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JUNE 2021

Taliban Captures Four Key Military Positions In Central Afghanistan

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Taliban Captures Four Key Military Positions In Central Afghanistan

Click to see the full-size image, Source: Voice of Jihad

On April 4, Taliban fighters captured four key positions of the Afghan Army and Police around the center of the Khas Urozgan district in the central province of Urozgan in the framework of a large scale military operation, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad reported.

The Taliban claimed that it fighters had killed more than 35 servicemembers of the Afghan Army and Police and captured 14 others during the attack on the four military positions.

The Voice of Jihad added that as many as 40 Afghan policemen had defected and joined the Taliban in different areas of the Chinarto district of the Urozgan province on April 4. The defectors handed over 24 rifles and many other military equipment to the Taliban, according to the source.

The defection of such a high number of policemen was likely a result of the successfully attack in the Khas Urozgan district. This attack was the biggest military operation of the Taliban in the Urozgan province since the beginning of 2018.

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You can call me Al

He he, let me guess, the US will send more forces over, to defend the poppy field before the Taliban eradicate them.

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