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Taliban Attack Leaves At Least 16 Dead Afghan Security Forces In Baghlan Province

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Taliban Attack Leaves At Least 16 Dead Afghan Security Forces In Baghlan Province

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On October 14th, clashes between Taliban and Afghan security forces left at least 16 dead and dozens wounded on the side of the Afghan government.

This was the result of a Taliban attack in the Baghlan province, the clashes were still reportedly on-going as of midday in the Gozargah-e-Noor district in the province.

The clashes took place near the police headquarters.

Elsewhere, in in western Herat and eastern Laghman provinces, at least five civilians were killed and 17 others including a policeman were wounded in separate blasts.

Three civilians were killed and seven others including a policeman were wounded in a blast targeting a police vehicle in Mehtarlam city.

Two civilians were killed and ten others were wounded after a civilian vehicle struck a roadside mine in Kesh-e-Kohna district of the province, said Jailani Farhad, a spokesman for provincial governor.

“The civilians were on the way to a wedding party when the incident happened,” said Farhad, adding: “The mine was placed by the Taliban.”

The Taliban have not claimed responsibility for the blasts that killed civilians.

On October 14th, Tariq Arian, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that the Taliban initiated “575 attacks, including 92 mine blasts and suicide attacks,” against “civilians and security forces” in the past two weeks and “251 civilians were killed and wounded.”

Baghlan province is an area where clashes frequently take place. Back in July, at least 15 Taliban members were reportedly killed in clashes, as a result of an air and ground operation by Afghan security forces.

“A combination of army, National Directorate of Security (NDS), police and police special forces have launched an operation in the highway in which 15 insurgents–including their group leaders–were killed,” Ahmad Jawid Basharat, a spokesman for Baghlan’s police chief said.

Back in January 2020, in another attack at least 9 police officers were killed in clashes with the Taliban.

The Taliban attacked a police base in Khawja Alwan in Pul-e-Khumri, the center of Baghlan, according to the source.

Reports later on increased the number of casualties to 16 policemen who were reportedly killed in the attack, including commanders.


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the white house morons have found someone to be killed for and on behalf of the disunited states of A, while the disjointed morons hang on to a war that was lost long long ago. shameful. the disunited states of A is crumbling as we watch. hopefully there will be severe opposition to the rulers in washington dc, bought and paid for quislings the lot of them, when the result of the nov. 3 election is made known to the public.

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