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Taliban Lacks Necessary Finances To Deliver Functioning Government

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Taliban Lacks Necessary Finances To Deliver Functioning Government

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Afghanistan has little economic prospects after 20 years of war.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

The U.S. could not vanquish the Taliban, failed to defeat Al-Qaeda, and were unsuccessful in leaving behind a pluralistic, tolerant and economically-sustainable Afghan state. Washington failed to induce good governance in Afghanistan and to stop Pakistan’s multifaceted support for the Taliban. After twenty years of war with the U.S., the Taliban now confronts the hard challenge of governing and managing the economy.

Formal legal incomes make up a small portion of Afghanistan’s revenues as it is dependent on foreign aid and illicit economies. In July 2020, former President Ashraf Ghani said that 90% of Afghans live below the government-determined poverty line of $2 a day and 30% are acutely food insecure. For an economy suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the withdrawal of U.S. forces has the effect of spurring a drastic economic decline as Afghanistan becomes more globally isolated.

Pakistan has been engaging with key international and regional stakeholders with a message that Afghanistan should not be left alone and that the incoming government, likely to be led by the Taliban, should be given a chance. Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan sought the world’s support for the Taliban. During the high-level ministerial meeting on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan convened by the UN, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi linked the observance of human rights by the new Taliban government to the financial aid Afghanistan receives. Khan’s key cabinet members, like Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar, regularly calls for the Taliban government to receive international financial assistance.

Currently, the Taliban faces the loss of billions of dollars that had been allocated to Afghanistan. The U.S. immediately froze $9.5 billion worth of central bank assets. The International Monetary Fund blocked access to $460 million, and the EU has suspended aid. International donors had been providing 75% of the government’s operating budget, and the U.S. and NATO paid around $4 billion each year to fund the Afghan military. Iran, although struggling economically because of U.S. sanctions, is seeking good relations with the Taliban but cannot offer generous economic aid. Only China and the monarchies of the Gulf have deep pockets, but the question is if they will. Although Pakistan has been providing military and intelligence aid, its own economy is stagnating and wholly reliant on China.

The Taliban has no experience in delivering or maintaining existing state services, such as electricity or water, let alone tackling complex issues like setting macroeconomic policies. The immediate effects of the financial squeeze saw cash liquidity in Afghanistan drop, driving up inflation – including food prices, resulting in immense hardship to the population.

If the Taliban continues to engage in purges of non-Sunnis and implement regressive Sharia laws like public hangings and mutilation, educated Afghans will continue to flee the country, thus provoking a new brain drain. International actors will maintain sanctions on the Taliban and perhaps even intensify them. The new government will also struggle to find jobs for the many now-unemployed soldiers of the Afghan security forces.

The illegal poppy cultivation can only offset a part of those losses. However, the Taliban has promised to make Afghanistan drug free, and it is recalled that at its first press conference on August 19, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid promised that the new government would not turn what is already the world’s leading opium producer into a fully-fledged narco-state.

None-the-less, undeniably heroin production has helped fund the Taliban, and despite proclamations that they will struggle to wean themselves off the profitable trade, it is likely that economic pressures will force them to continue cultivation for some time as banning it would be socially immiserating for Afghanistan’s poorest.

Now that the Taliban are in power, they will find it difficult to maintain cohesiveness across its many different factions that have varied ideological intensity and material interests. The Taliban will also need to ensure that its key commanders and soldiers are paid enough to not be tempted to split off, like many did when Islamic State established itself in the country in 2015. A key element of the Taliban’s blitzkrieg this summer was bargaining with regional militias and promising them access to local economic rents, such as mining and logging.

The Taliban needs Chinese money, but persisting violence and corruption could deter economic investments. Beijing opposes any support for Uighur militants based in Afghanistan, including the Taliban’s Uighur units. Russia, Iran and the Central Asian states also want to ensure that the spread of the Islamic State into their territories does not occur.

Taxing the transport system in the country has long been a Taliban strategy for revenue raising. Whether the Taliban manages to keep the lucrative transport trade will depend on whether it sufficiently satisfies the counterterrorism interests of China, Iran, Russia and Central Asia. If the Taliban continues to support terrorist groups like they did in the 1990’s, this could see Afghanistan have only Pakistan as a trading partner and become wholly reliant on it for survival.

