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Taliban Launches ‘Spring Offensive’, Threatens US Forces

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The Taliban movement has announced its plans to start the so-called “spring offensive” that would focus on attacking US forces in Afghanistan, Press TV reported on April 25.

The Taliban’s “Operation al-Khandagh” will include attacks on US forces, “their intelligence agents,” as well as their “internal supporters”. Taliban stated that the operation is a response to Washington’s decision to increase the US presence in the war-torn Central Asian country.

According to Press TV, the escalation could be fueld by cancelled negotiations between the US and the Taliban. The militant group expressed their will to negotiate with US officials directly to the Political Office. US President Donald Trump ruled out any negotiations.

The Taliban stated that the presence of the US bases in Afghanistan “sabotages all chances of peace” and was key to “prolonging the ongoing war.”

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish described the Taliban announcement as “propaganda.”

The US-backed Afghan government is under pressure on multiple fronts this year as the situation in Afghanistan has significantly escalated recently with the Taliban conducting offensives on a number of major cities.

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Go Go Taliban!
Hunt down the US of Terrorists :-)


After 17 years it’s pretty clear the US plans on maintaining an unlimited occupation of Afghanistan – US strategists want the Afghan territory as forward operating base against neighboring Iran and China, and against the nearby southernmost flank of Russia.

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