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JUNE 2021

Taliban Attacks Government Forces In Southeastern Afghanistan

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Taliban Attacks Government Forces In Southeastern Afghanistan

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On February 17, Taliban fighters attacked two checkpoints of the Afghan Army and Police in the Mullah Din area of the Qalat district in the southeastern province of Zabul,according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad. Taliban fighters reportedly killed five Afghan policemen and captured loads of ammunition and weapons.

Zabul police confirmed Voice of Jihad’s report, according to the Afghan Tolo TV. Police said that the Taliban fighters had been able to capture two checkpoints. However, Taliban fighters withdrew later, likely to avoid a counter attack.

From its side, the Afghan Ministry of Defense announced that warplanes of Afghan Air Force (AAF) had conducted a series of airstrikes against the positions of the Taliban in the western province of Farah. At least three fighters of the Taliban were killed and five others were injured in the AAF airstrikes, according to Tolo.

AAF warplanes also conducted several airstrikes on positions of ISIS in the provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan, according to the Afghan Ministry of Defense. Five ISIS fighters were reportedly killed in the airstrikes.

The capital of Farah province, Farah city, is still under the threat of the Taliban because the movement controls several key positions around it. Large parts of Nangarhar province are still under the control of ISIS, which is trying to expand its influence in the southern and northern parts of the war-torn country.

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