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Taiwan’s President Admits U.S. Trainers Present As She Claims “Threat From China” Increasing Every Single Day

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Taiwan's President Admits U.S. Trainers Present As She Claims "Threat From China" Increasing Every Single Day

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On October 27th, Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen gave an exclusive interview to CNN, saying that the “threat from China” is increasing every single day.

She also admitted that US military trainers are present on the island.

“Here is this island of 23 million people trying hard every day to protect ourselves and protect our democracy and making sure that our people have the kind of freedom they deserve,” she said.

“If we fail, then that means people that believe in these values would doubt whether these are values that they (should) be fighting for.”

Tsai became the first Taiwan President in decades to acknowledge the presence of US troops on the island for training purposes.

The last official US garrison left in 1979, the year Washington switched formal diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing, though last year media reports hinted at small deployments.

Washington’s commitment to Taiwan’s defence so far has mainly involved arms deliveries and the question of military assistance was deliberately left open in the past because it would be seen by China as a violation of its “One China” principle.

She also called on regional partners to support Taiwan. The US, Japan and Australia have expressed serious concerns over Beijing’s stepped-up military incursions into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone.

“When authoritarian regimes demonstrate expansionist tendencies, democratic countries should come together to stand against them. Taiwan is on the front lines,” she said.

Tsai said she has faith that Washington would defend Taiwan if China attacked “given the long-term relationship we have with the US.”

US President Joe Biden last week pledged more clearly than his predecessors that the US would defend Taiwan in such a situation, in comments that drew criticism from China.

Tsai said the Chinese Communist party needed to decide what sort of relationship it wanted with the world.

“Does Xi want to have a peaceful relationship with everybody in the region or in the world, or does he want to be a in a dominant position so that everybody listens to him, listens to China?” she said.

Tsai first came to power in 2016, and was reelected in 2020. Beijing considers her stance of Taiwan being a sovereign nation with no need to declare independence as separatist, and has refused to engage with her government.

Speaking to CNN, Tsai said more communication “would be helpful” between the two governments “so we can reduce misunderstandings”.

“Given our differences in terms of political systems, we can sit down and talk about our differences and try to make arrangements so we can coexist peacefully,” she said.

In a statement to mark 50 years of UN, US secretary of state Antony Blinken, said he regretted that Taiwan had been increasingly excluded on the world stage.

“Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the UN system is not a political issue, but a pragmatic one. That is why we encourage all UN member states to join us in supporting Taiwan’s robust, meaningful participation throughout the UN system and in the international community,” he said.

In response, China emphasised its position that Taiwan’s government had no place on the global diplomatic stage.

“Taiwan has no right to join the United Nations,” Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing, said. “The United Nations is an international governmental organisation composed of sovereign states … Taiwan is a part of China.”


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

U.S. has no chance in the South China Sea, they are hopelessly outgunned.
China could take Taiwan in a week or less.
U.S. could use tactical nukes but so could China so thats not a solution.
Taiwan should calm down, if they bow they will probably get a special status like did Hong Kong in 1997 after it went back to China.
They are still going strong.
So whats better to prosper under Chinese rule or to die under U.S. rule?
You decide…

Last edited 1 month ago by Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

The US has no legal framework for that sort of thing. They can’t do anything and they won’t. They only can go to war with another country, if that country attacks the US soil directly. The US will never dare to go to war with someone that is well capable to hurt them badly. They just like to piss off China. Everyone knows already that promises made by US are just hot air.


What about China’s enemies surrounding her? India, Japan SK all don’t like China, how do you think that will play out if they all attack China at once with USA and Taiwan

Last edited 1 month ago by Jnoub

You must be very stupid to start a war because you “don’t like” someone. Wars are fought for one reason only. Everyone here should now this reason.


