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Taliban Captures Several Bases Of Afghan Army, Police And Intelligence In Central Afghanistan

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Taliban Captures Several Bases Of Afghan Army, Police And Intelligence In Central Afghanistan

Taliban fighters during “Operation al-Khandagh”

On May 18, Taliban fighters attacked and captured a key base of the Afghan Army in the Gograk area of the Tarinkot district, the capital of the central province of Urozgan, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad. The source claimed that Taliban fighters had killed eleven Afghan soldiers and had destroyed an armored vehicle of the Afghan Army during their attack on the base.

The Voice of Jihad also reported that the Taliban had captured an Afghan Police station and two centers of the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) after a limited attack in the district of Khas Urozgan in Urozgan province.

An Afghan official told KPVI News TV that only two Afghan policemen had been killed during the clashes in Urozgan province. The source didn’t provide any details about the Taliban loses.

The Taliban said that the two attacks in the districts of Tarinkot and Khas Urozgan had been a part of its spring offensive, codenamed “Operation al-Khandagh”, which was launched on April 25. According to the Taliban, the offensive is a response to Washington’s decision to increase the US military presence in Afghanistan.

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Those are taliban fighters? Looks like they got gear from the afghans. But fancy helmets and protective gear cant stop a few rounds from an A10 LOL!


Fuck off Yankee keyboard warrior.

King Tudor777

Taliban is a terrorist group and they must be destroyed. Unfortunately, the USA is the only force that can do it, so let them do, destroy the Taliban!

Real Anti-Racist Action

In 17 years the Taliban are stronger, and they were always democratically elected.
It was and is the Northern Alliance that are the terrorist. They are the baby rapers and child molesters. The USSA placed the Norther Alliance into power. Not democratically, but with the Devil.


The Taliban were never democratically elected. In fact the Taliban are largely a creation of the US and Saudi Arabia.

The Taliban are almost no different from ISIL and have systemically tried to ethnically cleanse Afghanistan of innocent Shia Muslims.

Criticizing US foreign policy in Afghanistan and elsewhere is one thing, but to actually defend a radical Deobandi/Salafi funded Takfiri group like the Taliban (which again, is largely a US creation) is just plain stupid.

Muslims across the world from Morocco to Indonesia, form Kazakhstan to Niger completely condemned this shithole movement throughout the 90s (again, with the exception of Salafi/Wahabbi radicals in the Gulf States, the same ones trying to overthrow Assad right now).

When were they ever “democratically elected”? They forcefully created a medieval theocracy in the 1990s, banned all music, and treated women like cattle, preventing women from even going to school or becoming literate.

You’re a fucking retard if you support them.

King Tudor777

Exactly, my friend. Taliban was created by the USA and Saudi Arabia with their Salafi allies to fight the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan in order to support a non-democratic government which killed thousands of innocents. They were communists, had no popular support, and defied the Muslim traditions, creating popular fury and rage. The Soviets killed Hafizullah Amin, a very bad communist from the PDPA (which overthrew another non-democratic government), but it wasn’t enough, Afghan people still hated the communists. The Afghan people hated the communists, because the communists tried to destroy Islamic laws there. The Taliban won the war with American support in 1992 and the Americans saw what they did and invaded the country in 2001. So, no democratic government to Afghan people. The assassin communists, the Northern Alliance rats, the Taliban terrorists or the corrupt Afghan current “government”, they’re all bad guys and are against Afghanistan, they only explore people’s will in order to promote themselves and keep their terrorist policy.

Tommy Jensen

Taliban banned opium crops in year 2000. In year 2001 opium crops went down to 8000ha with 15% drug addicts.

Look at the fucking retard in the mirror pal.


Yet ironically the Taliban have reversed position and started encouraging poppy cultivation among local tribes in its areas of influence and control, further profiting from and building drug labs for processing, meaning they only care about drug use when they’re in power imposing medieval savagery onto the rest of the population. Congratulations on exposing yourself as a moron. There’s no reason for me to look at any mirror, I can just take a glance at a retard like you and see a perfect example of one.


“and they must be destroyed.”

