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Taliban Fighters Launch Coordinated Attack In Afghanistan’s Farah


Taliban Fighters Launch Coordinated Attack In Afghanistan’s Farah

Taliban Special Forces. Illustrative image

On September 9, the Taliban launched a coordinated attack on the district center of Parchaman in the western province of Farah, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad. During the attack, Taliban fighters attacked the administrative center of the district, a headquarter of the Afghan National Police (ANP) and a base of the Afghan National Army (ANA).

The Afghan group claimed that its fighters killed and injured 14 personnel of the ANP and ANN in the attack, that lasted from more than three hours.

Following the attack, warplanes of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) conducted several airstrikes on Taliban troops around Parchaman. Voice of Jihad said that one fighter of the Taliban was killed and a vehicle was destroyed as a result of the airstrikes.

Since the beginning of this year, the Taliban has stepped up its operations in Farah. The Afghan group even launched a large-scale attack on the capital of the province in late May. However, the ANA managed to repel the attack with support from the NATO.



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  • Luke Hemmming

    I know the picture for this article says “illustrative purposes” but if that is a picture of Taliban special forces then WOW they sure are a well equipped professional looking group. Not like how western MSM portraits them as sandel wearing, loose robes and massive beards toting well used kalashnikov rifles that seen better days.

    • Chris P

      No it is not the Taliban. They are wearing Helmuts and I think it is unholy for Muslims to wear helmets. Something like that. It looks like the Afghan army to me. The photo is misleading. Yet, the Taliban are much better soldiers than the Afghan army, and are just slowly picking away at them without trying to draw to much American fire power on them. They are smart and sneaky and more than anything, their at Home. We are not.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Not really, the Taliban now control 85% of Afghan territory and have captured more US and NATO equipment than US created ISIS did in Iraq. The Taliban now have a regular military bearing and a military academy. You should check out some videos of their new equipment, mostly sold off by the corrupt ANA or captured from the puppet regime. Taliban now have heavy weaponry that has helped them capture major urban areas.

        • LR captain

          not really while yes they are good soldiers, while yes they are training, while yes their equipment is getting better with the more they capture.

          Taliban DO NOT have a “regular” military bearing and a military academy. there command structure is really democratic with a down to top approach opposite to the western top to down approaches. they elect elders of groups to represent them in the high command. while the main groups can still form their battle plans. that’s Why US can’t defend against them Each group learns from the others mistakes. Plans get better and better. While the US general in command just beats on his subordinates every time “his” plan goes wrong.

          The one main exception is the RED battalion. a battalion of the best fighters that Taliban has to offer, use the best equipment scavenged off the ANA and NATO troops. The RED battalion was meant to go toe to toe with NATO troops. As again militia while able to do the job, sadly would take too long and american air power would force them to call off the attack. Red Battalion is supposed to clear out/or break the defense NATO troops. Before air power and reinforcements can called in.

      • You can call me Al

        It is the Taliban special forces.

        “Red Group. The Red Group (Pashto: Sara Kheta‎), also known as Red Unit, Blood Unit, Danger Group, or Taliban Special Forces Unit, is a military unit of the Taliban, described in some accounts as a special forces group.”


        I must admit I had a rather heated exchange with someone over this matter to understand. In the end, after needing “strong” assistance to fully comprehend it.

        As for the helmet issue, what a load of crap.

    • You can call me Al

      Yes it is.

      “Red Group. The Red Group (Pashto: Sara Kheta‎), also known as Red Unit, Blood Unit, Danger Group, or Taliban Special Forces Unit, is a military unit of the Taliban, described in some accounts as a special forces group.”


      and yes; WOW.

      • as

        That’s sure sounds like ‘Red scare’ psyop. The green scare would sounds like these people are way too uncivilized and backwards to negotiated with as well as poor incompetent stupid fighters (sandal wearing robe dressed etc).
        In reality though these men that lived through all the chaotic MENA would outshoot and outwit your average rednecks from the west in battle.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Taliban are better equipped than the puppet ANA thanks to leaking billions in US weaponry and kit. There is no way on earth the US and NATO losers can hold on to Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires!

    • LR captain

      The red Battalion is the Taliban’s answer to the three spears of the US empire, marines, rangers and airborne.

      they know they are not facing american GI’s they are facing america “best foot first” troops the actual GI’s are safety in the green zones.