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JUNE 2021

Tal Afar Is Fully Liberated From ISIS

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Tal Afar Is Fully Liberated From ISIS

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The Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have liberated the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar from ISIS terrorists, the War Media Cell, the Joint Operations Command’s media wing announced on Sunday.

Earlier, reports appeared that the army and the PMU liberated all city neighborhoods from ISIS, including the historical Tal Afar citadel in the center of the town.

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Waooh, impressively fast! They took time before launching the operation, but then it was a Blitzkrieg!


That was my first thought. Usually urban fighting takes months against suicidal die-hards. Maybe the operation was already won by starving them out the months before in an encirclement while they were dealing with Mosul.


What is with the pocet to the right. Neither government and kurds seem interested – why?


To the east* ..I’m sure that one will come to it’s turn soon enough too. (:

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That section has already been closed off they have advanced capturing posts 161,162, 163 and several villages, then today 3 more towns and 164 making the biggest advance of 200 km2 of this week.

John Brown

Most of them have been ordered by their master Israel to Syria to fight the SAA

Crooked Democrats

The neocohn/Israeli ISIS funders won’t be pleased


What a bunch of bs. in so few words


Tal Afar pocket and Qalamoun pocket on the Lebanese border both collapse on the same day. It is a good day! Could add Palmyra North pocket to that as well. A great day!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The North pocket fell yesterday and they restarted the attack in the pocket in Damascus capturing 7 buildings , and the southern border seen it’s biggest advance this week 200 km2 and the capture 3 more town and villages including post 164. They are getting closer to Al Tanf and we will see how the US responds then.

chris chuba

This is what happens when you let the PMU fight instead of force them to babysit on the perimeter.


No actually, this is what happens when you let the bulk of IS soldiers retreat from the battlefield. You gain fast, because there are a dozen left to fight with rifles.

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