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Taliban Fighters Carry Out Another Deadly Attack In Northern Afghanistan


Taliban Fighters Carry Out Another Deadly Attack In Northern Afghanistan

Taliban fighters during a military exercise before “Operation al-Khandagh”

On November 10, the Taliban captured three checkpoints and a military position in the district of Qadis of the northern province of Badghis following fierce clashes with Afghan government forces.

Voice of Jihad, the official news agency of the Taliban, claimed that eleven personnel of the Afghan National Police (ANP) were killed and fifteen others were injured as result of the attack. An armored vehicle and a pickup truck were also destroyed by Taliban fighters.

Abdul Aziz Big, head of Badghis provincial consul, confirmed to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency that the Taliban had managed to storm several checkpoints in Qadis. However, Big said that the ANP had killed twelve of the attackers and lost only three of its personnel.

A day earlier, the Taliban captured a checkpoint in the district of Ab Kamari in Badghis during a similar attack. 20 personnel of Afghan government forces were reported killed and injured.

These attacks are clearly aimed at expanding the Taliban control in northern Afghanistan. This could allow the Afghan group to establish new supply routes between its positions in the eastern and western parts of the war torn country.



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  • You can call me Al

    What a bloody mess !!. Get out Yanks and allow our UK troops to go home.