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JUNE 2023

Taliban Claims Black Hawk Helicopter Destroyed In Another ‘Tactical Attack’ On Afghanistan’s Kunduz Airport (Photos, Video)

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Taliban Claims Black Hawk Helicopter Destroyed In Another ‘Tactical Attack’ On Afghanistan’s Kunduz Airport (Photos, Video)

Illustrative image. By Tech. Sgt. Veronica Pierce, US Army.

On July 16, the Taliban claimed that it had destroyed a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) in Kunduz Airport in northeastern Afghanistan.

Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the group, said on Twitter that the helicopter was destroyed as a result of a “tactical attack”. The spokesman went on to claim that the AAF was “bombing civilians” with the unarmed tactical transport helicopter.

Photos released by Mujahid showed smoke rising from an unidentified object, supposedly a Black Hawk helicopter, at Kunduz Airport. The photos were clearly taken by a drone.

This was the second “tactical attack” that targeted Kunduz Airport this month. The first attack took place on July 11. The Taliban claimed that two Black Hawk helicopters of the AAF were destroyed and shared aerial footage. Back then, some Afghan sources claimed that the airport was targeted with armed drones.

Around 16 UH-60A helicopters are currently in service with the AAF. Earlier this month, Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib revealed the AAF would soon get seven more Black Hawk helicopters from the U.S.

Taliban Claims Black Hawk Helicopter Destroyed In Another ‘Tactical Attack’ On Afghanistan’s Kunduz Airport (Photos, Video)

Click to see full-size image.

The Taliban has been working to deplete the AAF by targeting its bases, equipment and pilots for a while now. Recently, the AAF inflicted serious human and material losses on the group, slowing down its advance on several frontlines across Afghanistan.


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The Taliban had better start training aircrew. They’ll need them for all the helicopters and aeroplanes that they’ll find themselves owners of in a month or two.

A clown like you

Some funny reports: “Pakistan rejects allegations of ‘air support’ to Afghan Taliban” “Reuters journalist Danish Siddiqui killed in Afghanistan” “Pulitzer Prize-winning Indian journalist killed while covering clash between Afghan forces and Taliban near a border crossing with Pakistan.”

From the same Terrorists you guys post, “The protection of Boldak will be done by such brave and courageous Afghans (Sunni-Taliban). There is no need for Pakistanis (Sunni terrorists). We can protect our own country. We have been tested for 20 years. The enemy is worried about Pakistan (The country which aided the Taliban for 20 years, weapons, food, etc and the US bombed Pakistan for hosting the Taliban/other terrorist groups such as ISIS).”

The fact is Taliban are losing more men over time – 50-80 per day (Pic and Video in ANA twitter) and they hold backward Sunnis areas, not one main city. Also, the N-A & Afghan Shi’a haven’t done anything yet, the Afghan government doesn’t want them to start a civil war…other regional powers are talking to each other about what to do if they reached a peace deal so be it or we might have a civil war.

Last edited 1 year ago by A clown like you

Shia wetdreams

A clown like you

What of it? How is it “Shia wet dream/s” care to tell me? Or are you a troll? Most Afghans are Sunnis, the ANA mostly is Sunnis. They (Shi’a) are a small group and they would work with Northern Alliance at best, nothing more and nothing less (If the Afghan government fails). Most Taliban hold areas are backward Sunnis and/or pro-Taliban – those areas over 20 years have been under Taliban and the Afghan government… most other areas are held by militia Afghan (Sunnis) -> pro-Afghan government.

Most Afghan Shi’a left to Iran, EU, CA, and the US… a long time ago, my friends came here back in 2004 with help of the UN from Iran. Afghan under Taliban would be at best Pak 2.0 fail state and in need of China money/trade deals, and that is in the air and we see what China do – Taliban said they need their help and welcome them (China). Like Pak the Taliban still need to fight Wahhabi Sunni terrorists such as ISIS/Al-Qaeda.

Also, if you didn’t understand what I mean by N-A = Northern Alliance – they are also Sunnis.

How any of it was “Shia wetdreams”????? The main players in Afghanistan are the Taliban (Backwards Sunnis) vs The ANA (Sunnis), Northern Alliance (Sunnis) aren’t doing anything and Shi’a Afghans leaving before these backward Sunnis kill them.


Sikorsky has been owned for years by the clowns at lockheed martin. They are known to produce garbage.

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