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Taliban Fighters Felt ‘Betrayed’ Because US Troops Disabled Many Warplanes Before Leaving Kabul – Report

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Taliban Fighters Felt ‘Betrayed’ Because US Troops Disabled Many Warplanes Before Leaving Kabul - Report

Taliban fighters in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, in June. IMAGE: Parwiz Parwiz/Reuters

Taliban fighters felt “angry” and “betrayed” after discovering that US troops had disabled dozens of aircraft before completing their withdrawal from the Afghan capital Kabul, the Al Jazeera English reported on September 1.

US troops withdrew from Kabul airport on August 30. Before departing, the troops “demilitarized” 73 aircraft, according to Gen. Frank McKenzie commander of the US Central Command.

Al Jazeera reporter Charlotte Bellis who toured Kabul airport right after the withdrawal revealed that the Taliban had expected the Americans to leave warplanes intact for their use.

“When I said to them, why do you think that the Americans would have left everything operational for you? They said because we believe it is a national asset and we are the government now and this could have come to great use for us,” Bellis said in the report. “They are disappointed, they are angry, they feel betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair.”

Currently, 48 aircraft of the former Afghan Air Force (AAF) are in the hands of the Taliban. It remains unclear how many of them are actually operational. In the last few weeks, the Taliban was only able to operate few Mi-8/17 and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

The US provided billions worth of military equipment, including modern counter-insurgency warplanes, for the AAF. Yet, it failed to stop the Taliban. Dozens of US-supplies warplanes ended up in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

It remains unclear if the Taliban will be able to maintain and operate what’s left of the AAF. The group will definitely need foreign support to do this. The US may offer the needed support under the pretext of cooperating against ISIS in Afghanistan.


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Chess Master

Not as disabled as Biden


Why are you blaming Biden. It too 4 presidents from both parties to create this clusterfuck. The first three didn’t have the stones to end what was obviously a clusterfuck after 2003 … they just kicked the can down the road with the US taxpayer picking up the tab hoping it would be the next president who got covered in tar. Trump did the same thing … he made the agreement to leave by May … if he won the election he was a lame duck anyway and if he lost the tar baby was Bidens.

Bidens big loss here is in musical chairs not diplomacy or warfare. He didn’t make the decision to try to make the Afghan army a mini US army. He didn’t give the Afghans all those weapons. he inherited a withdrawal negotiated by Mike Pompeo

Yes Biden went along with the whole charade for 20 years just like most Americans did and this is where the blame lies … with Americans … all you stupid fuckers! Now it’s entertaining as fuck watching all you weasles trying to lay blame on anyone but yourselves.

Last edited 13 days ago by HB_norica

As far as the decision to leave you are right. But the idiotic way in which it was done and the real reasons behind it all fall on Biden’s watch.


What part is Bidens fault? The timetable negotiated by Trumps people or the intel the CIA gave him that Taliban wouldn’t be in Kabul for six months?

I am no fan of Bidens but the blame clearly lies in the failure of intelligence agencies failure to predict the Tabiban walking into kabul unopposed six months earlier than predicted.

The thing is the USA spends more on intelligence than any other nation on earth yet they failed completely. Had they known that they were evacuating a much larger volume of people under siege conditions they would have kept Baghram air base which handles a larger volume of passengers and can be defended.

It doesn’t matter who was president the results would have been the same. The blame should go to the alphabet agencies who misread the entire situation and missed the fact the the Taliban made a side agreement on a bloodless coup while still pretending to negotiate in Doha


No. This is Biden’s mess. You are trying to blame everyone but Biden.

HE is comander in chief and what trump did or some agent told him is irrelevant.

You make it sound like the president is just a figure head with no real decision making authority. Wink wink.


There is no way you can say that this panicked rout could not have been handled better. The Soviets performed a staged withdrawal over nine months, with their general crossing the northern border as the last man left. Biden, as President, is totally responsible for this clusterfuck. Sleeping through the apocalypse.


“There is no way you can say that this panicked rout could not have been handled better.”

Of course it could have but remember as late as July the CIA was saying the USA had six months before the Taliban were in Kabul. Letting them blame the president while letting the entire US intelligence bureaucracy off the hook is wrong. At least if the blame is laid at the proper feet you get some benefit out of this clusterfuck.


I have been telling my fellow Americans for the last 30+ years that interventionism and empire is immoral, and it’s going to destroy this country. I’m not the only one, either, so dont blame *all* Americans, just the ones – albeit a clear majority- who have been conditioned to accept this idiocy via their herd instinct.

That being said, it is very true that Americans in general are laying blame on individual regime criminals like Biden, when in fact the whole thing- including the botched withdrawal – is the result of deep systemic corruption and incompetence.


Even if these planes were left in operational shape, it takes having a skilled crew and a steady stream of parts/fuel etc keep planes flying so these guys are dreaming….


only Iran can resurrect them……depending upon if the leadership decides to help the talibunny. No other way out!


They have already been trained and the damaged equipment is easily salvageable.

This is all going according to plan.

The Taliban is going to be America’s new proxy army.

Iran better start preparing now.


“The US may offer the needed support under the pretext of cooperating against ISIS in Afghanistan.”

That was what I expected. The pieces are all coming together.


You can’t be betrayed by the enemy lol. But if the gear belonged to the AAF then Amers had no right to disable another countrie’s air force! IF they are disabling their own aircraft then by all means go right ahead but this belonged to AAF.
But this wasn’t surprising AT ALL lol. I mean you’re dealing with a country that just killed 7 kids in an airstrike to justify supposedly killing 1 ISIS dude which was probably a lie as well.


don’t get a small hard-on……..these were literally gifted to the ANA since theys wuz muzlim toady……not much else to look here. The only way out is if the illiterate talibunny approach Iran for help. Iran’s a master at recovering sabotaged shit via reverse engineering/ retrofit/ existing self sufficiency/ local production/ manufacturing. Iran can recover all these airframes no problem, contingent on the leadership decisions in Tehran.

Last edited 13 days ago by Ahson
Ukraine uber alles

outstanding work america! fuck the talifags

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Chinese probably sent replace parts with repair crew.

L du Plessis

Iran can repair those Aircrafts.


Khamenei has to approve bro……..we need to be sure these guys are civilized now and will work toward recovery and rehabilitation of their country. Get a sense of nationhood and quit killing each other over petty shit.


The Taliban are morons for allowing the US to control the airport during their retreat. Its more befitting these yankee losers that the Talibs should have been shoving rpg’s up the Yanks arses as they fled then at least they would not have had the time to do plane and paper shredding. Being honourable doesnt work with these White Fucks. Anyhoo, the Afgans were setup to be a puppet state – so they would never been able to protect themselves with Anti aircraft and fighter jets. The airforce equipment was optimised for anti insurgent Ops, not self protection against external national threats

Last edited 13 days ago by noZioP1gs

Now that America’s mission is accomplished in Afghanistan, Iran is about to look like Syria.

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