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JUNE 2023

Taliban Officials Interviewed At Afghan Presidential Palace Following Reports Of Explosions In Kabul (Videos, Photos)

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Taliban Officials Interviewed At Afghan Presidential Palace Following Reports Of Explosions In Kabul (Videos, Photos)

Screen grab from Al Jazeera interview.

Late on August 15, senior officials of the Taliban spoke to the Al Jazeera from the personal office of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in the Presidential Palace in the capital, Kabul.

A few hours earlier, the Taliban entered Kabul. The group’s fighters took over the city that was abandoned by government forces. The group said that the step is meant to “prevent chaos and theft” in the capital.

One of the officials told Al Jazeera that all government buildings in Kabul are now under the control of Taliban fighters. The official went on to assure Afghan officials as well as army and security commanders that their safety will be guaranteed by the group.

“We entered here after twenty years of fighting foreign forces, and we preferred that Kabul be handed over peacefully,” the official said.

Another official of the Taliban, the central security commander, revealed that the group’s leadership is preparing to return to Kabul from Qatar.

The interview was held following reports of explosions near the Presidential Palace, the US Embassy and in other parts of Kabul. Some sources speculated that the explosions may have been the result of US strikes.

While Al Jazeera was airing the interview, Ghani, who reportedly arrived in Oman, issued a statement saying that he chose to resign from his position in order to prevent bloodshed. The former President claimed that the Taliban was preparing a large attack on Kabul.

Meanwhile, the situation in Kabul Airport remains chaotic. The US military announced that all commercial flights from and to the airport were suspended. Military evacuation is, however, still ongoing. Earlier, shots were reportedly fired at US troops evacuating American diplomats and citizens via the airport.

The future of Afghanistan seems uncertain. While many sources said that a plan to form an interim government is being finalized, sources close to the Taliban said that the group will soon announce the return of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.


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"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

I predict Colombia, and it will be exported via the narcosubs.

Or maybe in another right-wing South American country.

South America is the USA’s backyard after all.


Coca is already the default narcotic crop in South America. Why would they switch to an unfamiliar and less profitable – more visible to aerial surveillance, needs at least as much processes – crop like opium instead?

Last edited 1 year ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

Southern Mexico is already producing most of the opium going into the States.

Peter Wallace

Poppies are frost tolerant and germinate best in cool weather and soil, they thrive in temperate climates and are probably native to the Mediterranean, but they can be grown in subtropical and tropical regions as well. Would the conditions in areas of Syria controlled by the SDF fit the criteria.


I think that we’d already know had they moved their business into Syria

Peter Wallace

How if no outsiders are allowed into areas the US control sight unseen. They have areas under their control that are far from prying eyes including SDF. Also SDF controlled area is amongst the best arable land in Syria.

Have To Laugh

You really have to laugh. Yanks thought they’d plant their unwelcome asses until 9/11. Instead Taliban handed their asses to them and sent them packing.

For the Yanks, this is worse than Vietnam.


The future of Afghanistan is certain. The Taliban are in power. There’s not point for a transition government now, what for? Why does anybody act like they are calling the shots?


The interim government is just that, an interim government, which will hand over power to a permanent one. It both prevents a measure of chaos by ensuring continuity and gives the new regime legitimacy.


I think opium is being replaced by fentanyl these days.

The Black Terror

This betrayal of the Afghan people by the US and its obedient, opportunistic, self-righteous, arrogant condescending lapdog slaves should be a tragic lesson to any country looking for assistance from the so-called “west.” Your life will be worth less than a pimple on the asses of the rat politicians in NATO, the EU and Washington, DC.

Islam fini

2 Pakistani Muslim children drown in Sindh Pakistan

Arch Bungle

Who cares? Billions of Muslims left to colonise Hindustan when the hindutvas all die of black fungus.

Islam fini

20,000 rohingya Muslims killed by Myanmar give forces

Russia collapse

20 million Russians dead in ww2

Arch Bungle

Mostly Ukies.

Islam fini

70,000 Kashmiri Muslims killed by Indian army

Islam fini

100,000 taliban fighters killed in afghan civil war

giorgio guido novi

vive l,axe de resistance gloire aux talibans!

World will be a better place without religion

Ha ha look a them. They were expecting flowers but they found Street deserted and people frightened. They are looking frightened look at their faces, they know if they fuck it up again will be their last chance of making pace with Afghanistan population. Disgusting monkeys 🐒 🙈 🙊 vomiting 🤢

Arch Bungle

World will be a better place with 6 million less jews.

Time to fire up the gas ovens again!

Red Admiral

At best 600,000 died and that was due mostly to starvation from December to May as allied bombers demolished rail infrastructure. As an ethnic grouping the Jewish population increased between 1937 and 1948 in Europe by almost 500,000. While the USSRs population decreased by 23,000,000 and Germany’s by 11,000,000. While the French and Italians also saw a decrease of 500,000 and 300,000 respectively with the UK, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway staying very close to the 1936/37 census figures when compared to those in 1947/48.


You know you suck when even the Talibs seem honorable compared to you… Bye bye pedonazi americant empire… You won’t be missed.


Anyone here anymore about the sacks full of $$$$ found at the airport when the so called president ran for his life ?

Tommy Jensen

They were shooting after an exceptional American. This is unprecedented.

Alberto Bohon.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud calls for the fight against the Taliban from the Panshir region of Afghanistan, I hope their futile resistance will be failed and destroyed. let the Taliban’s enemies fall to the ground all of them.

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