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Taliban Is Storming Keran Wa Manjan District Of Afghanistan’s Badakhshan Province (Map)


Taliban Is Storming Keran Wa Manjan District Of Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province (Map)

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On July 21, the Taliban attacked positions of pro-government forces in the Keran Wa Manjan district of Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province. Since then, clashes have been ongoing there, accrording to local sources.

Pro-government sources claimed that the Taliban had suffered heavy casualties in these clashes. Despite this, they were not able to provide any evidence to confirm these claims.

Earlier, the Taliban ambushed a government forces convoy in the Farah Rod district. 10 vehicles were reportedly destroyed. Recently, a photo report appeared confirming that the government convoy was in fact destroyed.




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  • Hasbara Hunter

    Kick the Heroin-Producing Americans & Brits out of Afghanistan….out of the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST for that matter….Bloody AngloZioNazi-Vermin…

    • Ronald

      David Sassoon, Kurdish from Baghdad got it all going via the East India Company back in 1601, still going today. The Brits and Yanks are just their proxies.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Thanks for the Tip…. David was Jewish by the way…ofcourse what else?…😂😂😂

  • verner

    the americans are on their way out, just have to sue for an honourable peace that will present the losers as the winners – i.e. the americans need to show the people that the trillion dollars spent wasn’t in vain and that they got something for it (except the more widespread poverty at home and the many more drug-addicts dying on the street and the many more homeless people than ever before – war is a gift for the mic and the deep state – hoooray).