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Taliban Is About To Capture Farah City In Eastern Afghanistan – Reports

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Taliban Is About To Capture Farah City In Eastern Afghanistan – Reports

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On January 18, several members of Farah provincial council warned that the Taliban is about to capture the capital of the province – the city of Farah, according to a report of the Afghan Tolo news.

The provincial council members said that over 100 Afghan policemen and soldiers were killed in clashes with the Taliban in Farah province last week. Moreover, local sources reported that the Taliban captured several checkpoints from the Afghan Army and Police around the city of Farah in the last few days.

“Currently the security situation in Farah is much worse than any other region in the country. Fighting rages only two kilometers from Farah city, every night five to ten security force members are killed and Taliban seize their equipment. But the government so far has not done anything to tackle the issue,” said Khair Mohammad Noorzai, a member of Farah provincial council, according to Tolo.

The poor performance of the Afghan Army and security forces in Farah province was also criticized by some Afghan MPs who also called for a quick reaction to save Farah city.

“We expect government to take action soon to tackle the current situation in Farah, otherwise the Taliban will take over Farah province, but keeping in mind that the Taliban has already taken over some areas of Farah,” said MP Humaira Ayoubi.

Several officials including Farah province police headquarters security officer Gulbahar Mujahid confirmed the security threats in the province on January 19 and even claimed that Pakistani intelligence services are aiding the Taliban attack on the province.

“The Taliban is using all its powers to collapse parts of the city or the province – to make achievements for the foreign intelligence agencies,” said Mujahid.

In response to these warnings, Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry, announced that the Afghan Army is preparing to launch a wide-scale military operation against the Taliban in Farah soon.

“I want to say with confidence that the Taliban will take the dream of taking over Farah to their grave. The Taliban do not have the capacity to takeover Farah city,” Radmanish said on January 18.

The Taliban was able to reach Farah city following a series of hit and run attacks against Afghan Army and Police checkpoints around the city in the last few months. This tactic exhausted the Afghan soldiers and led to the rapid collapse of these checkpoints later, especially with the lack of support from the NATO.

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farah is in western afghanistan


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Send all those young Afghani’s back home. Yes, the ones who do drugs and publicly drunk, grab European ass and tit, and bitch about Western values. Send them back home to fight for their freedom. Firing line for cowards. Things will change fast. US get out!


The poor performance of the Afghan Army and security forces..
Not surprised.. with the poor administration too who listened only to Yankee’s like dogs and try to frame Pakistan giving the Yankees more excuses to stay and control your country.. Just do as Russia asked you to do.. which starts having discussion with taliban to end the occupation of those bastards and kick them out.. Nobody win if kept on killing each other among you. Burn the poppies orchards and start as you were told to. Stop being lap dogs Russia & China are going to help you with your future economic struggles.. So, start doing that blue on blue or whatsoever you call that.. as that’s the only way to kick them out of your country., the more you do it, the faster they go..!


” In this ship, we declare the total defeat of Taliban and the GREAT VICTORY of USA in Afghanistan,” was it 17 years ago ? After this came…”WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”

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