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Taliban Carries Out First 1st Major Attack Since Truce. 30 Soldiers Killed

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Taliban Carries Out First 1st Major Attack Since Truce. 30 Soldiers Killed

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On June 20, the Taliban carried out first major attack on Afghan government forces since end of the Eid ceasefire in the war torn country.

Eid al-Fitr, an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims, took place on June 14-15, 2018. The Taliban officially announced the end of the ceasefire on June 17 despite a willigness of the central government to extend the effort.

Gunmen of the Taliban stormed government forces’ military base in the district of Balamerghab killing at least 30 soliders, according to Abdul Aziz Bek, the head of the Badghis provincial council. Bek added that 15 Taliban members were killed in clashes across the province.

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Sad to see the war is in the 17th year after starting in 2001. The Taliban only wanted to hand over Osama bin Laden, if they received proof of his guilt. A normal request in my opinion. Only the preparations of the invasion already started long before and profits had to be made. Currently I see on the maps that the Taliban holds close to half of the country with no end in sight of the fighting. The draftees of Vietnam are replaced with Blackwater mercenaries, so no peace movement in the US anymore. The dream of the endless war has come true for the militairy planners, while the poppy fields are used to fund all wars without approval of Congress. As the war in Syria seems to come to an end, Yemen is the only profit maker. Expect a new war near you soon!


If the fucking Americans just didn’t interfere in the Soviet-Afghan war, today there will be no taliban nothing, it would kinda be Russian place but, if then the US didn’t supply those stingers to this very people that are killing the americans today, Russia was going to clean all of it back then. But they lost to many gunships-attack choppers and they left. And the US was so happy and the taliban too, and now today almost 20 years of war there what america did, what, they don’t understand that the KD-ratio is too big in against the Afghan Army, 2.50KD ratio in favor for the Taliban. Trust me on that. US and Afghan army kills 10 Talibans then Taliban goes kills 25 Afghan soldiers. Now let the United Snakes keep handling the situation.


Any American casualties are useful idiots ( brainwashed by massmedia) or mercenaries. This war is not meant to be won, just to last forever to make profits. Vietnam was the same story, but the people woke up, because in the final days of the Tet offensive the Vietnamese were able to occupy the US embassy in the middle of Saigon. Then everybody understood the war could not be won and the peace movement started gaining ground. Wars are promoted by US elite and secret services only, and not by ordinary people. Remember the government also killed off citizens including children at Waco, where no law was broken even if they really shot some officers who were trespassing (it looks friendly fire). I just want to say there is a difference between ordinary US population and the elites that rule them.

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