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Taliban Accuses U.S. Of Providing Air Support To ISIS In Eastern Afghanistan

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Taliban Accuses U.S. Of Providing Air Support To ISIS In Eastern Afghanistan

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On August 24, the Taliban accused the U.S. Army, in an official statement, of carrying out airstrikes on its forces in order to protect the remaining fighters of ISIS in the eastern Afghan provinces of Nangarhar and Kunar.

In details, unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) and warplanes of the U.S. conducted 13 airstrikes on positions and vehicles of the Taliban on the frontline with ISIS in Nangarhar between August 17 and 19. These airstrikes killed 13 fighters of the Taliban and a civilian, according to the Taliban’s statement, which was released by the group’s news agency Voice of Jihad.

In Kunar, U.S. warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on a gathering of Taliban fighters who were on their way to launch an attack on ISIS positions in the district of Munawara.

A day earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “unidentified” helicopters delivered arms and ammunition to ISIS in Afghanistan. The ministry noted that there was no reaction to these events from Afghan government forces or from the command of the U.S./NATO contingent deployed there.

During the last two months, the Taliban stepped up its operations against ISIS in northern and eastern Afghanistan. On August 1, the Afghan group cleared the province of Jawzjan from ISIS after a successful attack. Back then, the Afghan government publicly evacuated more than 250 ISIS fighters and pledged to maintain their security.

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Manuel Flores Escobar

Taliban know what they are saying…there was once.. they received weapons from US to fight Soviet Union…now they can see that US are supplying ISIS…as always US puppets garbage are useful to control de country better!

John Wallace

The Taliban did not fight the Russians. They were all in religious schools in Pakistan studying. They were never given weapons by America ..The fighting was done by different groups of mujahideen. When the Soviets left Afghanistan these groups fought each other for control which is when the Taliaban arrived and beat each of the groups taking control. At the end there was only The Lion of the North ( Panjshir ) and his group left . Remember him. He was the one assassinated by a cameraman shooting him with a gun hidden in the camera.That happened days before 9/11 .
There had also been a seasonal war going on for a number of years. on Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan also involving Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan which made it important that The Taliban didn’t take control of the Afghan Uzbek / Tajikistan borders. America , Britain and France were all quietly assisting with airpower which is why and how America invaded Afghanistan from Kazakhstan / Uzbekizstan through the north with the remaining troops loyal too Massoud.

Ahmad Shah Massoud (Dari Persian: احمد شاه مسعود;[1] September 2, 1953[citation needed] – September 9, 2001) was an Afghan political and military leader. He was a powerful military commander during the resistance against the Soviet occupation between 1979 and 1989. From 1992 he led the government’s military wing as he defended Kabul from rival militias attacking the city. After 1996 he was the only remaining opposition commander against the totalitarian Taliban regime,[2] which he fought against until his assassination on September 9, 2001. Massoud managed to defend his local Panjshir Valley from being taken by the Soviets and thereafter by the Taliban.[3]

Manuel Flores Escobar

Massoud the Lion..was just a drug heroin dealer supported by USA..Taliban were students of theology of the University of Kandahar even during comunist govern…thats the reality if it is not enough…watch western media during Chechen war… USA supporting Chechen terrorist!

Pave Way IV

I won’t argue with your characterization of Massoud. But the majority of Taliban were relatively uneducated aside from a year or two of Saudi-funded Wahhabi/Deobandi religious education in Pakistan. They were either there as refugees or traveled there for those free schools.

I’ve never heard anyone associate the Taliban (or their roots) directly with those Afghanis that could afford religious education at the University of Kandahar. Surely some Taliban leaders would have come from there, but why would they be teaching anything resembling Wahhabism (or Wahhabi-influenced Deobandism) in the early or mid 90’s? You may be right – I honestly don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. I understand the Salafist emphasis in University-level Islamic theocracy schools. Just haven’t heard of any University of Kandahar connection to the Taliban before they took over. Afterwards, of course.



Manuel Flores Escobar

Interesting to see how USA play its own cards handed out by Saudi Arabia..Taliban, Islamic State, Al Qaeda….


