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Taliban Fighters Secure More Gains In Panjshir As Resistance Forces Retreat (Videos)

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Taliban Fighters Secure More Gains In Panjshir As Resistance Forces Retreat (Videos)

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On September 4, the Taliban captured two more districts in the northeastern Afghan province of Panjshir from resistance forces led by Ahmad Massoud Jr. and former Vice President Amrullah Saleh.

According to several sources, Taliban fighters entered the districts of Onaba and Khenj following heavy clashes with resistance forces. Local fighters blew up some narrow mountain roads to slow down the advance of the Taliban, but to no avail.

At least four of Panjshir’s seven districts are currently in the hands of the Taliban. In the last two days, the group’s fighters imposed control of the districts of Shutal and Paryan.

Sources in Panjshir told SouthFront early on September 4 that the enter province is now under the de-facto control of the Taliban.

Despite losing ground, resistance forces continue to report heavy losses in the ranks of the Taliban. On September 4, the forces claimed that as many as 1,600 fighters of the group were either killed or captured. These claims are unrealistic to say the least.

The Taliban appears to be on the brink of capturing Panjshir, including the headquarters of resistance forces in the district of Bazarak. Nevertheless, the rough terrain of the province could play in favor of the resistance in the end.

Panjshir local fighters are determined and very familiar with the region. They could pose a serious challenge to the Taliban even if it captured the entire province. Because of this, the Taliban will likely seek a settlement with Ahmad Massoud Jr. regardless of the outcome of the ongoing battle.


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The Taliban will continue to seize the initiative. The Panjshir “resistance” is crumbling because they realize the US is too weak to support them. The Panjshir leaders are just puppets of the same Pentagon/CIA losers who betrayed their Afghan “friends” in Kabul. No one trusts them. They are running dogs.

Last edited 17 days ago by BLT

Heavy fight in Paryan as we speak. Pro American Zionist Panjiri dogs are begging for mercy on Twitter from their official accounts.


On Twitter yesterday the Panjshiris were making hilarious claims of a “victory speech” by Massoud Jr “within minutes”. This morning they’re whining and begging for foreign intervention.

They’re also sending literal children to fight the Taliban and die while their leaders presumably try to negotiate their own safety or organise their escape. It’s 1945 and the Hitlerjugend all over again.

Last edited 17 days ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
Icarus Tanović

What is this going one here on Sf? Have they all sales Muslims for the sake of ragged asses talibans?
Is this forum pro wahhabi-taliban?
Dear russians, do you really think that your beloved chechens will like this? Remember what Kadirov said few days back on talibans. What is going on here lately? Do all true Muslims and humanity needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth for the sake of fun of Zionists? Is this so? Only thing to do is to stop posting here, you betrayed Syria with that morally wrong ‘AGREEMENT’ with turks. Only thing to do is to start revolution and grab a mauser rifle from 1914. Or 1954 m 48. Or whatever.

Last edited 17 days ago by Icarus Tanović

Putin is a hypocrit who was bought by Saudi Arabia recently (military cooperation). Al Qaida in Syria wasn’t fought because they were Wahabi, they were fought because of Putin’s interests. Online videos where you can see Arabs and Uzbeks fighting alongside the Taliban are evidence that Al Qaida has sided with taliban.

Last edited 17 days ago by John

Also Russia wants humiliation for Afghans and Panjsher because they are responsible for the fall of Soviet Union. But they shouldn’t blame Afghans and Panjsheris, because it was the Soviets which attacked Afghanistan not the other way round.


Fuck the talebi eating taleban and my they all burn in a firey hell, the same goes for these paki dogs here supporting them.


Yes, I agree with SF’s conclusion. They will get at each other and in the end reach some sort of agreement.
About the Twitter remark of ‘Drexy Baba’: “You can note the villages are empty”. No, we cannot. At least I can’t see inside the houses, can you? It’s likely people stay indoors while fighting is going on outside. Duh. Some sort of mass-exodus as Drexy seems to suggest is unlikely.

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