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Taliban Captures Key District In Kandahar



Taliban Captures Key District In Kandahar

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On February 22, the Taliban announced that its fighters have imposed control over the district center of Maruf in the southern province of Kandahar following a rapid attack.

“Only the district headquarter was under the control of the regime, which has been under tight siege and heavy attacks of Mujahedeen for the last 2 years, this forced the enemy to flee today while setting all the installation on fire,” the Taliban’s news agency Voice of Jihad said in press release.

According to Voice of Jihad, Taliban fighters captured loads of weapons and military equipment which had been left behind by Afghan government forces.

The Taliban already control the districts of Registan, Shorabak, Mayan-e-Sheen and Ghorak in Kandahar. The Afghan government has not commented on the loss of Maruf as for now.

The attack on the district center was a part of the Taliban’s spring offensive, codenamed “Operation al-Khandagh.” The offensive was launched on April 25 in response to Washington’s decision to increase the US military presence in Afghanistan.

Observers believe that the Taliban is increasing its pressure on the Afghan government and the U.S. by launching such attacks in order to impose its conditions in any future political agreement.

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  • verner

    good and do not, whatever happens, allow the morons from moronistan (aka usa) a honourable peace. on the contrary, kick them out as they were kicked out of vietnam 1975, helicopters desperately overloaded, so that the world can chalk down another defeat for the murderous criminals in washington dc.

  • Ed

    Thought these guys wanted peace? Just a load of bollox from them I guess. What will they ever know about peace.

    • Concrete Mike

      How fascist of you edolf!

      What will they ever know about peace….how about gtfo my land invaders!!

  • Pave Way IV

    Another attempt at useless U.S. military counter-insurgency strategy (with some banks, NGOs and death squads tossed in). We’re good at the invading/destroying part (and the gold looting), but suck at everything that comes after that. You think we would learn by now, yet we keep doing it over and over again somewhere else.

    This strategy should work f’king great in Venezuela when the US deep state tries to prop up our puppet Guaido. I guess we need to use it in Haiti now, too, since our puppet there is in trouble. Uh… and then there’s Ukraine and the upcoming Porky-Gas Queen-Comedian election riots.

    FFS, how are we going to protect the UK bankers and oligarchs during the Brexit Wars if we’re busy in all these other shitholes? It’s up to YOU, France! Oh, wait…

  • potcracker777

    this is how to answer NATO/us Invasion………
    SAA should take them as example
    stop with those useless bs Agreements in syria

    fight them sdf/ypg
    #fight them TAF
    fight them NATO pricks

    all useless talks and waiting will make u loose alll at the end!!!

  • Tommy Jensen

    Taleban also maintain their production of 9000 ton heroine right under US/Nato´s nose, and we in the US/Nato Coalition cant do a s..t because we are human rights and freedom, and they are not freedom because they wear scarfs.

    • verner

      more likely that moronistan and nato are in afghanistan, where they have no friggin’ reason to be, for starters, to protect the crop f opium, to be turned into smack/horse or heroin, the official name. great place to grow and harvest the poppy, convert it to heroin in one or all stan-republics and from there to the rest of the world. of the 9000 tonnes only a fraction is ever landed in a border/customs-control.
      and the rest is one of the best cash-machines ever, pure profit.

    • Bob

      Afghan opium cropping had sharply declined under the strict anti-narcotic policies of full Taliban governance by around 2000. Post US invasion the Afghan opium cash crop yield has consistently risen annually since – each and every year – to current high levels. As result of US invasion and occupation all sides in conflict use opium to fund their various activities.

  • Smaug

    South Front keeps doing this, he doesn’t understand the war in Afghanistan. There are no lines of control, it’s all under or over the radar. There’s a lot of Taliban activity, but unlike Syria there isn’t any particular place that is definitively dominated by this group or that. Thus most of the actual fighting is in the form of extortion and assassination.