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JUNE 2021

Taliban Car Bomb Explodes Near Foreign Contractors Compound In Afghan Capital

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Taliban Car Bomb Explodes Near Foreign Contractors Compound In Afghan Capital

the Taliban Special Forces, file image

On March 17, a suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive Device (SVBIED) exploded near a compound of foreign security contractors in the Afghan capital of Kabul, according to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency.

Spokesman for the Afghan Public Health Ministry Wahid Majroh revealed that three persons had been killed and four others had been injured in the attack. However, the source didn’t clarify if there were any foreign contractors among the casualties.

Hours after the attack, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the SVBIED attack through its news agency Voice of Jihad. Between six to ten trainers of the US Army were killed in the attack, according to the Taliban claims.

This was the third attack against foreign forces in Afghanistan in March. On March 3, a booby-trapped mini truck driven by a suicide bomber targeted several vehicles of the Australian embassy in Kabul. On March 11, Taliban fighters attacked a NATO convoy in the Daman district of the southern province of Kandahar with a landmine.

The attacks prove that the Taliban is still capable of conducting operations in Kabul, that’s supposedly the most secured area in Afghanistan.

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We leave and they start killing each other instead, predictable.

Tommy Jensen

Everytime they kill 10 US soldiers, we will just send 20 new US soldiers. If they kill 20 US soldiers we will send 40 new US soldiers.
If you kill 100 million Americans in Afghanistan, we will send 200 million new Americans to Afghanistan. This is how we Americans show off our intelligence.

Velva Goins

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