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Taliban Promise Different Life For Women, As One Killed For Not Wearing Burqa

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Taliban Promise Different Life For Women, As One Killed For Not Wearing Burqa

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On August 17th, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that life for women in Afghanistan would be different than it was 20 years ago.

The rights of women in Afghanistan will be respected “within the framework of Islamic law”, he said.

The spokesman said women would be free to work but gave little detail about other rules and restrictions.

He repeatedly said that all Afghans must live “within the framework of Islam”.

Between 1996 and 2001, women had to wear the all-covering burka, and the Taliban also disapproved of girls aged 10 and over going to school.

In the news briefing, Mujahid answered several questions from the international media about what women’s rights could look like under a Taliban government.

“We are going to allow women to work and study within our frameworks,” he said. “Women are going to be very active within our society.”

Meanwhile, a photograph began circulating social media on August 17th, together with a story.

A woman was shot and killed by Taliban members for not wearing a burqa in Takhar province.

In Kabul, Taliban vehicles packed with armed militants were recorded on video patrolling residential areas for activists and government workers. Gunshots can be heard as they accelerate down the street.

The Taliban is encouraging women to return to work and girls to go back to school, where headscarves are being handed out, according to The Associated Press.

But a damning photo shows a woman in district Taloqan, Takhar province, lying in a pool of blood as her parents and others crouch around her, a pitcher on the ground nearby.

She was shot and killed for going out without a burqa.

An unnamed Afghan and former State Department contractor told Fox News that Taliban fighters had set up checkpoints throughout Kabul, in some cases beating civilians trying to get to the airport and escape the country.

“There was kids, women, babies, old women, they could barely walk,” he said. “They [are in a] very, very bad situation, I’m telling you. At the end, I was thinking that there was like 10,000 or more than 10,000 people, and they’re running into the airport … The Taliban [were] beating people and the people were jumping from the fence, the concertina wire, and also the wall.”


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Talibans are Satanic

Are you happy now???
Are you happy now????
Filthy Talib.ans
Here you go..
Usa is out NATO is out.
The massacre of civilians has just begun.
Fu..ck you who are anti West

Last edited 1 month ago by Talibans are Satanic
Arch Bungle

CIA ISIS and assorted criminal actors dressed as ‘taliban’.

All propaganda and bullshit.

And you swallow it up like you always do.


How many Afghans did the U.S. kill?
How many weddings and funerals were droned…?


So what the fuck do you want,stay there forever you moron?


F uck u hindu jew loving coolies all over

Arch Bungle

CIA and ISIS hard at work generating propaganda.

Expect a lot more as CIA blackops teams activate.

Arch Bungle

better shoes come from below into your rectum.

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

If you reverse image search the photo, it is from August 8th or before that date. This wasn’t recent, and before the Taliban takeover. It could just as well been an ANA or any other group which killed the woman.

Arch Bungle

Exactly. Fools, hungry for more lies will position their mouths below the pulsating rectum of the American Jewish Global propaganda bowels, willing to slurp down the endless stream of Western diarrhea and lies …

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

” unnamed Afghan and former State Department contractor told Fox News”…this alone made me suspicious.

Arch Bungle

I stopped reading at “State Department”.

Arch Bungle


Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

The only thing jews are ‘all over’ is Palestinian’s land and property.

God damn squatters!

Arch Bungle

They are in no sense a majority. There are only enough jews arund to fit into a small holocaust camp.


The photo stinks of propaganda.


it was target killing . But still we have to give some time to this taliban thugs to stay on thier words. No one can judge thier intention now. Even in islam we have to give atleast one chance to the Enemy to prove themselve. But one thing i have not heard from Taliban mouth ever they have condemn Israeli zionist atrocities and even Saudi or some puppet of saudi have never driectly condemn zionist directly.


What is the big thing going on in US, nobody should look at, that they created this big distraction?


Leopards don’t change their spots.

The whole reason the Taliban can so easily recruit young males from Pashtun madrases is what they can offer them. That is, being in an armed faction and having that weapon as basis of localized power, to impose their particular control over others, in an immediate and arbitrary manner, without having to bother with complexities of due process. Basically, they offer an intoxicating rush of complete power and domination for a cadre of frustrated, immature and indoctrinated young males. A toxic and volatile mix.

Last edited 1 month ago by AlphaBravoCharlie

Nothing is truly known about the facts of this.

Remember Afghanistan is a country of 35 million people, and there are splinter factions of the Taliban; also ISIS is active there…

L du Plessis

The US UK Nato alliance are guilty of more murder globally that the Taliban in a100 years


We have no proof or evidence of what happened, just interpretations.

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