The Taliban understands how to deliver a brutal order, suppress crime and provide swift dispute resolution. Despite this, it does not have the capacity to build hospitals and deliver medical care, build modern water, electricity, and infrastructure systems, and provide high quality education. Afghanistan’s economic outlook remains uncertain and blanket sanctions and global isolation will worsen the suffering in the country. In this way, although the Taliban won the war against the U.S., it still has a long and difficult task of delivering not only security to the Afghan people, but also economic stability and opportunity.


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The US never entered Afghanistan to create anything of substance other than a puppet government to plunder all resources. They failed miserably.

After the staged 9/11 false flag, new york, london investors began salivating at the thought of US wars on Iraq, Iran, Syria etc. They imagined the billions and eventual trillions their investment funds would accumulate.

Was not to be. The the entire “war on terror” hoax was exposed as a gigantic fraud.

jens holm

There is nothing to plunder in Afghanistan, so they have plundered nothing. They and NATO has billions of dollars in minus for nothing.


The only money in Afghanistan are the ones Our Goverments by big mistakes has given to corruption, schools, healthcare and a lot of other things.


No fool, the US went there to kill the motherfuckers. And on that count its a spectacular success. Now suck it up. Dead sunni/ wahabbi is a good thing for Iran, and the US doing it is an unintended bonus.

jens holm

Maybee you used your calender to role for cigarettes.

Afghanistan collapsed as a country and after some disputes the only organized but very few ones were the Communists there.

They got helped with succes by USSR and their heavy stuff.

The locals could not win and we and USA/GB didnt want that.

So USA and GB armed Al Kaida with propelled guns and training of the best kind. Most famous were the Stinger missiles.

Thats how it started. NO RUSSIANS.

Sure many shiits are killed and almost genosided in Afghanistan.


Again, the White Wannabe speaks from his Momma’s Anus – The Afghan population grew 100% in the 20 years since the US invasion – spectacular fail. Afghanistan has trillions in Rare earth minerals that China wants and even Trump in 2019 said he would not leave Afghanistan until the US laid their grubby paws on them there minerals. You are a spectacular dumb fck


You need a reality check motherfucker. Look at your shit-hole of a country. Yous a failed state, just like Afghanistan. China don’t wanna touch you dalits, and here you think they’d go in Afghanistan?…….stupid bastard. Get lost……..

jens holm

Thats a truth full of limitations.


Stupid fool. Several trillions worth of mineral resources. One of the least exploited nations on earth. Once again you show your absurd ignorance.


No, they went inside Afghanistan to kill the sunni wahabbi dalit. And that was a good thing. Millions of bastard sunni/ wahabbi are dead now. Generations destroyed. I fully support what the US did. Fuck Sunni wahabbi modr jende. Fuck them all. We should genocide them all.


Like they genocided the Shi cultists in Afghanistan?


yous next motherfucker…….your turns coming up down the failed state alley. Good luck with your bankruptcy.


They did not loose, checkmate is a failed state around all Islamic belt countries, Afghanistan will never be a nation, can’t you see the point?….next iran but they have to be financed through nuclear deal first to finish Saudi Arabia


What I don’t understand is why would America leave the war and leave those weapons there? Those private military companies were making so much money, and so was America. What’s the end game here with leaving all that stuff there?

US & EU are Zion slaves

Back in Trump-ear the USA came up with a new war plan and it didn’t include Afghanistan.
(When the USA was leaving Afghanistan they called China and told them they are not going to attack them). I hope you understand why they say that.

Think about it, Afghanistan is failed state it has been for years. Taliban are backward Sunnis they may say they changed but the truth is they are the same Wahhabi pigs like 20 years ago with a much bigger fake ego at their back now.

