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Taliban Captures Capitals Of Faryab, Balkh & Advances Towards Two Other Provencal Capitals (Videos)

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Taliban Captures Capitals Of Faryab, Balkh & Advances Towards Two Other Provencal Capitals (Videos)

Taliban special forces, Illustrative image.

On August 14, the city of Maymana, the capital of  the northern Afghan province of Faryab, fell into the hands of the Taliban.

Taliban fighters stormed the city without facing much resistance from government forces. Afghan sources said that the group might have taken over the city after a deal with the local leadership. Similar surrender deals were reported in other provincial capitals in the past few days.

Currently, 11 out of 15 districts in Faryab are under the control of the Taliban. The rest of the province will likely fall into the hands of the group in the upcoming few days.

A few hours after the fall of Maymana, Taliban fighters imposed control of Mazar-i-Sharif, the fourth largest city in Afghanistan and the capital of the northern province of Balkh. According to Afghan sources, government forces deserted the city.

The Taliban is now advancing on two other fronts. The group’s attack on Maidan Shahr, the capital of the central province of Maidan Wardak, is still ongoing. The city is located less than 20 km to the southwest of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

And in the eastern region of Afghanistan, the Taliban kicked off an attack to capture Mitarlam, the capital of Laghman province. The group’s fighters have already overrun the city’s central prison.

Earlier, the Taliban captured Sharan, the capital of the eastern province of Paktika, and Asadabad, the capital of the capital of the northeastern province of Kunar.

Afghan government forces appear to be on the brink of full collapse. Five out of the Afghan National Army’s seven Corps have been de-facto neutralized by the Taliban over the last few days. Currently, the group is in control of 22 out of 34 provincial capitals in Afghanistan.

A US official told the CNN that one intelligence assessment indicates that Kabul could be isolated by the Taliban within the week, possibly within the next 72 hours.


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Alberto Bohon

Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) – Afghan lawmaker says central province of Daykundi surrendered to Taliban, with only two gunshots heard in capital, Nili.
Gardez, the capital of Paktia province, was captured a few hours ago.
Mazar-e-Sharif collapsed to the Taliban, fighters leaded by Atta Mohammad Noor and General Dostum fled to Hayratan Border Pass with Uzbekistan.
Taliban fighters entering Mihtarlam Laghman Afghanistan.
The forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan “Taliban” control the city Mahtarlam, the capital of the state, including the state building, the police headquarters and the headquarters of the National Security Administration “intelligence” and the escape of Kabul’ forces, seizing military vehicles, weapons and ammunition.
Taliban control the city Mazar Sharif, the capital of the state, including the state building, the headquarters of the police, the 209th Shaheen Corps and Qal’at Janji, as well as the center of the Directorate Dehdadi.
Last key outpost of Govt control in the north of Afg, the strategically and commercially important city of Mazar e Sharif has fallen to the Taliban according to local officials. one says both Dostum and Noor who were leading resistance have fled to the border with Uzbekistan.
Taliban have reached Khewa district of Nangarhar, currently engaged in fighting with security forces. The group is likely to enter Jalalabad city by the evening with the pace they are moving.
The security HQ of Gardez city is under the control of Taliban.
Taliban has put the ANA 203rd Thunder Corps HQ in Paktia under siege and pro-TB sources say negotiations are ongoing for surrender. As per some pro-TB sources, the CIA-backed KPF soldiers who recently arrived from Khost might also surrender.


What happened to the Volkssturm of housewives parading with rifles a couple of weeks ago boasting about fighting off the Taliban?

Anyone know?

Hopefully they didn’t actually try to fight and get wiped out.


72 hours? Kabul is already isolated now with Jalalabad capitulating.

Note that the Taliban had shadow governors and an administration all ready to take over. They have been planning for a smooth transition to their system for a while.


So where is Yankees train Afghan army to fight Taliban ?mmm Yankee to buzy. Evacuating their own people they running away again like Vietnam scenario

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