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Taliban Launches Wide-Scale Attack In Afghanistan’s Parwan Province

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Taliban Launches Wide-Scale Attack In Afghanistan's Parwan Province


On September 29, Taliban fighters launched a wide-scale attack against the Afghan Army and police in Seyagerd district of Parwan Province north of the Afghanistan capital Kabul, according to Afghan sources. The sources added that clashes are still ongoing in the Fondoqistan valley, Kheshki and Hajatgah villages in Seyagerd district.

According to local sources, 10 Afghan soldiers and policemen were killed, and 10 civilians were injured in the ongoing Taliban attack. Many civilians reportedly fled the district.

Meanwhile, the Taliban continued their advance in Faryab province in northern Afghanistan, and captured 8 checkpoints of the Afghan Army in Pogani area of Pashtun Kot district, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad.

Voice of Jihad reported that Taliban fighters captured another checkpoint of the Afghan Army in Khairabad area of Dawlatabad district in Faryab province on September 30. According to Voice of Jihad, the commander of the checkpoint was killed by Taliban fighters during the attack.

Amid a lack of any reaction from the NATO and the Afghan Army, most of Faryab province will likely be under the Taliban control soon.

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Tudor Miron

Why woul they react now? War is still ongoing and that’s exactly what’s needed. CIA demanded increasing opium field areas – Taliban responds in order.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There no Opium fields in the area of any value so no reason to defend it , since the ones with warlords are the only ones of value. The operations for opium fields is ISIS and Al Qaeda but they are both expected to fight the Taliban.

Go go, liberate your lands from your own Zionist-Occupied-Government! Z.O.G. is everyone’s enemy, and one day our Lord will return and wipe out Zionism forever! http://ihr.org/

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