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Taliban Kills 26 Afghan Soldiers In New Attack In Northern Afghanistan

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Taliban Kills 26 Afghan Soldiers In New Attack In Northern Afghanistan

Taliban fighters during Operation al-Khandagh

On November 14, Taliban fighters stormed a military base and a checkpoint of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan National Police (ANP) in the district of Qalay-I-Zal in the northern province of Kunduz.

According to the Taliban official news agency, Voice of Jihad, 26 personnel of the ANA and the ANP were killed and many others were injured in the attack. An armored vehicle was also destroyed by the Afghan group’s fighters.

The Taliban said that the attack in Qalay-I-Zal was a part of its spring offensive, codenamed “Operation al-Khandagh”, which was launched on April 25 in response to Washington’s decision to increase the US military presence in Afghanistan.

Last week, 11 Afghan policemen were supposedly killed in a similar attack by the Taliban in the northern province of Badghis. These attacks are a part of the Afghan group’s plan to expand its control in the northern part of the war torn country.

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You can call me Al

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………… Breaking news ….

US press conference “Pence announced to World leaders that turned up to Washington (namely Trump, Soros, Rothschild and other hooked nosed inbred twats) that all Taliban, ISIS + AQ have been defeated in Afghanistan, whilst noting that 1 Taliban fighter escaped and thus the US must remain in the County for another 20 years at least as they were worried he would breed a new army, restating that the US must bring peace and democracy to the Country”.

Meanwhile all other World leaders partied into the night enjoying yet another cluster fuck by the nappy wearing yankers.

As Pence left the floor he reiterated since the begging of the invasion, unfortunately 2 civilians have been killed by the Taliban and 8 billion terrorist fighters have been eradicated.

……….. End news Story.

Zionism = EVIL

At least 30 Afghan security forces have been killed in an
overnight attack by the Taliban militants against an outpost in
Afghanistan’s western province of Farah bordering Iran, Afghan officials


Sooner or later members of the Afghan army will realize that they can’t spend their yankee dollars if they are dead.

Zionism = EVIL

The puppet ANA is like the stooge CIA created ARVN in Vietnam, they are selling most of their uniform and equipment to the Taliban. The Taliban are now operating more or less like a regular military and have better equipment than the corrupt ANA which is thoroughly infiltrated by the resistance force and that is why insider attacks on US occupation forces have gone up dramatically. Even by NATO propganda and misinformation, the Taliban control “60% of all Afghanistan”, the reality is closer to 80% as US and its NATO puppets only occupy the big cities like Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazar e Sharif and even that only during the day. Jalalabad near the Pak border is defacto Taliban capital now as they openly patrol it during the day even. Same goes for Kunduz and other provincial towns.

Potato Potato

At least ARVN was competent, ANA is absolutely ret@rded, nearly on par with Saudi Army. ARVN only lost in 1975 because US cut supplies for them, while NVA got showered in Chinese/USSR supplies.

Zionism = EVIL

You are right, I have met some ARVN ex-officers in California, they were
pretty pissed off at the US for abandoning them and running off on helicopter skids.

Potato Potato

If Trump doesn’t do another surge, I am afraid Afghanistan might slowly begin losing to Taliban.

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