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Taliban Demand President Ashraf Ghani’s Resignation, As Reports Surface Of Beheaded Translator For U.S. Army

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Taliban Demand President Ashraf Ghani's Resignation, As Reports Surface Of Beheaded Translator For U.S. Army

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On July 22nd, the Taliban reportedly said that it was necessary for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to resign.

This is a prerequisite peace in Afghanistan and a ceasefire. To achieve it, a new government needs to be formed, without Ghani, according to a report by the AP.

Suheil Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, told the agency that the Taliban “do not believe in a monopoly of power” because previous Afghan governments that sought to do so were not “successful.”

“We don’t want to repeat the same formula,” the spokesman said.

At the same time, he added that negotiations with the government side were a good start.

Meanwhile, the repeated demands of the Afghan authorities for a ceasefire are tantamount to the “surrender” of the Taliban, Shahin stressed.

“They do not want reconciliation, but they want surrender,” the Taliban spokesman said.

According to him, before a ceasefire in the country, it is necessary to reach an agreement on a new government “acceptable to us And other Afghans.” And then “there will be no war,” he stressed.

The new government will allow women to work, participate in politics and attend school, but they will have to wear the hijab, Shahin said. According to him, in the areas occupied by the Taliban militants must ensure the operation of universities, schools and markets as before.

“Nobody, absolutely nobody, including me, wants a civil war,” said a representative of the political office of the movement.

Meanwhile, to show that those who cooperated with the US are not welcome, to put it lightly, the Taliban reportedly beheaded Sohail Pardis, a translator for the US Army in Afghanistan.

He was driving from his home in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul to nearby Khost province to pick up his sister for the upcoming Eid holiday celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan.

It was supposed to be a happy occasion enjoyed with family. But during the five-hour trip on May 12, as Pardis, 32, drove through a stretch of desert, his vehicle was blocked at a checkpoint by Taliban militants.

Just days prior, Pardis had confided to his friend that he was receiving death threats from the Taliban, who had discovered he had worked as a translator for the United States Army for 16 months during the 20-year-long conflict.

“They were telling him you are a spy for the Americans, you are the eyes of the Americans and you are infidel, and we will kill you and your family,” his friend and co-worker Abdulhaq Ayoubi told CNN.

On July 14, the White House said it was launching, “Operation Allies Refuge,” an effort to relocate the thousands of Afghan interpreters and translators who worked for the US and whose lives are now at risk. The evacuation will begin in the last week of July for Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants already in the pipeline, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a briefing.

Previously, the Biden administration said it was in talks with a number of countries to act as safe havens until the US can complete the long visa process, a clear sign the government is well aware of the looming threat posed by the Taliban.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on Wednesday that the Defense Department “is considering options” where Afghan nationals and their families could potentially go.

“We’re still examining possibilities for overseas locations to include some departmental installations that would be capable of supporting planned relocation efforts with appropriate temporary residences and supporting infrastructure,” Kirby said.


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basturd wahabbi talibunny got pounded last night by the US in a series of airstrikes. Lets hope many died.


i hope US and Taliban both many died


taliban has a reason to exist and mr furkan turkey will soon enough find out this reason russia similar so


Russia similar so? One can assure you that the moment that russians aknowledge the threat, we will see the talibanending inception

Arch Bungle

Russians are in active cooperation talks with the Taliban.

Russia is the first state the Taliban will make peace with.


Yeah Yankee cocksucker – Hows that gonna help – Yankee pigs were bombing them with help from 28 nations plus Hindoo pigs and Iranian Shiite dogs, but after 20 years they still prevailed. How are a few airstrikes gonna finish them now bitch?

Arch Bungle


They’ve won, Karen.

Ain’t nothing you can do but wave your limp penis around in frustration.


of course they won they are not feeble people they are our people even thou they are kinda the lowest in the line they still are born for war and they have responsibilities one is to get lost of invaders another is to look northwards and take the entire north for eslam eventually

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat

You joking again stupid punjabi? Last 4 days straight the US has been bombing them. Using your airspace! India is using the 2 Tajik air bases too. Russia/ Uzbekistan/ Tajikistan/ India have created a new Central Asian ”Quad’…….You’d sell your dads ass on the street if you could get away with it. You think we don’t know you? Surprised SF hasn’t covered this here yet.

Arch Bungle

Your’re a dummy.

They’ve been bombing them 20 YEARS straight… and look where it got them.

