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Taliban Attacks Afghan Army, Shells NATO Base In Central Afghanistan

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Taliban Attacks Afghan Army, Shells NATO Base In Central Afghanistan

A photo of the Taliban special forces with western weapons.

On April 21, Taliban fighters carried out a hit and run attack on a position of the Afghan Army in the city of Tarinkot, the capital of the central Urozgan province, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad reported.

The Taliban’s media wing claimed that seven Afghan Army soldiers had been killed and four other had been injured in the attack.

The Voice of Jihad also reported that the Taliban had shelled the Tarinkot airport, one of the key NATO bases in the province of Urozgan. The Taliban news agency claimed that one US Army soldiers had been killed and two others had been injured in the shelling. However, the NATO didn’t report any loses among its ranks. This indicates that the Taliban claims could be false.

In a related development, the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan announced in an official statement that the Afghan Army had carried out a series of security operations against the Taliban in the provinces of Nangarhar, Kapisa, Khost, Logar, Paktia, Uruzgan, Faryab, Jawzjan, Balkh and Helmand.

According to the Afghan TOLO TV, at least 20 fighters and one commander of the Taliban were killed and 17 others were injured in these security operations.

The Afghan Army relies on rapid, limited security operations to exhaust the Taliban and eliminate its assets. However, the developments of the recent months have proved that this tactic is no longer capable of countering the Taliban threat.

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Nice, GTFO of Afghanistan you dirty imperialists!

Michał Hunicz

And then replace them with Sharia law? Both sides aren’t good.

Samuel Boas

It should be up to the Afghan people to decide what to do with the Taliban. It is not up to us to decide they should go.


Russia needs to arm the Taliban and other resistance forces for payback circa 1980’s.


That likely be short sighted counter-productive; a.) it would strengthen and embolden Islamists right on edge of Russian federation and its Muslim demographic republics, b.) domestically within Russia Soviet-era Afghan military veterans groups would be extremely unhappy, and c.) it would give US another rationale for more ever sanctions and open hostility to Russia.


Wrong. As if Russia is so much worried about US sanctions. It would eliminate US from the Central Asia and will weaken US overall. Just like Vietnam, US was forced to establish diplomatic relations with China after defeat in Vietnam. The similar thing is happening in Korea. US is forced to sign on peace treaty with North Korea with North Korean nukes intact. Besides, Russia and China are already talking with the Taliban.

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