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Taliban & ISIS Take Responsibility for Downed Afghan Combat Helicopter

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The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and the Taliban Islamic movement have almost simultaneously taken responsibility for an Afghan combat helicopter, fired in the central Afghan province of Ghor.

Taliban & ISIS Take Responsibility for Downed Afghan Combat Helicopter

The Mi-17v5 transport helicopter of the Afghan Air Force 201st Corps in the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 9, 2010 (Photo: US Navy / Petty Officer 2nd Class David R. Quillen)

Militants of the Taliban Islamic movement and terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group almost simultaneously announced that they destroyed a combat helicopter in the central Afghan province of Ghor on November 14.

The Taliban was the first, who reported the news. According to its statement, the helicopter of the Afghan Air Force, striking Talibans, was fired with the DShK heavy machine gun, and then the aircraft fell to the ground, “killing and wounding all puppets on its board.”

“It is worth noting that it is already the second enemy helicopter, shot down in Ghor province in the past one and half months,” the Taliban statement reads.

At the same time, the Amaq news agency, belonging to the IS, announced that an “American attack helicopter was shot down” in the Afghan province of Ghor. However, later the agency issued a clarifying message, according to which the downed helicopter belonged to the Afghan Army. According to Amaq, the helicopter was giving support to a combat operation in the area of Marjab in Ghor province.

The authorities of Ghor province confirmed that the helicopter was fired from the ground, then it “made an emergency landing due to technical reasons.” It also was reported that there were no victims of the board of the helicopter.

Amid this incident, Afghan media reports about activation of IS terrorists, who move to Afghanistan from the territory of neighboring Pakistan. According to the Afghanistan information website, citing the country’s security services, three Pakistani citizens were arrested in Kunar province. Reportedly, they were going to join the IS, operating in the west and north of Afghanistan. The detention was made in the town of Asadabad. It also was reported that the militants tried to reach the province of Nangarhar, where the IS terrorist group controls vast areas.

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Talibans did it. Amaq agency is a CIA agency.

Russia should give weapons to Talibans. Talibans are fighting to liberate their country from US occupation.


That’s a terrible idea. Once talibans “liberate” their country they will start to support Chechen terrorists (They’re deffinitivelly volunteers from Chechnya supporting the talibans and Al Qaeda.


Help them to fight against US and then make a reconciliation process among Afghans. USA doesn’t want peace in Afghanistan.

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