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JUNE 2021

Taliban Claims It Captured Ajristan District Center In Southeastern Afghanistan

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Taliban Claims It Captured Ajristan District Center In Southeastern Afghanistan

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On May 20, Mohammad Yousef Ahmadi, spokesman for the Taliban, claimed in an official statement that Taliban fighters had captured the center of the Ajristan district of the southeastern Ghazni province after heavy clashes with the Afghan Army and Police.

According to Ahmadi, many provincial officials, including the district governor and the commander of the local police fled the center of the Ajristan district right before it had been captured by the Taliban, while 12 Afghan Army soldiers had surrendered. The Taliban spokesman also claimed that over 34 service members of the Afghan Army and Police had been killed by Taliban fighters during the attack.

The Taliban launched its attack on the Ajristan district center on May 19 besieging the district center and capturing several positions of the Afghan Army and Police around it. The attack is a part of the Taliban spring offensive, codenamed “Operation al-Khandagh”, which was launched on April 25, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad.

Meanwhile, the Afghan TOLO TV denounced the Taliban’s claims and said that the Afghan Army and Police are still clashing with Taliban fighters inside the Ajristan district center. Security sources also told TOLO that Afghan commandos units had been deployed in Ajristan by air to support the local forces there.

Despite of the Afghan Army and Police efforts, observers believe that only a direct intervention from the NATO can allow them to defend the Ajristan district center. Afghan sources already reported that NATO warplanes had carried out some airstrikes on the Taliban positions around the district center.

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The Taliban are offering amnesty to all government forces that desert to them and declare that they will focus on attacking US and NATO forces- https://news.antiwar.com/2018/05/20/taliban-offers-amnesty-for-afghan-deserters-will-focus-on-attacking-us-nato-troops/
I say godspeed and good luck to the Talibs!!


I support Houthis army of Yemen, Taliban forces of Afghanistan and IRGC forces of Iran.
I support Hezbollah army forces of Lebanon, PMU army forces of Iraq.
I support Hamas and all Palestinian army forces.
I support SAA forces of Syria and LNA forces of Libya.

These all heroes are united and together fighting voluntarily for their lands and sovereignty against child butchers terrorists KSA(Saudis), US, UK, France and against their proxies terrorists Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda.


Nobody want to fight for KSA (Saudis) therefore, they using Sudanis to fight for them. Similarly nobody want to fight for US, UK, France and for Zionists that is why they use atheists to fight for them, for which there is each day conscription in Middle east.


US, UK, France and Israel kill civilians but not Taliban.
Who are Taliban? Taliban are the nation of Afghanistan. They don’t accept any foreign forces or their supporters in Afghanistan.

US, UK, France and Israel can dream to occupy Afghnistan but their this dream will never materilize. Their this dream will destry their countries. Why, because Afghanistan is surrounded by anti US, UK, France and anti Israel giants. There was just one route Pakistan but Donkey Trump have closed that as well. Now they have no access to Afghanistan via land or sea. That is why in Afghanistan the foreign forces fu*’c*ked.

Afghanistan is like a swamp. Howmuch foreign forces move their asses there will go down in the swamp.

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