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Taliban Fighters Clashed with Iranian Border Guard Near Milak Crossing (Videos, Photos)

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Taliban Fighters Clashed with Iranian Border Guard Near Milak Crossing (Videos, Photos)

Taliban members FILE IMAGE: Parwiz/Reuters

On December 1, Taliban fighters clashed with Iranian border guards near the Milak border crossing which is located between the Afghan province of Nimruz and the Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran.

Iranian state media said the clashes erupted over confusion by the Taliban about the official border line. Iran recently erected a border wall a few hundred meters from the official border with Afghanistan to stop smugglers. Iranian farmers reportedly crossed to the other side of the wall to use the land inside Iran’s borders, but because of the walls the Taliban thought Afghanistan’s borders had been violated and opened fire.

Afghanistan’s TOLO News said that the Taliban captured five outposts from Iranian forces in the border areas during the clashes. However, Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency denied these claims.

According to Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency, the clashes ended with the intervention and negotiation of security forces.

Both the Taliban and Iran said that the clashes didn’t result in any casualties. However, Afghan sources claimed that three fighters of the Taliban and 11 Iranian border guards were killed in the border skirmish.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that the skirmish ended as a result of a mutual understanding with Iran.

“There was a misunderstanding between the Afghan and Iranian border guards in the border area of Kong city in Nimroz province, and with mutual understanding, the incident was controlled, ” Mujahid said. “We have issued the necessary instructions to prevent similar incidents”.

From his side, Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that the issue was resolved with the coordination of border guards on both sides.

The Milak border crossing resumed its activities on December 2. The situation in the border region is now calm again. With the current level of coordination between Iran and Afghanistan, the border line will not likely experience similar clashes anytime soon.


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Lone Ranger

More likely CIAisis dressed up as the Taliban.

A Fellow

The Taliban have just enabled the return of Saudi diplomatic personnel. Their Pakistani backers are also on better terms with Saudi Arabia than Iran. The Taliban are ultimately only a frenemy of the United States (despite the long war), not an existential archnemesis. The day will come when neocons talk about the Taliban being some kind of “partner” against Iran.


Prepare for more misunderstandings.

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