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JUNE 2023

Taliban Claims Downing Of US Helicopter In Afghanistan. NATO Denies

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Taliban Claims Downing Of US Helicopter In Afghanistan. NATO Denies

A U.S. black hawk helicopter flies over the site of a Taliban suicide attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan on August 2. JAVED TANVEER/AFP/GETTY

On Wednesday, Bob Purtiman, a spokesman for the US-led coalition in Afghanistan, denied the Taliban’s claims about downing a US helicopter in Logar province in central Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s claim to have shot down a U.S. helicopter in Logar Province is false,” Purtiman said.

However, Purtiman revealed that a US helicopter had some technical problem and it made a precautionary landing.

A helicopter did make a precautionary landing for a maintenance issue. The aircraft has been successfully recovered,” Purtiman explained.

The Taliban claimed earlier that it downed a US helicopter in Logar province. Furthermore, the Taliban claimed that 20 US soldiers were killed in the attack.

The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said:

As the American occupiers tried to airdrop a number of other American soldiers, the mujahedeen were able to target one of their helicopters with machine gun fire and shoot it down.

Last time the Taliban downed a US helicopter in Afghanistan was in April 19 of 2012 when a US Army Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was downed in Helmand province. Since than theUS-led coalition has lost over 20 helicopter in Afghanistan, all due to technical problems, according to NATO.

The Taliban has been stepping up its attack on NATO troops in Afghanistan. The Taliban latest attacks are believed to be a response to US President Donald Trump’s new plans that include deploying more troops to Afghanistan.

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Is it time to invest in a US Body Bag Company ? :)


Russian body Bags will also do. Since it seems there is some use for it in Syria :)


And as we know “…one of us always tells the truth – and one of us always lies.”


Taliban has much more credibility than Nato, which is also linked to half of the worlds fake news media and social media propaganda.

DJ Double D

The term ‘ Technical Problems or Faults’ when it comes to American Aircrafts is all familiar to us. How else can it be – Just the shame of openly admitting that the so called Second to None aircrafts are being shot down like flies is devastating.


Hey, it’s the “west”. Do you know what they called it when two persons throats were slit open in a Swedish Ikea some years ago? “Technical problems”.

Code words for real disaster.


Yes, its so devastating. Looks like weak US will lose conflict in Afghanistan, since Taliban claim to have downed a Helicopter, unfortuanately, no one died. Taliban are strong and great, US is small and weak.

DJ Double D

Well, I heard that Taliban claimed 20 US soldiers were also killed, not sure if it’s from the crash or separate incident. But that some soldiers died from the crash is very evident since it was shot down during parachuting of the beasts.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That’s bad 20 helicopters being downed by “Technical Difficulties” if it was mechanical issues they would have said that but here they must mean “Technically shot down by the Taliban being the Difficulty.”


After some critical components for flight were shot to pieces, they started suffering technical difficulties, making the statement technically correct. I always love Nato PR statements, which are like refreshing brain puzzles.


Well done,Taliban

This time in AFGHANISTAN is DIFFERENT, says Trump: https://youtu.be/IJc4aj0dH-g

My ADVICE to the TALIBAN? Don’t fight just to defend, FIGHT to WIN because while you are fighting, UNITED STATES Corp and ISRAEL, assisted by American military useful idiots, will be STEALING your resources and DESTROYING your homes. Send their MERCENARIES, which they call, soldiers, home, in BODY BAGS. It is your land and thus your RIGHT.

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