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Taliban Captures Shahr-e Kohna In Afghanistan’s Baghlan As Government Forces Retreat

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Taliban Captures Shahr-e Kohna In Afghanistan’s Baghlan As Government Forces Retreat

Taliban fighters during a military exercise before “Operation al-Khandagh”

The Shahr-e Kohna region of Baghlan-e Markazi district in the northern Afghan province of Baghlan has fallen to the Taliban, the Ariana News reported on May 6.

Local officials told the outlet that Taliban militants captured the region without facing any real resistance from Afghan government forces, which quickly retreated.

Mohammad Safdar Mohseni, head of Baghlan provincial council, told Ariana News that at least 60 soldiers, equipped with weapons and equipment from two checkpoints have surrendered to the Taliban.

The TOLO News TV confirmed that the Taliban had imposed control of two checkpoints of security forces in Shahr-e Kohna. According to the channel, there is no information about casualties sustained by security forces.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry of Afghanistan announced that a Taliban shadow district chief was killed along with four militants in an attack by security forces on their positions in Shah-e Kohna late on May 5.

“Afghan National Defense and Security Forces targeted Taliban positions in Shahr-e-Kohna … last night, killing five Taliban militants and wounding nine others,” the ministry said in a statement.

A recent report by the TOLO News TV revealed that more than 200 civilians and military personnel have been killed by the Taliban since April 14, when President Joe Biden announced a strict plan to pull all US troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

The Taliban, which is yet to accept a political settlement with the authorities in Kabul, is attacking government forces with full force on many fronts.


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@farbat…….we let this wahabbi talibunny cancer grow, it will start spreading inside Iran/ Uzbekistan/ Tajikistan/ Torkmenistan. Just like in the 90’s when all the bastard jihadi terrorists called it home. The shit-hole dalit republic of Pakistan needs to be called out by these neighbors that talibunny jihadistan won’t be tolerated. Ideally, we want the US to blow its blood and treasure here to control this US created problem. We don’t want to blow our money on this. Already Iran spends $8 billion annually in feeding/ clothing/ housing/ educating/ employing 4 million Afghani inside Iran, in sharp contrast to the ones in Pakistan where they run wahabbi madresseh for brainwashing their own refugees and their children pick through garbage.

Since the Taliban are Drobsndis, not Wahhabis, I have no idea what your misspelt rant is about.

Since the Taliban are Deobandis, not Wahhabis, I have no idea what your misspelt rant is about.

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