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Taliban Fighters Seized More Helicopters, Flew At Least Two (Videos)

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Taliban Fighters Seized More Helicopters, Flew At Least Two (Videos)

Taliban members FILE IMAGE: Parwiz/Reuters

The Taliban has seized four more helicopters as well as other military equipment which were left behind by Afghan government forces.

The helicopters were seized at Kandahar Airport that was captured by Taliban fighters on August 13. Footage showing the seized helicopters, two Mi-8/17s and two US-made UH-60 Black Hawks, was released on August 14.

The Mi-8/17s were dismantled and place in storage. However, the two Black Hawks appeared to be in an operational condition.

Afghan sources reported a number of US airstrikes on Kandahar Airport on August 14. The US military may have targeted the airport to destroyed the captured Black Hawks. This yet to be confirmed, however.

A day earlier, Taliban fighters seized a total of eight military helicopters in Herat, Helmand and Ghazni. At least two of the seized helicopters in Herat, both Mi-8/17,  were put into service by the Taliban. The helicopters were seen flying on August 14.

Taliban fighters also seized more than ten M1117 Armored Security Vehicle after ambushing a convoy of the Afghan National Army that was retreating from the province of Zabul to the capital, Kabul.

The M1117 is armed with a 40 mm Mk 19 grenade launcher and a .50 caliber M2HB machine gun. The ASV is also equipped with an IBD Modular Expandable Armor System. The US supplied Afghan government forces with more than 600 vehicles of this type.

The Taliban is already using the weapons seized from government forces to develop its attacks on several fronts across Afghanistan.

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Azob ali

greate victory for afgans they will get there country beck from foreighner. thats the fredom there waiting from 20nyears cowerds are going with nothing




Biden = terrorist


Illiterate uncivilized talibunnies……worthless failed country.


Pathetic accept your loss idiot.

Peter Wallace

They won because they didn’t lose and the US lost because they didn’t win. The US beat them in battles but couldn’t stop them from coming back. The Taliban couldn’t take over while the US was there but they never gave up. Most terrorist wars end up like that . You can not win an anti terrorist war by fighting alone. You have to get the support of the people and that is not likely in an atmosphere of bribery and corruption which is the way the US fights its wars. Every time they enter a new country to occupy they look for the richest men and find out which one is the easiest too bribe and control and they make him the new leader of the country . If they hold an election they make sure their man wins. Look at their involvement in Vietnam or Iraq or even Ukraine. Look at their South American ventures over the decades and you will see the same pattern emerge. Trump was going to pull out of Afghanistan but that was held up so Biden could get the glory of ending the war from the American public. The Afghani people are so sick and tired of the endless war that they are probably grateful to accept any peace even if it means being ruled by the despotic taliban. People the world over just want to live their lives in peace and left alone as much is possible.


why ? because you say so ? get serious kid


Kabul probably won’t last through tomorrow. Jalalabad is capitulation right now.

Alberto Bohon

Allahu Akbar Taliban

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