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Taliban Kills And Captures Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers During Attack In Herat


Taliban Kills And Captures Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers During Attack In Herat

Taliban Special Forces. Illustrative image

On December 8, the Taliban announced that its fighters had killed 14 soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and captured 23 others during a hit and run attack on a military base in the district of Shindand in the northwestern province of Herat.

“12 PKM machine guns, 3 RPG launchers with 80 rounds, 17 rifles, 55000 rounds of rifle, 10000 rounds of PKM, 3 communication radios and a sizable amount of other ammunition were seized during the operation,” the Afghan group’s news agency, Voice of Jihad, said in a press release.

Herat provincial council member, Najibullah Mohebi, confirmed to the Associated Press (AP) that Taliban fighters had carried out a coordinated attack on a base of the ANA in Shindand on December 6. According to local officials, the army repelled the attack after six hours of clashes. However, the Afghan group had already killed and captured many soldiers.

This was the biggest Taliban attack in Herat since the beginning of this month. The strategic province, which links western and northern Afghanstan, will likely witness bigger attacks in the upcoming few weeks.

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  • You can call me Al

    But, but, I dont understand. The super dooper Afghan soldiers were trained by the exceptional US of A !!!.

    PS I do feel rather sad and angry, about the wasted lives of the “innocent”, because of that aggressor.

    • Barba_Papa

      Western governments love to think that if they give western military training to the locals they turn into a competent western army. Even more if you supply them with modern weapons. I reckon anyone who has attended a training himself would know that the usefulness of any training depends on the motivation of the trainees. If a more determined enemy comes bearing down upon you and you’re not getting the proper motivation and leadership from your commanders, made worse if they’re too busy lining their own pockets, then chances are you’re not going to put up too much of a fight.

      Western governments seem unable to realize this and despite countless wars to the country still adhere to the ‘lets train them to fight’ mantra. Probably because they believe it gives them an exit strategy for them to withdraw in the long term. The Russians seem to understand that training the locals is not an exit strategy, but part of your main strategy. The locals become part of your main force, not a replacement. That’s why Russian ‘advisors’ remain with the troops they trained, and even command them. And that’s why Russian trained and advised troops in Syria seem to do better then the Western trained ANA which has to fend by itself.

      • You can call me Al

        Very True.

      • donthomson1

        You have to consider the opinions of the locals; if the USA had been conquered by Japan, Yanks would have fought for Japanese money but poorly. Al Qaeda in Syria should be fought by the Syrian government, Iran and Russia but in old-fashioned Afghanistan (and Somalia) Al Qaeda are moderates. That’s not because they are different but because the locals are. Libya was more like Syria which is why NATO had to fight a war of aggression against them to put various groups of Sunni Crusaders in power.
        The Taliban are probably the best of all the political/military groups in Afghanistan apart from the Hazara. Because the Hazara are Shiite and have never been able to find allies there, Iran would be as evil a ruler in Afghanistan as the USA. They also would have to ally with the corrupt, the heroin lords and the boy kidnappers and rapists. I think the Iranian politicians are wise enough to know that and would never be as stupid as Yanks but people are people and sometimes they do crazy things. Instead, I hope the Iranians will concentrate on a live and let live arrangement between the Taliban and the Hazara as they are probably doing right now. The Hazara have no dog in this fight simply because nobody will ally with them in Afghanistan and military power is all that counts in Afghan politics. Nobody there will accept that their votes should count and it would be evil and dangerous for them as a small minority to try to conquer Afghanistan. donthomson1@hotmail.com

        • Barba_Papa

          I think you have to understand the locals, and know what their limitations are. There are significant cultural differences between Afghan and Syrian recruits that influence and effect their performance. If you try to train the locals and think you will turn them into Western soldiers so as to take over from you so you can leave, that’s just not going to work. If you train the locals and know what their cultural limitations are and work with them, and continue to work with them, that has a far greater chance to work. But you can’t abandon them and expect them to fend for themselves. It’s not going to work.

  • ZaTaRa139

    Dear All…..

    during the soviets in afghanistan. The West ssupported everyone to have a soldier and portrayed them as mujahideen. these people included, criminals, rapists, thieves and many other rats. When the soviets where gone… instead of using somethign as a real democracy..whatever that should be….
    they made these new mujahedeen as local governers. but these were not a mujahedeen as it would be.
    so afghanistan became a countrie that is ruled by gangs. these gangs have now their emblame as a government party representatives. soo.. imagine that government of the US is ruled by Crips, Bloods, Aryan brotherhood, MS13 and many more…
    and now imagine that during election, you wil vote on these people.

    thats when the taliban started..people had enough of these gangs and warlod. it started when one of the warlord raped a little child on a plane day. everyone knew it and nobody dared to intervene… it was a national movement. in de early beginning you could trust them. they were honorable people. you could leave your store open even when it was on the other side of the citie. nobody would dare to steal.

    but these idiot taught.. everyone who says they are muslim is theit brother. to be a brother for many muslim.. you only need to be muslim. ….(what a bunch of really dumb fucks)
    so then the money came from that arabworld and their allies like Al qaedo and als these foreigners.

    the taliban movement as it started, was now completely in the hand of the CIA and arab countries. they were not afghan or representative of the people of afghanistan.

    And now we are here. Government steals the cash. sells the afghan mines as oligargs. and use the soldiers as cannonfodder. they now everytime the soldier will be killed. its not that they try to win. in doesnt all matter.

    you see… the major problem…
    the afghan government is not any normal puppet. these are the only puppet in humankind, who know that they are puppets.. so they use any money that they can get to send it to their familie in the arabic world. and sign every contract with everyone.

  • verner

    the disunited states of faggot A wants to feck off home to mummy. it’s just gotten too bad over there so they would like to abandon ship (Afghanistan that is) like rats always do when the going gets rough. two issues hard to reconcile with a hasty retreat – the first is the supply of opium/heroin which has brought a good income to the nefarious crooks and criminals in washington dc and the second, is how -leave all those goodies behind, tanks, humvees, manpads etc since most neighbouring countries will bleed the disunited faggots dry on passing.through their respective countries.

    anyway, looking forward to see the maggots hurry back home to mummy, applepie, stuffed turkey and food stamps and police violence and fast food!