Taliban Captures Broghan And Jwdana Areas In Afghanistan – Reports


Taliban Captures Broghan And Jwdana Areas In Afghanistan - Reports

Members of the Taliban gather in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, April 18, 2015. FILE IMAGE: voanews.com

On September 12, Taliban fighters captured Broghan and Jwdana areas of Khaibar district in a rapid attack, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad.  Voice of Jihad also reported clashes with the Afghan Army and Police are still ongoing in the newly captured areas.

Voice of Jihad also announced that Taliban fighters captured a check point of the Afghan Army in in Moqani area of Pashtun Kot district.

Moreover, a commander of the Afghan army and two of his guards were killed after Taliban fighters targeted their armored vehicle on Herat highway in Kandyal area of Zarhi district earlier on September 13, according to Voice of Jihad.

Meanwhile, Kapisa province police chief Abdul Razaq Yaqoubi said that 3 Taliban commanders were killed on September 10 after a bomb they were making exploded.

According to Yaqoubi the three Taliban commanders were busy attaching the explosive device onto a motorbike when it exploded.

“Ajmal, Daoud and Belal are the three Taliban local commanders who were killed in the explosion …The insurgents wanted to detonate the explosives in a crowded area in Kapisa,” Yaqoubi said.

In a related development, the Afghan Police announced that 3 civilians were killed in a suicide attack outside the main cricket stadium in the Afghanistan capital Kabul. Afghan officials hinted that the Taliban might be behind the attack. However, no clear accusations were made.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    The US response will doubtless be to murder the families of Taliban partisans.

    • Lumen

      Why do you Think that US will react to these occurances in the first place. Afghan Army will deal with these lawless Criminals.

      • FlorianGeyer

        A friend of mine who is well placed in the British Military said that this was to be a US tactic in Afghanistan now. Kill the families.
        The US obeys no international laws she does not like.

  • hhabana

    U.S. out. No Afghan immigration to Western countries. Live in your shit.