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Taliban Honors Families Of “Heroic” Suicide Bombers Who Attacked Americans

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Taliban Honors Families Of "Heroic" Suicide Bombers Who Attacked Americans

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Originally published on ZeroHedge.

It hasn’t taken long for the Taliban to show who it really is – or who it’s always been – after prior initial declarations of a new “moderate” and “reformed” Islamist group (mostly emanating from Western pundits) following its August complete takeover of Afghanistan amid the US troop withdrawal. Late last month it declared it would begin “cutting off hands” again as well as the public hanging of bodies for executed criminals.

But the latest move is being seen as a huge provocation aimed at the now departed American and NATO soldiers who spent two decades warring against the Islamist insurgency. This week the Taliban’s acting Interior Minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani – who it should be noted is still an FBI ‘most wanted’ terrorist with a $10 million bounty on his head – praised past Afghan suicide bombers who attacked US and Afghan national troops as “heroes of the homeland”.

Haqqani held a ceremony inside a Kabul hotel auditorium for relatives of suicide bombers who had conducted attacks when the Americans were present on Afghan soil. He honored the family members with 10,000 afghanis (the local currency) each, or the equivalent of $112, and further promised them land.

The Associated Press detailed the Monday night event as follows:

Addressing the gathering Monday evening, Haqqani praised the sacrifices of “martyrs and fedayeen,” referring to fighters killed in suicide attacks, Khosty tweeted. Haqqani called them “heroes of Islam and the country,” according to the spokesman. At the end of the meeting, he distributed 10,000 afghanis ($112) per family and promised each a plot of land.

Over the course of the war there were 2,401 US military personnel killed in Afghanistan, with over 20,000 wounded. Many of these casualties were due to Taliban suicide tactics, which became difficult to defend against, as well as roadside bombs (IEDs).

A Taliban spokesman later explained the event further as follows: “[Haqqani] told everyone about the memories of the martyred and their piety & deeds. He called them heroes of the believing nation.” Haqqani himself was cited at the ceremony as saying, “Now you and I must refrain from betraying the aspirations of our martyrs.”

This comes as the Taliban is trying to continue to attract international diplomatic recognition and the lifting of sanctions. Last month it began urging the Biden administration to unfreeze billions of dollars in assets, something now looking increasingly unlikely.

While not yet providing political recognition, the US has in recent weeks said it will send humanitarian aid “for the Afghan people” – but which will necessarily flow under Taliban oversight.


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Chris Gr

If they fought against the US then ok. But all these groups are doing terrorism to their compatriots. They are beheading people.


beheading? koss kesh they killed tens of thousands of ANA troops and innocent Afghani civilians using brainwashed Afghani children from Peshawar/ Quetta refugee camps for nothing! Now they’s fucking starving in their ‘victory’…….What do you want Iran to do here now? Stop the food? or stop the fuel? Which one?

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson

Iran should Stop the Bullsh1t coming from your mouth

Yanuqis, Wahhabis, Zion, your day will come

I did link a report about this before and I was pointing out that the old Taliban are the “new” ones, nothing changed. They just have a bigger fake ego behind their back now.


Iran is still taking israeli missiles up their butts in Syria. Iran has never fought a battle against a superpower like talibs have and won. Only thing Iran is good for is hide behind their Arab proxies. persians are cowards. i know them well. Best fighters in the world are Pashtun, Chechen etc etc never persians


Well this is pretty damn obvious. Did someone think they would just win the war and then be like “okay we won now let’s not celebrate our fighters who fought to push out the american terrorist superpower.”
Of course they would and they should celebrate their fallen fighters. If terrorist America can celebrate it’s own mercenaries and indoctrinated pawns then why not the Taliban too?


the difference is that sooner or later the US will use tactical nukes on yous. You understand? Who is goin stop them? you as a converted hendu-pak? Wasn’t your grand pa sikh?


Pakis have tactical and Non tactical nukes for decades – Hows that first Nuke coming along Fireworshipper?

Lazy Gamer

It is their way of encouraging more suicide bomber volunteers.


This is an absolute disgrace. All these wahabbi pashtu did was to kill their own Afghan army personnel with thousands of suicide attacks using child suicide bombers recruited from the Afghani refugee camps in Pakistan. People are watching this shit show around the world. Iran should stop giving these harumzade food. Let them starve!


Wonderful – They killed all the traitors. ANA were mainly Hazaras and Northern Alliance trash. Better that they eliminate them or send them back to that fake religious roots in Iran (Shiasm)


No respect from ANY SF article that quotes Israeli Disinformation and propaganda site MEMRI – Really SouthFront? You have managed to sink to an all-time low.

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