Why wouldn’t the USA leave Afghanistan?
They don’t have to deal with those backward Sunnis anymore, it is Iran, Russia, and China problem now.
Russia has to be more careful around Central Asia countries – More ISIS and Al-Qaeda are going to come from Afghanistan again, remember Russia said: “a lot of backward Sunnis from Syria are moving to Afghan from Syria”.
Iran is a Shia country and those backward Sunnis are just Wahhabi pigs, didn’t you remember how fast UAE/Pak/KSA/Qatar jump into Afghanistan, you know those countries known for funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda around the world.
China is clear, don’t fuking aid/help ISIS and Al-Qaeda…LMFAO good luck with that, and they also ask those backward Sunnis to don’t help Turkistan Islamic Party. LOL. Ofc, ignore what China going to Uyghur.

It was a great move by the USA, it is a win for yanquis overall.


That makes sense, thanks!
That’s probably why Iran, Russia and China all rushed to make some neutral relationship with Taliban.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Iran, Russia, and China still haven’t removed the Taliban as terrorists.
China doesn’t need Afghanistan for its trade root, even.


Talk up your “win” to the millions of people displaced, murdered, drug addicted, disappeared etc.

The US showed up 20 years ago after a false flag bush gov hoax, known as 9/11. The idiotic proxies used? The zionists and saudis.

Find the documentary Donald Trump, 9/11, Case Closed. Correct version, just under one hour, available on bittorent. Educate yourself.

jens holm

We dont have to find. We all know. Well most of us know.

If You were a cook mixing like that many had died.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Talk up your “win” to the millions” – My “win”?
All I said was it was a great move from the US to leave Afghanistan.


Dont bother advising this monkey. Nothing worst than a Persian Coconut, Euro- Wannabe with a deficient education and an overwhelming hatred of the very thing he is – A BROWN person

jens holm

As long as you raise and behave Yorself as slaves and brownies, you will remain like that.

That was what You were too before we came with Our Empires based on innovasions.

You also ignore most of the western whites were very poor and because of that went to america and anywhere else.

I will never excuse danish slavery. My ancisters in those days were poor farmers hands and fishermen.

And there was reaction to that. The biggest changes were by socialisme by Karl Marx where it soon after was divided into Social democratisme and Communisme. Thats the bases today. We poor organised and educated us became more productive and took at least parts of the cake for Ourself.

Things by that are both ways and many ways. Using only coloor, etnicity, religion or gender makes no sense.

But us white do write that Our women are just as clever as men and you keep Yours even more stupid then yourself because of lack of social security systems. Thats where the minusb is. We has no recommendations for that but use human right as well as it goes.

Your focus should be on the well ec´ducatyed ones making the western economies. The deficient is not creative but a very important and often proud keeper. establish and KEEP …

jens holm

Donals Trump relations are no source.

jens holm

Its cost benefit. You are one of those many, which dont understand how productive Western economies are.

America and NATO was making no money. The involved states has paid for for it. By that many private companies has got some of the money to the shareholders, which fx also can be me by my shares in my pension fond.

US & EU are Zion slaves

HAhahahaha Jens fuk off you Nazi.

What is the US’s dollar is back by again? oh yeah nothing, STFU you ape.
It is not about money for yanquis but power.

jens holm

Do You compare with Rubels, Liras, Bolivars, lebanese punds or Rials :)

As long as You deny to understand western economy, You should learn how things work here. DEBT is the innovative base for Kapitalisme.

As long as DEBT is investments which pays off like buying a cow and it gives milk and you sell the milk feeding the cow well the debt is a plus plus.

We are no moron economies as in the no good Muhammed attrations or the communist collapsed one.

So far the dollar has collapsed about 100 times this year, but only in the Islamic and Russian world.

Sure. Money is power. But we dont just print just them. We go to school, invest in educations, find our skills, work hard producing and are rewarded too. You not even create structures as Ours to make that possible.

The USA dollar can never collapse. As any other currency, which support it, we are depended. If they dont do well, we will help them to decline and in small steps to stanility. Even China would collapse with a collapsed dollar.

If it was true we are zionist slaves, I feel absolutly fine about it. Denmark is doing pretty well. Last Year GDP was 60.000 dollars. Danish women makes more money then the Saudi men even they have no oil as support under their behinds.

And we run the country by a Female Premiere minister only needing 25% of the votes by consensus. The big ones like Erdogan(51%), Putin more then 50%, Assad 91,5%.