They are not those economic migrants in western Europe.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It would be nice if cowards stopped hiding far far away in invincible cockpits, and came down to face the enemy face to face.
Each should be given a traditional sword, and fight one on one to the death.
No one respects coward Zionist forces anymore. We are so over the CIA movies praising cowards and playing music trying to trick us into faultsly believing they are heroes.
A real American hero defends the borders of his home lands against anyone illegally invading it.
A cowards goes to other lands to kill their indigenous tribal peoples.

Hayʼat Taḥrīr al-Shām

You lie against the messengers https://videopress.com/v/tbVUcqtC?at=56

Real Anti-Racist Action

Tell me, why do you all not fight against the Jews who killed both Muhammad and Jesus?
I hear it told that you all are allied with Israel? Is this so?
Why do you not form a Monotheist Alliance and fight against Atheist-China and Pagan-USSA and Atheist-UK and Atheist-Israel?
Why do you all only kill the believing Monotheist who point up and profess God?
But you never hard a hair on the head of the unbelieving Israelis?

Hayʼat Taḥrīr al-Shām

And why don’t you attack random European kuffar country, why don’t you invade New zaeland etc… what a stupid question? Because it is out of reach now there are secular kuffars slaughtering muslim right next to us so why bother wasting energy fighting THE SAME ENEMY far away and ignoring the enemies near us stabbing us from the back? You need to think first before accusing the mujahideen.

Russian aligned morons and shia traitors call us US/Zionist puppets then i ask you same question you fools: If we are the US/Zionist puppets then why you don’t fight the USA directly then? Why you don’t attack the Israhell if you think that lSlS and other sunni groups are their job. Wake up this is shiite propaganda to justify killing of sunni muslims… Got it? If not then there is something wrong with you.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I understand many hardships that Sunni have endured. And I disagree with all of the times Sunni have been wronged. However each people have been wronged at different times. And I have 100% opposed any western intervention into the ME or Africa ever. The UK was wrong to have ever stept foot into the ME, even hundreds of years ago. And I see MI6 and CIA and Mossad as evil forces working for Satan. But do not all true Monotheist oppose the CIA and MI6 and Mossad?
I am only trying to understand the disconnect. Why Monotheist are exterminating all other Monotheist off of the Earth. While atheist get to flourish.
It seems to me that within 50 years time there will be no Monotheist left to profess the Creator. And only Atheist and Pagans will remain and will be disobedient to God. This is only my small opinion. This is why I speak out against the crimes committed by atheist against all the people of the ME.
This is why I do not want to see Sunni fighting Shia or vice versa.

However I do not accuse the mujahideen of anything. It is not my place to accuse any true Monotheist ever. Only God can judge Monotheist who profess Him. I have no special permission from God to judge anyone professing to be His followers.
As I see it I oppose the atheist/Zionist who destroy all Monotheist lands.

Hayʼat Taḥrīr al-Shām

The problem is that there are people in the leadership who care about their ego and power on both sides. The muslim kill each other while they should fight the atheist or pegans. It is true the mujahideen need to uinie against zionism and stop the bloody wars for power. Islamic state did many mistakes and the leadership mostly cared only about power and control not the religion of Allah and they sadly attacked other sunni groups for that reason. And there are traitors in our ranks who pass information directly to the jews and USA so every more coordianted action is doomed to fail for that reason. They know it in advance and they calculate if its worth stopping the plan or if it fits their interests but sadly they are the enemy of Muslims so take them as not friends.