Wouldn’t you think America would pressure India into helping? After all, if they manage to beat China that will benefit all of them


I don’t think they would be able to pressure anyone to go to war with a nuclear power, which China clearly is. Most countries know that the “has been hegemony” USA is simply trying to slow down China’s rise to the top.
They may try some sort of a false flag mission to lure/drag others into conflict. But by now most countries should be able to see through something like that. The US has always lied about their military “adventures”.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

“When authoritarian regimes demonstrate expansionist tendencies, democratic countries should come together to stand against them.
I think China is doing exactly that.
Standing up to a global bully namely the crumbling americant pedonazi empire.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Taiwan will be the last nail in the crumbling pedonazi americant empires coffin.
After losing Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan losing Taiwan would be a lethal blow combined with their crumbling economy and unpayable debt.
U.S. pushed itself in the corner and now they realize they are in a losing position.
Its a very low hanging fruit for China.
Meanwhile Russia can relax and watch from the distance while it generates massive profits and trade surplus, weekly gaining $5billion now…
Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇


The blow from their colaps would certainly wipe out every other economy too. That is why some countries decouple from US and US dominated markets. To be honest, it should not affect anyone at all, but people just don’t understand economics and money, so they will think they are affected. They were conditioned into that sort of thinking for many decades.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

U.S. economy is already in a state of collapse and has been since 2008.
Hence ongoing QE Unlimited and bail outs and Fortune 500 companies buying up their own stocks inflating its value artificially.
Meanwhile there is no production behind it.
U.S. exports less than Germany, they are no match for the EU and China.
What do you need to run a successful economy?
Low tax, low corruption, know how, factories, skilled workers, massive gold reserves, energy, and trade.
Russia and China score on every point, the U.S. not so much.
The biggest sector in the U.S. now is the crumbling military industrial complex and the crumbling service sector.
Outlook is pretty negative for them.
If they were smart they would pull back, lay low, rethink, rebuild, regroup, like did Russia.
But the U.S. is shooting itself in the foot on a monthly basis now.


The US already lost it’s hegemony status, but they still act as if they in power. Their actions are desperate and at best only intimidating but not a real threat to their chosen adversaries.
Yes, they keep their so called “economy” running only by creating more debt they will never ever be able to pay back. But as long as no one calls this bluff, they will do it for as long as possible.


Will “West” risk an all out war on behalf of Taiwan? I doubt it.


If there is one thing that the history and geography illiterate boys and girls in Washington, DC fear, it is a united China. Even these extremely reckless, condescending, arrogant idiots know that a united China will continue to crush the divided USA even more than it is doing at the moment in trade, international investment, international development, technology, etc. That is why they continue to antagonize, provoke and try to undermine the PRC at every opportunity they can. The leaders in Beijing have nothing to worry about concerning these “trainers” in Taiwan. They are training the local lapdogs how to lose. The defeat in Afghanistan is just the latest example. They still have plenty of time to lose again in Iraq (part 2), Syria, Yemen and Somalia. Another massive formation of PLA combat aircraft flying around Taiwan would do just nicely about now.


Die US verteidigen ein Land den sie nicht anerkannt haben? Schizofren oder?


For our mono-linguistic audience (in other words Americans): “The US is defending a country that is not recognized? Schizophrenic?” To add to this, does anybody believe that the spineless, brain-damaged, Kosher chicken hawk freaks give a damn about the lives of the people in Taiwan? The answer is a loud, resounding, thunderous HELL NO! Politicians in the US don’t even give a damn about the thousands of their own people murdered by the bushel each day in the US. According to the FBI, there were 21,570 murders in the US in 2020 – that’s just the number of bodies that were found. So the life of someone in Taiwan is worth less than a big, smelly, oozing pimple on Secretary of State Blinken’s ass.


ing wen is a complete traitorous idiot. She was groomed in london and now her days are numbered. She belongs at the end of a rope.

If the average Taiwanese citizen understood what she has done in their names, they would lynch her within an hour.

Last edited 1 month ago by block

Click bait.

Taiwan is armed with US weapons including aircraft. These weapons come with ‘training and sustainment packages’ which means that US military trainers are in Taiwan training them on the use and maintenance of US weapons. It’s nothing new, they’ve been there since the 1970’s.

Just like the reports of Chinese aircraft ‘violating’ Taiwans ADIZ while operating over mainland China it’s just being reported to stir up shit.

Last edited 1 month ago by HB_norica
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