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JUNE 2021

Taliban Captures Key Army Checkpoint In Northwestern Afghanistan

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Taliban Captures Key Army Checkpoint In Northwestern Afghanistan

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On April 13, Taliban fighters captured a key checkpoint of the Afghan Army in the Shindand district of the northwestern province of Herat after hours of heavy clashes, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad reported.

The Voice of Jihad said that 12 Afghan Army soldiers had  been killed and 3 others had been injured during the attack. The Taliban also ambushed a convoy of the Afghan Army in the district of Said in the province of Herat.

The Voice of Jihad added that 8 Afghan Army soldiers had been killed and 4 armored vehicles of the Afghan Army had been destroyed in the ambush.

Shukrullah Shaker, a governor of the Shindand district, confirmed that the Taliban had captured a checkpoint in the district and acknowledged that more than 10 Afghan Army soldiers had been killed by Taliban fighters. However, no Afghan official commented on the Taliban ambush in the Said district yet.

Lately, the Taliban shifted its attention to the province of Herat after capturing most of the province of Farah south of it. If the Afghan Army and the NATO do not take serious measures to secure Herat, the Taliban will likely take over most of the province in the upcoming months, according to local sources.

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Michał Hunicz

Afghans should elect pro-Russian government and then send RASF to Afghanistan.

Samuel Boas



While i hate the US, the taliban are still terrorists… this is not good news.


WTF?? Taliban are terrorists? how’s that? ‘cos they won’t bend over for the Yanks?


Oh, and the Taliban made the grave error of eradicating poppy production. The Yanks didn’t approve of that at all.

Gregory Louis

Meh…not really considering that under their rule Afghanistan was perfectly fine other than the Sharia Law….the opium was also not being produced but that made a comeback when the the US invaded also, their fighting for their country tbh most of the ANA soldiers are there for the paycheck not for their country that’s why they loss all the time its like Vietnam…if the allied nations partner has no will to fight what’s the point…


The Taliban might be fanatics, but they are not terrorists.
As is so often the case, the only people who can defeat American terrorism, are religious zealots who cannot be bought with yankee dollars.
The Americans created Afghan terrorists, to terrorize Russia, President Reagan called them freedom fighters, freedom fighters who attacked Russia and flooded the world with heroin.
The Taliban defeated Americas terror army, and stamped out the heroin.
Since the US invaded Afghanistan, the heroin is back.

The same thing happened in Vietnam, America went in and the drug trade flourished, the American defeat saw the heroin stop.

Once the US has been defeated, moderate governments will return

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