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Taliban Fighters Reach Kabul Doorstep After Capturing Logar Capital (Videos)

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Taliban Fighters Reach Kabul Doorstep After Capturing Logar Capital (Videos)

Illustrative image.

On August 13, the Taliban captured Pol-e Alam, the capital of the eastern Afghan province of Logar following heavy clashes with government forces.

Taliban fighters managed to storm the city despite fierce resistance from Afghan government forces. The governor, Abdul Quayom Rahimi, and other senior officials were captured by the Taliban. The officials were forced to surrender after being besieged in the governor’s compound for several hours.

The fall of Pol-e Alam, which is located some 80 km to the south of Kabul, was a major blow to Afghan government forces.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan’s southern region, the Taliban advanced further imposing control of Qalat-e Gilzay, the capital of Zabul province. Local sources said that the city fell into the hands of the group without a fight.

Pol-e Alam and Qalat-e Gilzay were the sixth and seventh provincial capitals to be captured by the Taliban on August 13. One of the provincial capitals captured earlier on in the day was Kandahar, the second largest city in Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s rapid advance is worrying Kabul’s allies in the West. The UK government announced that it will send 600 troops to Afghanistan to evacuate British nationals. Earlier, the US decided to deploy 3,000 troops in the country to facilitate the drawdown of personnel at its embassy in Kabul.

With Afghan government forces on retreat in several parts of the country, the Taliban is posed to make even more gains in the upcoming few hours.


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Charles Homer

Here is an article which outlines the high cost of the war in Afghanistan:


The upper floor, corner office dwellers in America’s defense industry would say that the 20 year war was a resounding success, particularly when it came to their personal finances.

G2 Man

The US military industrial complex is corrupt to the rotten core. In both Afghanistan and Iraq the US military, CIA and contractors have siphoned off billions and padded their pockets. How can one justify the cost of $144 a gallon gasoline brought in from Pakistan. 50% of all US supply containers simply disappeared to be sold in FATA markets. Even US supply sergeants became millionaires stealing tax payers money and smuggling heroin. A military as corrupt and incompetent as the US is destined to lose. The ANA was corrupt to begin with but US industrial sized corruption made them even worse.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man
"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

What qbout the cost of the “Israel” project? I’m sure it made a few people billionaires too.

G2 Man

The Zionists bankrupted the US as well.

Leif Sachs

Taliban have also captured the northern Mohammad Agha district of Logar province. They are now 25 km from the centre of Kabul

G2 Man

That is correct, Kabul valley is now within artillery and rocket range. The mobile 122mm grads which the Taliban have captured from the ANA in large numbers can make a huge mess. Pol e Alam is a very beautiful lush city with great views of snow capped Hindu Kush. It is open run to Kabul and no natural defences.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man

That sounds inviting. Question is, what were the Doha “Talks” about – are Taliban going to storm Kabul, or are US troops arrival there to force an intra Afghan Deal

Arch Bungle

The Doha talks are a sideshow – the Taliban need nothing and want nothing from the US or the Afghan puppet government.

They’re only there to practice the diplomacy they’ll need to make deals with China and Russia in a few weeks.

G2 Man

I believe the Taliban have enough military momentum to walk into Kabul, but that is a political decision. They may give the fleeing US forces enough time to evacuate. The CIA station is Kabul, the largest in the region, masquerading as an “embassy” is already destroying computers and sensitive records. As an editorial in RT today accurately described, this US shameful defeat is far worse than the dignified and well coordinated Soviet withdrawal across the Amu darya in 1989, when Colonel General Boris Gromov welcomed with flowers proudly drove the last BTR column into then USSR. The Americans in contrast are fleeing like kicked dogs in total panic.

Peppe il Sicario

What underscores this humiliating defeat of US foreign policy is that only a few months ago, US critics were saying that in reality the US/NATO withdrawal was only a ruse to cover up an enhanced war effort carried out by PMCs such as Academi. In short, the Pentagon was going to privatize its military intervention to make certain individuals such as that bastard son of an ignominious whore, Erik Prince, even richer. That scenario has just been irrefutably thrown into the waste bin.

Arch Bungle

This means Kabul can fall within 3 days.

The only question is whether the Taliban want to engage with 3000+ Marines en route to the embassy right now … they seem to be on a collision course.

G2 Man

As I pointed out earlier, Logar is very crucial strategically as its terrain from the lower Hindu Kush pans out into the Kabul valley. The Taliban can now rocket Kabul airport at will from higher ground. The US and its vassals may soon have a costly fight on their hand if they don’t flee faster.