Yep, thats when the Male is now a bitch and the women rule. well done Jens, your soceity is on the highway to extinction – and your replacements are there already – millions of Black and Brown refugees servicing your (real)man-starved danish women

jens holm

Equal rights, possibilities and responsabilities are not that contrast You insinuate.

I feel fine about we can make an acceptable livingstandard for the incommers if they integrate.

We dont need to buy and own Our women. We choose and both ways and in colors too. Sure people often choose some of their own kind, but they should not be restricted as we see a lot in parts of the world.


So the motherfuckers keep killing each other. Transferring all the equipment out was a logistical nightmare and expensive. Why not leave it all over there so the bastards keep killing each other no? Just like introducing guns and drugs in the ghetto no?…….lol

Last edited 10 days ago by Ahson
Lazy Gamer

They didnt voluntarily leave those. They were caught surprised with the speed by which the Afghan army folded. The army forgot its purpose and fled first leaving behind all those civilians and equipment.

US & EU are Zion slaves

They can sell their soul to their brother’s Wahhabi Sunni in KSA for some $.
China, Russia, and Iran are clear, those backward Sunnis have to show they have improved and became somewhat like humans.


Russia still regards you persians as backwards – hows that nuke coming along then? The “dalit” Pakis have it already for 4 decades


you lower caste cunt, you can’t use nukes! You got that? your nukes are useless. Your drama is bankruptcy.


The best government is no government

jens holm

Just as freedom, You forget the rest.

You expect people are born as respondible persons. They are not.

For Afghanistan those people were and are runned hard by tribers and very much religion as well. By that its hard local Governess.

Your non Goverment fx for Afghanistan is because Kabul is the hat for it and by that only has runned, whats very much needed and agreed with the many tribers. That fx is transportation and security for trade and free travel.

Those and a few several things are done by local police and administration also keeping the crimerates(according to Islam) down.

You partly can compare with Switzerland. Those people in those mountains dont want to be runned of anyone else from the outside. No French, No Germans, No Italians. The also has an Ladino minority just as fghanistan has its shiits.

So You are completly wrong. We see Johadists like Taleben, Al Kaida and ISIS random kill anyoine they wish for own purpose. Thats Governess.

jens holm

No states exist as anaerchies. We see the bad sides well for Covid. When You dont vaccinate, You only think at Yourself. You forget You contaminate others and they by that die.

By that example You should learn, that freedom also is repsonsability for the rest and at least in vital matters.


Afghanistan/ pakistan are failed states surviving on western charity/ life support. If the west moves its hand these motherfuckers will starve to death. Simple as that. No need to sugar coat shit……..it is what it is.


So was Iran at the turn of the century – a US/UK lackey. It was only through the very people you hate – the Islamists in Qom , that Iran’s fortunes were changed- You are a total dumb cunt


You stupid dalit, don’t you compare yourself with us. Yous a fukkin slave. You got no history and no background. Yous a shit dog hendi. A fukkin convert. You won’t survive as a country founded upon religion. Now fuck off.


We’re still fighting the Taliban, just with money instead of guns, and it’s the Afghan people who are going to suffer for it.

Wayne Gabler

Welcome to the world of IMF sanctions and economic terrorism. Cuba can help them understand what is in the work. The main point is they never end, Cuba imports sugar after 60 years of sanctions.

jens holm

Cubans are stupidists. They cant even make systems, where they can feed themself well even they have land for it.


“Stupidists” – like Ahson, you invent shit everyday.LMFAO
Cubans have the best public medical care system in the world – that was no mistake


yous bitter now cuz yous bankrupt motherfucker hendi. You mark my words…….neither you nor the Afghani will survive. Yous on borrowed time bitch. Remember what I say today.

jens holm

Very optimistic…

jens holm

They dont have the best public medical system in the world at all. They “only” are much better then the poorest countries around them.

And how do you know. They give no data.


Taliban should charge the US for destroying its country. Russia too had a hand in this. Fair is fair – they should pay reparations, not just make grand statements (The Russians). The US is still bitter, hence the frrezing of funds and continued terror attacks.

jens holm

There are more Afghans then ever inside and outside it because of hospitals and healthcare.

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