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Taliban Attacks NATO Convoy In Central Afghanistan


Taliban Attacks NATO Convoy In Central Afghanistan

Taliban fighters during Operation al-Khandagh

On October 17, a suicide bomber of the Taliban wearing an explosive belt blew himself up targeting a convoy of the NATO near a base of the U.S. Army in the district of Bagram in the central province of Parwan, according to the Taliban news agency. The Afghan group didn’t provide further information about the attack.

Parwan police chief Brig. Gen. Mohammad Mehfooz Walizada confirmed to the Afghan news outlet Pajhwok that the Taliban attacked a convoy of the NATO in Bagram. According to Walizada, an armored vehicle of the NATO was destroyed in the attack. However, no service members were injured or killed.

The NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan has not commented on the incident so far. Usually, the US-led force announces any loses within few hours.

This was the second attempt by the Taliban to target NATO troops in the last few weeks. On October 13, the Afghan group ambushed a convoy of Afghan government forces and the NATO in southern Afghanistan. However, no foreign service members were injured or killed.



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  • Angelo Cinarelli

    I hope this government LEGA – 5 STARS will withdraw all Italian military personnel from Afghanistan and Iraq. Those are not peace missions, only UNIFIL in Lebanon is a real peace mission.

  • Sinbad2

    Death to all invaders.