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Taliban Reportedly Kills 30 Soldiers In New Ambush In Northern Afghanistan


Taliban Reportedly Kills 30 Soldiers In New Ambush In Northern Afghanistan

Illustrative image, Fighter of the Taliban

On November 22, Taliban fighters ambushed a large convoy of the Afghan National Army (ANA) while it was on its way to Qala e Naw, the capital of the northern province of Badghis. The convoy reportedly consisted of more than 70 military vehicles.

“As many as 30 enemy personnel including commander Nasruddin were killed, 40 others wounded and another one arrested while destroying 3 supply trucks, 3 tanks [Taliban term for armored vehicle], 1 ranger pickup by heavy artillery fire and IED blasts,” the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad said in a press release.

Taliban fighters also captured a pickup truck, a military vehicle, 250 mortar rounds and other military equipment during the ambush.

Muhammad Nasir Nazari, a member of the Badghis provincial council, confirmed to the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFERL) that a convoy of the ANA was ambushed by the Taliban ine Qala e Now. However, Nazari claimed that only four soldiers were killed and seven others were injured in the surprise attack.

Since the beginning of November, the Taliban has stepped up its military operations in Badghis. The Afghan group’s ability to carry out such ambushes near the province’s capital is an example of the deteriorating security situation in northern Afghanistan



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  • Guess

    What a waste of lives, Afghans killing each other whilst Western parasites pillage their country’s resources and at the same time making a tidy sum from their military deployment.

  • Nowruz

    The Afghan gov. needs to kick out the US and find a reliable partner in combating the Taliban. It makes no sense how the US has been there for nearly two decades and in the past two years the Taliban have managed to seize nearly 50% of the country. The US doesn’t care about the Afghans all they want is their minerals and poppy fields… I would also add having the Taliban in Afghan also assists the US in preventing China’s influence.