The Taliban were an off shoot of Al Qaeda, formed by Bush senior and Bin Laden..
At that time they called themselves “the Mujahideen”, ” the Warriors of God”.
They did fight against the USSR, and they were funded by Saudi and bin Laden money. They were armed by the US intel agency, the CIA.
When the Soviets left Afghanistan, bin Laden had a falling out with the CIA, he pulled his troops out of the Al Qaeda command structure and formed the Taliban.
The word Taliban, means “student”.
The first action of the CIA in support of bin Laden and the newly created Al Qaeda was to fly into their Pakistan base camp, two plane loads of the Koran with the Wahhabi commentary.
You have a very American historical view, are you with the US military.

Pave Way IV

So either the new CIA Director Gina Haspel or CENTCOM Commander General Joseph Votel mighty consider the following:

10 U.S. Code § 904 – Art. 104. Aiding the enemy

Any person who—
(1) aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition, supplies, money, or other things; or
(2) without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or gives intelligence to, or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly;
shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial or military commission may direct.

Oh wait… I finally see the ‘proper authority’ loophole. The CIA Director or CENTCOM commander/Pentagram can authorize themselves to aid ISIS. But that would be classified, so the ‘little people’ Americans wouldn’t know either way. Carry on, f’king traitors…


Who is to say the buck stops with them? For how long will Trump continue to get a pass for the actions of the US Govt? All eight years, like Obama in the eyes of his supporters? At a minimum, he *wanted* scary torture queen and evidence shredder Haspel to lead the CIA. I doubt he’s the right person the see the irony in all this: Trump is scared to death of obstruction-of-justice charges against him if he’d put the overt saboteurs Mueller and Rosenstein out on the street where they belong, but Ms. Haspel obstructed much worse and got promoted–by himself!

And about that legalese: I know the ISIS goons are tough guys, but “holding intercourse” with Waterboard Gina–even they may not be game for that?

Pave Way IV

Seriously, Ma_Laoshi, what does Trump (or ANY U.S. president) have to do with it? Mueller and Rosenstein – who cares? ALL branches of U.S. government – from top to bottom – have been usurped to empower and enrich psychopaths in leadership positions. Both the corrupt law and voting process ensure that the current psychopath-friendly leader system stays in place. Haspel’s appointment isn’t an anomaly – it is a designed and guaranteed result of this exact system. If not Trump, if not Haspel, if not Votel, then just some other psychopaths. Any moral, ethical people in the U.S. government are exploited as trusted worker bees or become fall-guys, they’re not elevated to positions of real power.

Nobody in any leadership position in U.S. government will EVER be held responsible for their actions by the people – that’s the entire point. That the people ‘should’ or ‘can’ are irrelevant – we are entirely dependent on other psychopathic government leaders to do something and they are literally unable to understand the will of the people. The occasional time any bigshot is busted is when some other psychopath or clan finds some self-serving reason for doing so.

And not that it matters (least of all to me) but I don’t think Director Haspel swings that way. Sorry, ISIS.


To be expected really, ISIS has been one of the American military’s success stories.
The US has also deployed ISIS to Yemen and the Philippines.


Al Qaeda as well.
Not fair to give all the credit for all the crimes to ISIS only.
Al Qaeda & ISIS are kind of 2 names for the same bullshit that is US global jihad…
Bush the Retard have called that “Clash of Civilizations” and “War on Terror”.
He only forgot to mention that US is the terrorist and policeman in the same time in all that.


Who is really surprised by this report,jewSA are supporting Isis from the beginning?


catch the drift now folks…????

Jim Bim

As soon as Bolton the other day threaten with new attack if chemicals where used, that was the green light for a new fake chemical attack by the terrorist.


ISIS is a Mossad crag like Al Qaeda was from the CIA. Abu Hafs, Imam preacher and head of an ISIS band of 200 cutthroats who was responsible for the killing of 21 Coptic Christians in Sirte was captured in Libya. The real name of this murderer is Benjamin Efraim, an Israeli citizen who spoke Arabic perfectly and worked in one of the special units of the Mossad. The aim of Zionism through the Mossad, has been revealed to massacre indiscriminately Christians and Muslims as in Syria and Iraq, to put them against.

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