S Balu



Attacking Kabul with rockets would mean massacring Afghan civilians. But that’s what these Wahabi terrorists are standing for.

Arch Bungle

So when Americans bomb civilian areas it’s fine?

What are these Westerners ‘standing for’ when they wipe out entire villages in the name of fighting ‘terrorists’?


G2 Man

In all fairness, the US, Australians and the NATO vassals have killed Afghan civilians indiscriminately as even acknowledged by their own governments under war crimes investigations. That is one of the main reasons of Taliban success. The US night raids and torture of civilians alienated Afghans who are a tribal conservative society that wants to be left alone. Western inhuman savagery and cowardly actions gave rise to the Taliban. What was the purpose of invading Afghanistan when it clearly posed no threat to the US or any NATO vassal?

Peppe il Sicario

Opium poppies and rare earth metals.


Ashraf Ghani, do the right thing. This is the time to accept reality without further loss of life. Invite the Taliban in and gracefully resign. Why fight for weeks, die in numbers and lose anyway?


He won’t ‘cos yankees are sending in the Cavalry – 3000 (10 000) US troops and Mercs to save his rotten puppet A$$ – but I doubt even THAT will stop these ultimate warriors.

Alberto Bohon

the US Army only sent this low number of military contingents to Kabul, only as a containment plan and in the rescue of US diplomats and civil servants in the region, as well as Afghan puppet pro-US refugees, this recalls the retreat US strategic in Saigon South Vietnam on April 30, 1975. Kabul will fall in a matter of months to the Taliban. the US abandoned Afghanistan on its own luck. Good bye ZioUSA and never back.

G2 Man

Any American even with a limited IQ should now be asking the question, why they are spending close to $2 trillion on their totally incompetent military and Homeland police state apparatus when they simply can not fight and have the worst military leadership, or lack of it, in human history. American military is a disgrace to the profession of arms.


Breaking News by the Hour , not days. Next on the list is The Lions Den – WAAAY to Go Talibs – But Dont stop at Kabul. Jerusalem’s waiting – but maybe stop at Tehran just for fun, or New Delhi for double fun and show the Pakis how its done.

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome

Taliban are the bastard child of Saudi Arabian madrases in Pakistan. US spent twenty years fighting Taliban and never thought to pressure Saudi’s into shutting the recruitment schools network down?!


Oh not just the taliban, many terror groups are Saudi controlled. Especially AQ

Arch Bungle

You’re confused.

The Taliban are the consequences of American evil and Russian stupidity.

These are the orphaned children of the shitshow Russia and and America created in the 1970s and 80s.

They are the result of stupid western colonialism.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

They are over extending themselves and don’t realize it. They as much chance to run Afghanistan as they did in the 90s. The government and warlords will turn into gorilla warfare once they leave Kabul. Then we’ll see.

S Balu

The Taliban are made up of thousands of fighters who are all Afghans. They are fed, sheltered, and transported by the Afghan people, not aliens. The Taliban have been fighting NATO regimes using guerrilla war tactics, a methodology impossible to sustain for so many years without popular support. This is an aspect deliberately missing from media reports of Western regimes.

Arch Bungle

They are over-extending nothing.

They are gathering up new recruits and local tribes are signing up to the Taliban government as it roles to Kabul.

It is the Americans and their NATO poodles that overextended themselves, which is why they’re now desperately trying to rescue their staff from their embassies …

PS.: It’s Guerrilla, not Gorrilla



If I was a CIAtroll in Kabul I would start packing…

G2 Man

They are destroying computers and sensitive documents before they get captured like in Iran, 1979. The US is so incompetent that it will have many Afghan traitors compromised and killed.


Looks like Saigon 2.0 coming up soon.

S Balu

US embassy in Kabul tells staff to destroy sensitive documents

Peppe il Sicario

Yeah, Ben Assfuck, the CIA stooge idiot is coming to save the day for Uncle Shlomo along with his childhood buddy, Matt Damon, dressed up as Jason Bourne. Who knows, maybe their fellow Massachusetts asshole colleague and Mossad informer, Mark Wahlberg, will tag along and show everyone how great Hollywood is only in winning celluloid wars for the decrepit and soon to be forgotten US.

Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario
Peppe il Sicario

Looks like we lost Jens, the bumbling “Danish” village idiot, bastard son of that other Danish lackey swine, Jens “the Dolt” Stoltenberg.

S Balu

23 down 11 to go in one shows Taliban has vast grass root support
They are 20 Kms from Kabul city center

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