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Taliban Fighters Kill More Than 50 Soldiers In Southern And Western Afghanistan

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Taliban Fighters Kill More Than 50 Soldiers In Southern And Western Afghanistan

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On May 10, Taliban fighters carried out a series of hit and run attacks on positions and checkpoints of the Afghan Army and Police in different areas of the southern province of Ghazni, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad.

The Voice of Jihad said that Taliban fighters had killed 32 soldiers and injured 17 others during their attacks. Several weapons and vehicles were also destroyed and captured by the Taliban.

Colonel Fazul Khuda Ibrahimkhail spokesman of 203 Tandar army corps told the Afghan Bakhtar News Agency that the Afghan Army had killed 5 fighters of the Taliban and had injured 7 others during clashes in Ghazni province on May 10.

The Voice of Jihad also reported that Taliban fighters had attacked and captured a key base of the Afghan Army located on the Herat-Kandahar highway in the western province of Farah. The media outlet said that Taliban fighters had killed more than 27 Afghan Army soldiers, had destroyed 4 armored vehicles and had captured 4 others during their attack on the base.

Farid Bakhtawar, head of the Farah provincial council, confirmed to Reuters that a large base of the Afghan Army in Farah province had been captured by the Taliban. Bakhtawar also revealed that more than 30 Afghan Army soldiers had been killed and over 23 others had been injured in the Taliban attack.

In late April, the Taliban stepped up its military operations against the Afghan Army and Police and even launched its new spring attack, codenamed “Operation al-Khandagh”. The Afghan Army has repelled most of the Taliban attacks and has maintained a majority of its positions. However, a high number of Afghan Army soldiers has been killed so far, according to observers.

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You can call me Al

Peace and stability, Yank style.


What’s the current situation in Afghanistan? Are talibans winning the war?


It’s kind of a stalemate, in favor of the government in terms of territory and manpower and such but slightly in favor of the Taliban in terms of trends (they’ve been expanding over the last several years)

Amine Mansouri

why taliban are performing so well?


It’s like a huge gang war, complete with extortion and rampant corruption.

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