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Taliban Captured Another District Near Kabul Ahead Nationwide Ceasefire

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Taliban Captured Another District Near Kabul Ahead Nationwide Ceasefire

Taliban fighters during “Operation al-Khandagh”

On May 11th, the Taliban imposed control of the Nirkh district in the province of Wardak after a fierce battle with Afghan government forces.

In a statement, the Afghan Ministry of Interior claimed that security forces had performed a “tactical retreat” after inflicting heavy losses on the Taliban. Nirkh is located less than 40 kilometers away from the country’s capital Kabul.

The Taliban said that its fighters had captured the district compound, police center, intelligence department as well as an army base. According to local sources, Taliban militants set the district compound on fire.

Afghan commando units have been already deployed near Nikh. The Defense Minister said that an attack to recapture the district will be launched soon.

The Taliban attack came ahead of a nationwide ceasefire, which is set to start at the first of Eid al-Fitr holy day on May 12. Despite calls to extend the ceasefire beyond the three-day Islamic holy day, the government and the Taliban are yet to agree on this.

The situation in Afghanistan deteriorated following the announcement of a strict plan to pull all US troops out from the country by September 11th. At least 255 civilians were killed over the last 30 days.


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Iron Bison

LOL, what a strong army they just lost 255 civilians only in 30 days…so strong 🦾
Now let see how long they last after the US and NATO leave LOL


NATO quisling regime is about to collapse.

far away

they are gonna have to find the roof top to land a heli just like vietnam.

Peter Wallace

All the Taliban have to do is destroy the base , Police centre and other govt buildings and withdraw . Let the Afghan army take control again for a few weeks until they get bored waiting then drive them out , or cause a tactical retreat , eg run for their lives and do it all over again.

Free Palestine

Free Palestine,US go Home

Free Palestine

Thé Nazistan or usa,Europe ans ksa will collapse soon


Since US invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban have made their strategic position clear – since 2001 – continue recruitment, continue provincial guerilla operations, and out-wait the North American’s interest and patience. The Taliban are, of course, the product of US-Saudi-Pakistani combined efforts in 1980’s to create multiple anti-Soviet Afghan forces – the mujahedin – who were always fragmented and consisted of rival factions – and by end of1990’s the Taliban were the eventual dominant faction.

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