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Taliban Attacks Key District In Afghanistan’s Ghazni, Kills Dozens Of Policemen


Taliban Attacks Key District In Afghanistan’s Ghazni, Kills Dozens Of Policemen

Taliban Special Forces. Illustrative image

On November 6, the Taliban launched an attack on several positions of Afghan government forces around the district of Jaghori in the central province of Ghazni.

The Afghan group’s news agency Voice of Jihad claimed in a press release on November 7 that Taliban fighters had captured 9 positions of the Afghan National Police (ANP) after killing more than 25 Afghan policemen. Dozens of other policemen were reportedly injured.

Mohammad Arif Noori, Ghazni governor’s spokesman, confirmed that Taliban fighters had launched an attack on Jaghori from their positions in the district of Gailan.

“Last night the armed anti-government group [Taliban] attacked two border check posts of local police in Angory area of Jaghori from Rasanai area of Gailan district,” Noori told the Afghan TOLO TV.

Later, Interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said that situation in Jaghori is under control, but he acknowledged that the Taliban had been able to capture two checkpoints in the district. According to the minister, only six Afghan policemen were injured in the clashes.

“Enough equipment has arrived via air to our forces and backup forces have been deployed there. The situation is under our control, but clashes are still ongoing,” said Danish, according to TOLO.

Despite of Danish assurances, several local official warned that the Afghan government is not doing enough to secure Jaghori from the threat of the Taliban. During the last few months, the Afghan group carried out several attacks in the center of Afghanistan in order to block key highways there.



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  • John

    The situation is always under control huh?

  • Hisham Saber

    The Taliban are attacking at the place and time of their choosing.