I hope that one day we will see world with the US zionist empire fully dissolved and we will see peace in middle east.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well if it means anything, I have a personal relationships with Christ who is God and came so that all may know Him.
I respect all my monotheist brothers and sisters, and never wish any harm on the Sunni or Shia.
I advocate strongly in the US against any intervention in the ME or anywhere.
I know there are fake-Christians, I know there are fake-Muslims. But not all Christians are fake.
I do not have statues, i reject the pagan cross. I pay no attention to saints. I only profess God and read His scriptures. Even the Book of Enoch which predates the Bible, predates the Torah and predates the Koran. The book of Enoch proves the events that took place before the flood. It is a living record of God and the fallen angles attempts to subvert God’s creation.
While a group of Zionist run the US government, and they are definitely fake-Christians, they are not even true monotheist in any sense of the word.
You should see how many genuine Monotheist bible believers by the millions here in the US oppose all wars against Sunni or Shia.
While we hope and wish that genuine Christians will not be harmed in the ME we equally desire that not one hair on the head of a single Sunni or Shia is harmed.
It is not Christ will that any who profess God to be harmed in anyway.
If those who are corrupt in the ranks get outed, and in its place a healthy leadership to unite the Sunni emerges. Then I hope an honest attempt is made to spare monotheist, and to avoid wiping away what few Christians are in the ME.
The strength of Sunni should not be squandered against fellow monotheist who not not wish harm against Sunni.
In truth, if Sunni lands are attacked in the future by anyone, it should be Shia and Christians who render aid to Sunni in defense.
Christians, Sunni and Shia religious leaders should be able to meet in peace to not only discuses Apologetics, doctrine, history, but should be leading the way in archaeology fields to find the evidence that supports that creation was made by the hand of God. And that scripture of Genesis and the Koran are true.
This information can be used to convince tens of millions from China and everywhere of the reality of God. The evidence is there that is undeniable truth that attest to the one we worship in Heaven.
I feel Satan does not much to prevent this from happening.
I know there are some differences between the few monotheist sects. But those differences are quite small in relations to the rest of the world.
We have the same account of creation. And many of God’s laws. No monotheist wants to disrespect God in anyway. Sunni lands should be strong and healthy and independent from the unbelievers.
I hope that within Sunni spears of influence in the future, that Christ believing monotheist can be spared so long as they remain monotheist and respect the Sunni. Just as all Sunni must be respected living in Christian or Shia lands.
This mutual respect can grow into cooperation and mutual defense in the future always.
This would make it extremely hard for outsiders to take advantage of Sunni or Christian or Shia, and will form a wall of monotheist protection.
Saudi Arabia and Iran must not go to war, this war would be so big with atheist from outside pulling the strings that over 50% of the ME population would be wiped out. This war would drag on for between 10-20 years.
It is surely the duty of monotheist to ban together and prevent such war in which only monotheists would be wiped away from the earth.
It cannot be God’s will for the heartland of his followers on the earth to be fully destroyed by the hands of His own followers.
Satan plan for the ME must be avoided. For Satan was a deceiver even in the beginning.
No Christian should raise a hand to a Shia, not Shia should raise a hand to a Sunni, no Sunni should raise a hand to a Christian.
The differences are for the religious scholars to debate and compare notes. To show doctrine and try and sway each other buy showing why there scripture carries a bit more truth then the other. Let God’s will shine through truth being spoken.
Sunni lands should be prospering, and Sunni children healthy and learning.
If this war is ended in good standing, all Muslims can save face. Turn a page, and let the era of cooperation begin. To build upon monotheism with evidence to show the world. Museums with natural artifacts that prove that creation was made in 6 days. And that God did flood the entire earth one time for sins against Him. Scripture and elders of monotheist circles if giving the chance to sit down with tens of millions around the world can make a good case for God, and eyes will be opened. If the world see’s peace between the monotheist of the ME, then they to will desire the peace that comes with God. Instead of thinking that only physical war happens wherever there are monotheist.
And to show the world that hearts and minds must be turned back to Him God of heaven and earth.

King Tudor777

The Romans, not the Jews, killed Jesus. My friend, stop saying bullshit here, please.


The Afghan army is as costly, useless as those Afghan “refugees” in Europe?


The Taliban also refuses to negotiate with anyone but the US even though they mostly kill other Afghanis. Seriously, this isn’t getting half as much attention as it should.
Who’s up for a surge?!

Concrete Mike

No one…enough American boys and Pashtun tribesmen haves suffered. It’s time to sit down and talk.


And now the Taliban have uniforms and actual military helmets, wow. They sure have changed.
The worst thing is that if Taliban win, or USA or Pakistan wins or the useless government wins, in all cases the losers are the common people of Afghanistan. :/

Don't read butthurt replies

This is the same thing that was happening to Syria, all over again, now in Afghan. And these were/are many of the terrorist that the US transferred from Syria.

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