Those must be VICTORY bombs theyre dropping on the Taliban … everytime they drop one the Taliban just get stronger and the yanquis retreat further.

Wake up sleepyhead!

Last edited 2 months ago by Arch Bungle

40 years you’ve been trying to win no?……keep trying for another 40 years…..


US has been bombing them worse than last 4 days for last twenty years. Taliban is still in Afghanistan, US is gone – yankee cocksucker


You can’t win broke ass motherfucker! You will lose like yous been losing since 1979 when you made the mistake of entering Afghanistan.


US CIA along with Pakistani ISIS and Saudi GID created the basis of Taliban in the 1980’s mujaheddin. What see today are the direct long term consequences of US short term policies, to try and control geo-stratgic events in far distant regions (here, central Asia) by ANY means possible. That means by creating proxy armies of whatever discontents, militants and mercenaries they can find, who are then molded, trained and armed into militant factions, that once set into real world invariably run risk of becoming radicalized, criminalized, and very dangerous.


Bull fukin shit. Taliban is 100% homegrown. When they conquer HindooToiletStan and Shiastan, then you’ll see what I mean. Pushtun are invincible Warriors. 3 Superpowers and counting…Who’s next? – Turkey? Iran? Russia again?

Liberal guy

Go fetch some oxygen cylinders and some food for ur Street sitters friends first u zio isreali ali coward slave of zios


ONLY a Zio-Yankee cocksucker will make a statement like yours


Your daddy will suck cock soon motherfucker…..the ANA is not going anywhere…..your best bet is you revert to being a hendu. Don’t try to play muzlim, it hasn’t worked out for you Hendi dalits.

Islam destroyed

Civilised world cannot save Islamic nations that’s the fact.USA should withdraw all troops from Muslim countries because Muslims will kill each other with or without us presence

Arch Bungle

Pull your head out of your arse.

There is no ‘Civilised World’.

The White Man never went to Islamic lands to ‘save’ anyone.

Two FACTS they never taught you in school.

Last edited 2 months ago by Arch Bungle

Europeans are the uncivilised world They were taught civilisation by Muslims. Black Plague killed millions in Europe because Europeans Bath Piss Shit and drink from same river water while next door to Europe, Muslims have sewer systems, clean running water. World’s 1st University was Granada Spain, 1st Medical Encyclopaedia was by Muslims of Spain (unchallenged for 300 years) – When Europeans think that disease caused by gremlins, Arab doctors are performing operations with medical instruments THEY invented, some of which are still used today. Europeans genes are recessive. After Muslims invade and burn down your capitals, there will be no more Europeans left (another 100 years left for you shkanks. LoL LmFAO.

Arch Bungle

Europeans were taught algebra purely by Muslim Iranians.

The entire scientific foundations of the modern world were transmitted by a small group of Iranian scholars to the West.

Chess Master

Happy Russians because of US translator beheading? Where will the Taliban expand their ideology? Central Asia, right!

Arch Bungle

Do you know what Western cuntries do with those who collaborate with an invader?

Treason is punishable by death in any Western country.

The Taliban acted within international norms.

Last edited 2 months ago by Arch Bungle

Slaughter those who helped the Invader Yankees. Yankees slaughtered 1million Afghans and translator traitors helped them kill their own people. No worse person on earth than a traitor. Kill them all


The only good collaborationist Quisling traitor is a dead collaborationist Quisling traitor.

A clown like you

Ghani is yanqui not Afghan and his wh0re is a Zion fuk face.


never trust Taliban . they fave 2 tongue and face. this whabji cult want to bring death and destruction buy using islam name . This whabhi cult will never understand the meaning of islam and teaching of Quran they are all cult from Saudi Najd.

Arch Bungle

You spelled “American” wrong.


Only Hindoo and Shia understand Islam – Shia throw away half of Islam and now have a cult for a religion


I rather think that the flood of synthetic opioids into the US made it uneconomic for the shadow government in the USA to continue production of opium from poppy fields in A’fghanistan. The possible expansion of the Taliban into neighbouring ‘Stans and subsequent threat to Russia’s underbelly is just an added benefit in the minds of these psychos.

Arch Bungle

There is no ‘possible expansion of Taliban to other stans’. You’re dreaming, or the USA is.

Instead, every other invader including ISIS has been ‘spreading to ‘stans…’

The Taliban are a national movement.


If Russia feels threatened, then fuck them. They invaded and killed at least 1 million afghans. Why not invade and slaughter them too?

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