been saying this all week. I know we have some smart people who will avoid bloodshed. By the end of today, Kabul might just fall without a fight.

G2 Man

General Ghaani of the Qods Force is an Afghanistan expert having spent a decade in the field there embedded with resistance forces and a fluent Pashto speaker. The Iranians wanted a peaceful transition of power in Herat and Mazar e Sharif and basically disarmed and deactivated the “Northern Alliance”. Iran, Russia and China are on the same page and want a peaceful, independent Afghanistan linked to Eurasian economic development. The US policy of bombing people into “democracy” is the ultimate idiocy. These are traditional conservative Muslim states with deep seated cultures and don’t want the corrupt morally bankrupt west to tell them how to live their lives. The Islamic world is proving to be America’s graveyard.


Russia is getting ready for a Security Council meeting as ”Taliban completes the military take over of Afghanistan”. I think the world is ready for a Taliban ruled Afghanistan. Everything else is noise.

G2 Man

Indeed, Russia, China and Iran have managed this Afghan outcome very well. They have all secured their southern flank, pushed the imbecile hated Americans out of the region and secured trade routes. Afghanistan will be integrated into CPEC and Iranian transit routes being developed by China. As I have said on various occasions, Americans are idiots and should buy a map first before they start losing wars. How can a failed drug addicted violent country situated 7,000 kms away control anyone? the US is destined to lose everywhere if it does not shed its neo-imperialistic delusions of power.

"Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony

The Afghani people won.

The NATO puppet regime in Afghanistan is about to collapse.

Been waiting for this moment since 2001. Think about all the children and men and women murdered by NATO soldiers. Think of all the crimes and thefts and rapes caused by the terrorist NATO organization in Afghanistan. The fall of the Afghan puppet regime is a victory to humanity.

Last edited 1 month ago by "Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony
S Balu

Juggernaut has started from Poland
zionist blackmailer pulled the string a bit too much and it has SNAPPED
What we are seeing in beginning of the end of zionist entity as in order to survive it had to have blackmail as component and lie about Holocaust as no credible research document exist to prove that holocaust took place

G2 Man

The Zionists and Indians both are in severe strife in the very near future.

Islam fini

Shia ship burnt in syria

Arch Bungle

Just admit you’re doomed.

The Chinese and the Muslim world are on the rise and your kind are obsolete.

Islam fini

Few days back 40 Pakistani Muslim labourers killed in bus crash while going to eid

Arch Bungle

Who cares? You and your kind are still inferior and on the way to extinction.


A road traffic accident amuses you?

Séamus Ó Néill

Well, the Red Cross had actual access to the camps throughout the war, and their report listed 271,301 deaths, and zero evidence of extermination by gas.

The (Jewish) World Almanac yearbooks fork 1938 and 1948 listed the world Jewish population at 15,688,259 (1938), and 15,753,638 (1948). Where’s your magical 6,000,000 ?

Jew Parasites

The Jew parasites want money and homes in Poland for fake holohoax. They made fake claims and fraudulent applications on the most expensive homes in Warsaw. LOL

Good on Poland for standing up to the Jew criminals and liars.

S Balu

Please see my comments as I predicted a week ago that Taliban will be in Kabul at the weekend my analysis was based on what I have observed as follows
The Taliban are made up of thousands of fighters who are all Afghans. They are fed, sheltered, and transported by the Afghan people, not aliens. The Taliban have been fighting NATO regimes using guerrilla war tactics, a methodology impossible to sustain for so many years without popular support. This is an aspect deliberately missing from media reports of Western regimes.

G2 Man

This is an inclusive non-sectarian Afghan movement. The western media are the mouthpieces of Jews whose agenda in to fan sectarianism and outright lies. The people in the region now largely reject that and that is reason the Zionist and Wahhabi agenda adopted by the ignorant hubris laden “west” has failed. The world has changed, but these racist Islamophobic imbeciles need to get their brainwashed empty heads out of their proverbial. This is not the 19th century where a few gunboats will scare the native, on the contrary it is formula to get humiliated by resistance forces. The 5th generation wars is kinetic and the man with the most determination simply wins.

Shia fini

Iran becoming a Shia minority country as Iranians leave the Ali worshipping cult

Arch Bungle

You should see what’s happening in the Gulf and Saudi Barbaria …

Séamus Ó Néill

Exactly, no guerilla army would last a week without the support of its people.

G2 Man

As I had predicted yesterday based on experience, that once the Logar plains were captured and Kabul came within 122mm grad range it was all over for the Ghani puppet regime. Now how fast the transfer of power in Kabul takes place depends on how fast the losing Americans and their puppets can flee. The ANA “trained by the US and NATO” at a cost of $120 billion as expected turned out to be a Hollow Force. The Taliban and their allies have followed classic textbook urban takeovers by negotiated deals worked out by Iranians and Pakistanis. It is quite heartening hearing Farsi Jadid (modern Iranian Persian) accents among Taliban commanders. The big strategic winners are Iran, Pakistan and China. The same pattern will follow in Iraq next.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man
Islam fini

Lol who told you that?Rapist Muhammad? 40 Pakistani Muslim labourers dead in bus crash.
30,000 Shia dead in Syrian civil war


But but grads are russian junk, right? Jens says they don’t work, so how can they be used to conquer Kabul?

G2 Man

Grad along with the T-34 were the most successful Russian weapons of WW2. They basically won the war. Affectionately named Katyusha by the victorious Soviet soldiers.

Shia fini

200,000 Shia dead in Yemen famine from 2011 to 2021

Superpower china

50,000 Russian soldiers dead in afghan war

Islam fini

2 million Bangladeshi muslims killed in 1974 famine

Superpower china

25 Russians dead in 2 days in helicopter and plane crashes

Arch Bungle

The Taliban have demonstrated more sophistication and civilisation in their approach to this war than any NATO country including the US.

The Americans would first bomb civilians to death before crushing everything in their way. They’d never negotiate a peaceful handover of power.

Therefore the Taliban have demonstrated a higher level of cultural advancement and concern for human life than the Americans.

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