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JUNE 2023

Taliban Flag Raised Over Strategic Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Crossing (Videos)

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Taliban Flag Raised Over Strategic Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Crossing (Videos)

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On July 14, Taliban forces claimed the capture of the Wesh–Chaman border crossing, one of the major international trade and transit border crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  It is located in Spin Boldak in Western Kandahar province. The Spin Boldak district center and police headquarters of Kandahar province alsocame under the control of Taliban, including numerous weapons, vehicles and ammunition.

Meanwhile, Kabul officials claim the Taliban attack was repelled and the border crossing remains under government control.

“The terrorist Taliban had some movements near the border area… The security forces have repelled the attack,” interior ministry spokesman Tareq Arian told AFP.

The Government forces have not provided any evidence to support their claims, but photos showing flag of Taliban over the border crossing were published online.

Fighting across Kandahar province have continued for several days. The government deployed commando fighters in the provincial capital to launch counter attacks and prevent the Taliban’s advance. However, the fighters inched closer to taking the frontier crossing.

Fall of another border crossing into Taliban’s hands is a strategic failure for government forces. Each time the government in Kabul loses much-needed revenue, while the Taliban members fill their coffers.

A highway through this border crossing is leading to Pakistan’s city of Karachi and the port on the Arabian Sea. This rout has been used for billion-dollar heroin trade from Afghanistan.

If confirmed, the taking of Spin Boldak would provide the Taliban with a direct access to Pakistan’s Balochistan province. Top leadership of the movement has been based there for decades. It would also facilitate the transfer of new recruiters and reserve fighters from Pakistan.


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Are you aware that the Afghan civilians

1. Are Muslim and 2. Largely support the Taliban?


No he does not because these idiots speak with their ANUS not their mouths


meanwhile this happened https://www.aparat.com/v/oA5UH

Arch Bungle

What does it say? I can’t read the funny writing.

The Objective

I’m surprised how much support Taliban seems to have on this forum. 7 votes with 5 stars! The Taliban are more fundamentalist than Idlib militants. In fact, there’s nothing extremist about the Idlib militants when compared to Taliban. For example, they don’t enforce Shariah law in Idlib. Yet Russia claims to be fighting extremist Muslim ideology. Do you know what the Taliban flag reads? LAILAHA ILLALLAH = THERE’S NO god BUT ALLAH. I would think SF will hate Sunnis proclaiming this let alone have it on their flag. Really surprised. So you Ruskies know who to mess with and who not to cross. Idlib militants must take inspiration from the Taliban. They must abandon all other form of governance and return to Sharia. They must also fight with the intention of establishing pure Shariah law in Syria. Their fighters must actively increase their Islamic knowledge and devotion and they should abide the laws of conflict as directed by Allah. This is the only way to seek Allah’s help and defeat the forces of evil, just like the Taliban did against a 28-country military alliance in a 20 year conflict.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Objective
Tommy Lee

The community here is anti-West and anti-Zionist to the point of fanaticism. They support anybody who is a perceived enemy of the Anglosphere/Israel, no matter who they are or what ideology they represent. If, by chance, some anti-West group ends up on their shit list, they will claim that said group is really a Western/Zionist puppet. They have a very narrow, binary worldview. I wouldn’t take them seriously if I were you.

On the subject of the Taliban, however, I wouldn’t say I support them, being a bunch of head-chopping religious psychos who banned music, but it would be better for America if they took over, honestly. They’ll stamp out opium cultivation in the country, which which will strangle the world’s supply and help millions of opiate addicts kick their habit.

As for their slogan, you realize that Christianity, Judaism, and virtually all other religions say the same thing, right? It’s in the Ten Commandments, for Pete’s sake.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tommy Lee
Arch Bungle

The community here is anti imperialist.

They support the rights of self determination of native peoples.

That it is why they are anti West and Anti Zionist.

Tommy Lee

Whatever you call yourselves, you are a bunch of ideologically blinkered bigots who have a childishly simplistic worldview. You say you support self-determination for sovereign peoples? So do I, but I apply the same standards to everyone. You say you’re anti-Zionist? So am I, but I don’t suck Iran’s cock.

I decry imperialism both when the United States invades and conquers Middle Eastern countries and when the PRC threatens to invade Taiwan. This community decries the former but not the latter, because they hate the former and couch their hatred in moralistic terms. At the very least the warhawks actually believe in the crap that comes out of their mouths.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tommy Lee
Peter Wallace

Well said. I am the same. Too many with one eye which has a patch over it As I have said the US should have pulled out years ago but the Taliban are worse and no answer. they have promised to be different this time but time will tell if that is true after they consolidate their power. They will destroy the poppy fields again and are against ISIS and let’s hope the life of the people can return to some sort of normalcy after decades of war.

Arch Bungle

OK, Karen.

Arch Bungle

You’re surprised because you do not see the rise of civilisations as an evolutionary process that must take time.

You see the Taliban as fanatics but you miss the fact that all nations are founded by fanatics.

Your own European Kings were obsessive headchoppers for thousands of years, and have barely just emerged from a Taliban like culture.

If given time, Afghanistan will evolve beyond the Taliban.

But no matter what, they will always begin with the Taliban, or some form of the Taliban.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle

Beautiful flag! I wish we had one like that in my country.

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